Most influential puma sponsored golfers of all time includes Rickie Fowler, Lexi Thompson and Bryson DeChambeau.

The names mentioned above are athletes who have established themselves among the top rank players in golf history wearing Puma's sportswear. Over the years, the German global corporation has worked with some of the best athletes and teams. 

Not just in golf, the Bavaria-headquartered multi-billion dollar brand has expanded into all kinds of sports, from soccer, basketball, and tennis, to running and motorsports.

There is no doubt that the brand has executed savvy sponsorship coalitions over the years that have enabled it to become a billion-dollar corporation from a small company.

With over 10 billion dollars in market cap in January 2023 alone, Puma is going toe to toe with the two undisputable giants of sports apparel brands, Nike and Adidas.

Thus with its increasing revenue generation every year and its popularity across the globe, athletes and sports clubs are not shy to collaborate with the company.

There is no denying that in business, everything comes down to money. Puma has successfully established relationships with players of all sports with lucrative deals worth millions of dollars, and golfers are no exception.

COBRA Puma Golf's formation in 2010 has leveraged the brand with some of the world's finest talents in golf. Here, this article provides you with 10 puma sponsored golfers of all time.

1. Rickie Fowler

  • First Contract Year: 2009

Rickie Fowler must be the most successful golfer associated with Puma. Fowler first signed with Puma in September of 2009.

Even before he began his professional journey, the company had its eyes set on the rising young golfer from Murrieta, California. Fowler was firing all cylinders in amateur golf, staying at the top of the world ranking for 36 straight weeks between 2007 and 2008.

Rickie Fowler wearing grey Polo t-shirt by Puma and cap with the capital P which also stands for Puma in February 2020
Source : instagram

Fowler's trophy cabinet was almost full before he turned pro, winning several major amateur titles. Puma, who was scouting him, acknowledged everything and was impressed by his talent and dedication.

They were sure the 20-year-old Fowler would touch the sky one day. The President & CEO of Puma North America, Bob Philion, met him and handed him a long-term contract. The deal was finalized before Fowler played his first professional tournament, the Korn Ferry Tour, in 2009.

His partnership with Puma has been long-standing, and he has been seen sporting the brand's apparel, caps, and shoes on the course.

In 2018, Rickie, on his Facebook post, mentioned he has already spent 9 years with Puma Sponsership, and he said the contract is renewed further.

In 2019, Fowler and Puma adulated their 10th partnership anniversary.

Known for his impressive gameplay and charismatic energy, Fowler quickly evolved into a familiar name in the game of green. Moreso, people are overwhelmed by his distinctive fashion style. 

Rickie Fowler promoting Puma shoes in style in February 2022
Source : instagram

Although Fowler has yet to kiss any Major championship trophy, he has come close with several top-five finishes. So far, the 34-year-old has nine professional wins by tour, 5 in PGA Tour, and two each in European Tour and other minor tours.

Rickie Fowler Net Worth In 2023

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Fowler has a net worth of $40 million. 

He earns about $10 million a year through sponsorship deals and has made substantial investments in the real estate industry.

2. Lexi Thompson

  • First Contract Year: 2010

Lexi Thompson is a female professional golfer from Coral Springs in Florida. She has been competing in the LPGA Tour since she joined in 2012.

Thompson has been propelled toward glory since she was just 12 years old. Her remarkable achievement of becoming the youngest golfer to qualify for the 2007 U.S. Women's Open only solidifies her ambitions.

LGPA golfer Lexi Thompson wearing Puma high neck tank during workout session in February 2023
Source : instagram

And on June 16, 2010, by age 15, she transitioned to professional status. Immediately after that, Lexi was approached by COBRA Puma and inked an endorsement deal with the brand. She became the first golfer to sign with a company after the merger of Puma and COBRA Golf.

Since then, Thompson went on to grab 14 wins in her professional career as of today, 11 in the LGPA tour, 2 in the Ladies European Tour, 2 in the LPGA of Japan Tour, and one in a minor tournament.

The 6 feet tall athlete won her first and only major trophy in 2014, at age 19, winning the Chevron Championship. Moreover, Thompson came close to achieving her scone major victory thrice in Evian Championship (2015), the 2019 U.S. Women's Open, and Women's PGA C'ship (2022), where she ended up 2nd in all three outings.

Lexi Thompson with a smile on her face as she wore a black t-shirt by Puma during one of her game in July 2022
Source : instagram

Lexi is also a brand ambassador for the company. She wears Puma Golf clothes, accessories and uses COBRA Golf equipment while playing. In December 2016, the LPGA star agreed on a long-term contract extension with the brand, fortifying their relationship.

