Rex Ryan teeth looked whiter during the NFL countdown opening week. Ryan looks changed because of the dental procedure.

Rex works as an analyst on Sunday NFL Countdown. He is the former head coach of the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets of the NFL.

He was selected as the team's defensive coordinator in 2005 and was promoted to assistant head coach in 2008. Ryan later agreed to a contract offer from the Jets for the open head coaching position for the 2009 season.

Ryan led the Jets to successive AFC Championship Game trips in his first two seasons as head coach. He was appointed as the Buffalo Bills' 18th head coach in 2015.

The Buffalo Bills replaced him as their coach in 2016. After that, Ryan agreed to work with ESPN to analyze its Super Bowl LI pregame and postgame shows.

Does Rex Ryan Have Fake Teeth?

Rex Ryan whitened his teeth for better dental health. Rex looked different as his teeth were shiner than usual.

Rex admitted that he had undergone a teeth-whitening procedure to benefit their health and condition.

Ryan's new look after the dental procedure.
Ryan's new look after the dental procedure. ( Source : nypost )

He had a habit of chewing tobacco, and for that reason, they were heavily stained. The addiction was worse for his dental health. 

When he showed up with white teeth, everyone was shocked, and many people speculate that he might have undergone Veneer treatment. Dental veneers are thin, customized shells that can be placed on the front of teeth to enhance their appearance.

Along with his teeth, he has lost weight, making his facial appearance smaller and his teeth look bigger. He had a lap-band/adjustable gastric band surgery to lose weight, as per Bleacher Report.

After the surgery, he loses more than 100 pounds. Rex has dyslexia and used color-coded playbooks and playbooks during his coaching career.

Rex Ryan Teeth Before And After

Ryan's tobacco addiction made a negative impact on his appearance. His teeth were stained, and they needed some help.

However, he has better teeth now, and his appearance also changed because of a dental procedure.

Before and after picture of Ryan after the dental work.
Before and after picture of Ryan after the dental work. ( Source : youtube )

His teeth transformation shocked everyone as he was seen with white teeth. People began sharing the information through social media, and the change also amused his friends and family. 

Many people tweeted about his teeth on the Twitter account, and one Twitter user, @CDCarter13, tweeted, "Rex Ryan's teeth are way too white."

Another Twitter user, @robertherzfeld, tweeted, "Voyager spacecraft has reported that it has spotted Rex Ryan's teeth from beyond the solar system."

Rex Ryan Teeth Meme

Ryan's transformed teeth have become a popular topic, and people have made memes. The former head coach started off the 2022 season by showing off his bright white teeth. 

One of the Twitter users @FlaniganNick posted a collage picture of Ryan and David Schwimmer with the caption, "I feel like Rex Ryan did the Ross Gellar teeth whitening system this weekend."

Twitter users made memes displaying Rex's bright teeth during the NFL countdown.
Twitter users made memes displaying Rex's bright teeth during the NFL countdown. ( Source : twitter )

The meme is related to David's character in the TV series Friends when he whitens his teeth, and they turn out florescent white.

People created memes like "Rex Ryan went to Steve Harvey's doctor for those piano teeth, Ryan went to the dentist for that premier teeth whitening package before hitting ESPN countdown."

People made funny memes about Ryan's teeth.
People made funny memes about Ryan's teeth. ( Source : twitter )

Another one was posted by Twitter user @ted holmes, who wrote, "Great Wall of China, Grand Canyon, the Pyramid, add Rex Ryan's teeth to the list of things you can see from space."