Forbes listed her among the highest-paid female athletes of 2022. The 27-year-old bagged a total income of $5.9 million from her golf career and endorsements combined.

Lexi Thompson Net Worth In 2023

Per essentiallysports, Lexi has a net worth of $2 million dollars.

3. Bryson DeChambeau

  • First Contract Year: 2016
  • Contract Ended: 2022

Bryson DeChambeau is an American professional golfer who won the 2020 US Open in Mamaroneck, New York. 

Sharp and skilled from his amateur days, the California native has won several titles in his career, including the U.S. Amateur and the NCAA Division I championship in 2015.

Bryson DeChambeau after scoring in the PGA Tour in Mesquite, Nevada, September 2022
Source : instagram

A year later, DeChambeau made a break into his professional journey as he made his debut at PGA Tour's Heritage Classic. Following his transition from an amateur player to a maven, he sealed a long-term contract with COBRA Puma Golf.

In his first competition, Bryson secured fourth position earning 259,000 dollars. Right from the start, he has been associated with Puma wearing the brand's sportswear and cap, along with his special PUMA Men's IGNITE Articulate Golf Shoes. 

DeChambeau has been a tour staff and a crucial brand ambassador besides Fowler and Thompson throughout the years in the company. However, the six-year endorsement deal expired in 2022, and he no longer represents Puma, nor is he obliged to use anything related to the brand. 

Bryson DeChambeau go to Puma shoes Puma Ignite Pwradapt Caged sneakers
Source : instagram

According to the corporate executive, they are willing to reunite with the athlete in the near future and give continuity to their relationship. Considering that DeChambeau has spent most of his career with the company, both parties may leave the door open for a conversation. 

Speaking of his professional career, the 29-year-old athlete competes in LIV Golf and PGA Tour. He has 11 wins in all tours, including the most 8 wins in PGA, 2 in European Tour, and unity in Kom Ferry Tour. In addition, his finest victory to date came at the 2020 US Open when he won the championship.

4. Gary Woodland

  • First Contract Year: 2019

Gary Woodland is a veteran professional golfer from Topeka city, Kansas in the United States. Woodland is the 2019 US Open champion.

He first inked a contract with COBRA Puma in January 2019, and since then, Gary has acted as a key brand ambassador for the multinational company. He never shies from flaunting Puma attire while he is on the course.

Gary Woodland signs a multi-year deal with COBRA Puma in January 2023
Source : instagram

Woodland has a special connection with Puma's Volition America Collection, a nationalistic outfit that advocates and honors the families of American military heroes. Since his grandfather was a war veteran, he immediately bonded with the product. 

Gary signed a contract extension in 2020, and in early 2023, he and Pum agreed on a multi-year gear accord. Owing to their long-standing relationship, the COBRA Puma general manager Dan Ladd was excited to see him as a "complete Cobra Puma Golf athlete".

Born in May 1984, the 38-year-old was initially interested in basketball and joined Washburn University on a basketball scholarship. However, playing a year for the college, the sport was not clicking for him, so he decided to switch to golf.

Woodland left Washburn and enrolled at the University of Kansas in Lawrence to make a head start on his golf career. He won four amateur titles before turning pro in 2007. 

Gary Woodland promoting Puma's limited edition patriotic shoes in December 2019
Source : instagram

His professional golf tour data shows Woodland has six wins and one major championship trophy. His best-ever display was in the 2019 US Open, which he eventually won. 

Other than that, Gary has only made one top 10 finish in any prominent tournaments. He came in the 6th sport in an annual PGA Championship in 2018.

Unfortunately, Woodland could not come close to the bests in the 2011 Masters Tournament, where he finished 24th, and in The Open Championship (2016), where he ranked in 12th position.

5. Olivia Cowan

  • First Contract Year: 2021

Olivia Cowan is a professional golfer from Germany who plays in the Ladies European Tour. Cowan signed her first contract with Puma in 2021.

In January 2021, the Puma Golf Twitter account announced that the brand had agreed on a deal with the German golf pro. They also dropped three pictures of Cowan engulfed in Puma getups, including a sweatshirt, sneakers, and a casual outfit.

Olivia Cowan became the Hero Women’s Indian Open Champion in October 2022
Source : instagram

She joined the brand for the 2021 season, which saw her sporting all the newest female golf apparel and footwear on the course that year, which eventually added to her attractiveness.

Cowan joined the team of scared female golfer/athlete team of Lexi Thompson and Leona Maguire for the 2021 campaign. She is on the PUMA's DP World Tour Staff and has also been serving as a brand ambassador. 

Olivia started out on a professional level in July 2015 after constituting her country Germany at the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics. She played for the national team for four years and has won several championship titles for her homeland.

Cowan had an impressive debut year, winning three games at the 2015 LET Access Series. Later in 2015, she accepted an invitation to compete in the Ladies European Tour. 

Olivia Cowan advertising Puma's brand new sneakers in January 2021
Source : instagram

The 26-year-old has four professional wins in her career, one in the 2022 Ladies European Tour and three in the 2015 LET Access Series. Unfortunately, Olivia has yet to taste a single victory in the LGPA Tour. 

However, given her young age and potential, it is just a matter of time before the German-born conquers the LGPA Tour and several other major championships. Besides, Cowan won the Hero Women’s Indian Open Championship in October 2022.

6. Graham DeLaet

  • First Contract Year: 2014

Graham DeLaet is a retired Canadian golf professional. DeLaet played most of his career on the PGA Tour.

After playing on the green for fifteen years, Graham announced his retirement in June 2022. The PGA Tour star declared that he has played the last game of his career and will no longer partake in any professional golf tournaments. 

Graham DeLaet before the start of the 2022 PGA of Saskatchewan Spring Seminar in March 2022
Source : instagram

The 5 feet 11 inches tall athlete first inked a deal with Puma Golf in January 2014 as a new year singing by the brand. President Bob Philion was a fan of DeLaet and has kept an eye on him since becoming professional in 2007.

With the contract agreement, Graham began using Puma's golf equipment which accommodates Golf Tech Polo, new Puma gear, a three-button classic styled body sweatshirt, and footwear.

In 2016, DeLaet and COBRA Puma reached an agreement to extend their relationship. The Canadian athlete signed to advocate the brand for the next three years, as announced in December.

Similarly, in June 2017, to further deepened the bond, Puma Golf Canada and Golf Town joined their horses to oath their support to Graham & Ruby DeLaet Foundation.

Graham DeLaet sporting puma sponsored t-shirt on the Shriners Children’s Open in October 2019
Source : instagram

The DeLaet couple has been involved in philanthropy and charity works intending to enhance the health and well-being of youths in the country. In addition, they also aimed to install junior golf courses across Canada. Puma provided financial aid to upkeep their project.

On the other hand, the 41-year-old veteran was unfortunate to grab a single win on the PGA tour during his career. DeLaet has secured four wins by the tour in the Sunshine Tour and Canadian Tour. Following his retirement, he went on to work as an announcer for TSN.

7. Ernie Els

  • First Contract Year: 2019

Ernie Els is a legendary golf professional of South African descent. Els is still actively participating on the PGA Tour at the age of 53.

COBRA Puma signed a multi-year deal with the legendary golfer in April 2019. Since then, Ernie has been acting as one of the global brand ambassadors for the company as per the terms of the contract.

He now donns Puma's outfit and footwear during professional games and events to promote the company. Additionally, Els became a part of the Puma Tour staff, aligning with the elite group of golfers, including Rickie Fowler, Bryson DeChambeau, and Lexi Thompson.

Similarly, the former world no. 1 collaborates with the Puma design team as part of the new relationship to help decide on the colors and designs of upcoming Puma golf shoes.

Ernie Els signed a multi-year agreement with Puma Golf in 2019
Source : instagram

Dubbed "The Big Easy," Ernie was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and was groomed by his Neels. From an early age, he was an athletic kid, playing all kinds of sports, including cricket, rugby, golf, and tennis. 

Later when he entered in teenage, his focus solely shifted to golf. The two times US Open champion's journey began innocently enough after winning the Junior World Golf Championship in 1984.

The father of two traveled on a voyage of profession journey in 1989, and so far, he has contested in every major golf tournament, which covers European Tour, PGA Tour, and European Senior Tour.

Moreover, Els has recorded 74 wins in his professional career, 19 in PGA and 28 in the European Tour, which is also the 7th all-time highest in the competition. The 53-year-old golfer claimed victory in four major championships, with two being US Open and the other being British Open.

8. Ewen Ferguson

  • First Contract Year: 2019

Ewen Ferguson is a Scottish golf professional who plays in PGA European Tour. He is the winner of the 2013 Boys Amateur Championship.

The rising golf star from Scotland inked his first contract with COBRA Puma Golf for the 2020 season. He was seen wearing Puma's apparel and footwear for the long campaign. 

Ewen Ferguson with British television presenter Chris Hughes (right) flaunting Puma's apparel at Junkyard Crazy Golf London in November 2022
Source : instagram

Ferguson shined on PGA Tour sporting the new SS'20 Collection, which comprises heavily designed streetwear guaranteed to deliver comfort along with style. It uses the innovative CLOUDSPUN technology making the outfit lightweight, soft and stretchable.

Ewen also uses Puma's RadSpeed driver and COBRA's irons and wedges as part of the deal. 

Puma UKIB head Paul Spencer expressed his delight to have the opportunity to work with Ferguson. He went on to hail his journey as a stellar amateur, culminating at the top. 

Moreover, in October 2022, Puma and the athlete settled on another contract extension along with a multi-year equipment deal. Ewen is also a part of PUMA's PGA Tour staff. 

Ewen Ferguson won the 2022 ISPS Handa World Invitational at Galgorm Resort in August 2022
Source : instagram

The DP World Tour player made a cut to the professional level in August 2016, appearing in Lyoness Montecchia Open and Turkish Airlines Challenge. Ferguson made his debut on the European Tour the following year, finishing in the 76th position. 

So far, the 26-year-old has only managed two wins in his career, both came in the 2022 European Tour. Meanwhile, he has a dismal winless record on the Challenge Tour.

9. Emiliano Grillo

  • First Contract Year: 2021

Emiliano Grillo is a prominent Argentine golfer who competes professionally on the PGA Tour. Grillo won the Fortinet Championship in 2015.

He signed an endorsement deal along with three others in January 2021 with COBRA Puma. Olivia Cowan, Ewen Ferguson, and Inci Mehmet were the other golfer who joined the Puma family for that season. 

Emiliano Grillo looking neat on crimson polo t-shirt at Harbour Town Golf Links in April 2022
Source : instagram

Grillo can be seen mostly sporting a red t-shirt by Puma, which he wears as an honor to his favorite soccer team from Argentina, River Plate. He also joins the most competent golfer squad, the PGA Tour staff. 

Born on 14 September 1992 in Resistencia of the South American country, Grillo was engulfed by golf from an early age. At age 16, he reached the last eight of the U.S. Junior Amateur in 2008. The following year, Grillo was awarded Byron Nelson International Junior Golf Award.

Grillo began his professional flight two years later, earning the European Tour qualification. In his first big event, the young Argentine athlete made an astounding top-ten finish.

After two horrendous seasons ending in 94th and 89th in the 2012 and 2013 Europen Tour, respectively, Grillo had his best performance in the 2014 campaign, where he secured a top-three spot in the competition. 

Emiliano Grillo wore the Puma special edition Palm Golf Polo while playing in Japan in October 2022
Source : instagram

Throughout his decade-long professional career, Grillo grabbed three major tour wins, one in the PGA, Korn Ferry Tour, and the Argentine Open. He came out victorious in the season-opening of the 2016 PGA Tour, winning the Fortinet Championship in October.

With his impressive stats throughout the season, Grillo won the 2016 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year. According to Sportrac, he has bagged home a whopping 15.7 million dollars from various tournament prizes.

10. Blair O'Neal

  • First Contract Year: 2010

Blair O'Neal is an American golfer, model and television personality hailed from Macomb. Blair is the host of the School Of Golf on the Golf Channel.

She has been with Puma since the beginning of her professional career in 2010, working as an advocate and ambassador for the brand. It has been twelve years since the two parties inaugurated their long-term relationship. 

Blair O'neal looks chic in Puma's orange Polo and black skirt along with the golf bag at Grayhawk Golf Club in June 2021
Source : instagram

Blair remembered after she won the reality tv program Big Break, she had lots of options to choose from as a sponsorship partner, but she went with COBRA Puma, which according to her, was her best decision.

She has since become an integral part of the company representing the brand not just on the golf court but through her modeling and television arc. Blair can be spotted wearing Puma'a sports attire during professional events, which includes a top, skirt, cap, golf bag, and more.

Born in Macomb, Illinois, the multi-faceted athlete spent his formative years in Arizona. Blair was 11 when she started hitting gutties with a stick. She made a name as an amateur player contesting in the American Junior Golf Association, the Spun writes.

Later, to continue her study, Blair attended Arizona State University, where she played collegiate golf for four years. She was unsure if golf was the right choice for her career, so she ventured into modeling. 

Blair O'neal's pink outfit at Scottsdale, Arizona in April 2022 was a stunning sight to behold
Source : instagram

However, simultaneously taking both disciplines turned out to be a lot harder than she expected. Hence, in 2009, Blair vowed to stick with her golf profession while still giving continuity to her television duties. 

O'Neal tried to break into the LGPA Tour but did not succeed until 2014 when she played on the LPGA Symetra Tour. In 2015, she shifted her focus toward the small screen and became a host of the School Of Golf,,