Park After Dark NBA 2k23 is a secret night event in a visually appealing environment. The participants in the contest will receive double XP. 

This event was initially announced at NBA '17 edition. It was a unique event with music, entertainment, and aesthetics than the game. 

Gaming aficionados have drawn the game's executive attention towards its poor graphics during its inception in 2k17. Thus, the quality and animation have considerably improved in the '23 edition. 

However, netizens have found it difficult to enter and exit the event and are quite unaware of the merits and demerits of the new feature. 

Therefore, the publishers of the game have paid heed to the gamer's concerns in NBA 2k23. They have implemented enhanced graphics for a better user experience as well. 

Park After Dark Event In NBA 2k23

Park after dark is a new event in NBA 2k23, it is an alluring and exciting time limited program that promotes group contest and teamwork
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Park After Dark Event can be easily accessed by running to the elevator and clicking into the off-ship option. Then select the excursion events section.

Once gamers enter the event, they will find themselves in a dark setting, similar to a regular basketball court but with limited visibility. Players can earn double experience points by playing the tournament.

Additionally, Park After Dark is part of the excursion event thus the event shall come alive during its set time. In the meantime, players can enjoy different programs and contests offered by The Goat Boat. 

That said, the event shall begin at 9:00 AM Eastern time and end by 10:00 PM. It offers an opportunity for players to double their experience points. 

2K23 is the sixth iteration of the park after dark. The game has evolved and the gaming company addresses problems faced by the players.

Moreover, you can play the game 3v3 or 2v2. It offers other elements like dunk contests and 3-point contests as well.

Basic Park After Dark Controls In Xbox

  • Player movement - Left Stick Button
  • Pro Stick - Right Stick Button 
  • On the Fly Coaching - Directional Pad
  • Call Play - Left Bumper
  • Jump Shot - Press & Hold X, then release
  • Normal Still Dunk - Right trigger +Right Stick Button (left stick to control dunk swing)
  • Steal - X
  • Sprint - Right trigger
  • Intentional foul - Home button
  • Intense Defense - Left Trigger
  • Take Charge - B button
  • Lob Pass - Y button 

Other Events

  • NBA Club 2k - Opportunity for double badge progress
  • Bingo - Earning prizes while completing the bingo card
  • 2kTV double XP event by sporting 2kTV gear
  • Boot Camp - Training players who are under 75. 
  • 90s theme competition for 90s players. 
  • Dunk Fest - City celebrating together to achieve dunk goal. 
  • Ruffles 4-point Ridge tournament

Where To Buy Park After Dark Clothes 2k23

Park after dark clothes differ from designer outfits to simple outfits also prices differs according to the quality of the clothes
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Park After Dark Clothes 2k23 can be purchased by going to the store with clothes-wearing Mannequins.

After you join the event, you can find the store on the left side of the map. The store shall pop open after reaching the place, there are multiple clothes, hats, sleeves, and t-shirts. Also, some of those clothing shall offer an XP boost. 

Nevertheless, the hip clothes match the night vibe of the event. On the other hand, the fits are quite costly as well. 

Park After Dark Clothes

  • Mocap Suit Top - 10,000 coins
  • Solid Colored Tee - 1,000 coins
  • Speckle Tee - 1,200 coins
  • Black Light Jordan Wings Tee - 7,500 coins
  • Playing Card T-shirts - 5,000 coins
  • Digital Camouflage Tee - 6,000 coins
  • Gloves - 300 coins
  • Mocap Suit Pants - 7,500 coins
  • Flamed Shuffle Pants - 5,000 coins
  • Bat Joggers - 3,000 coins
  • Lightning Shuffle Pants - 5,000 coins
  • Striped Joggers - 2,000 coins
  • Football Helmet - 7,500 coins
  • Viking Helmet - 7,500 coins
  • Bandana - 3,000 coins
  • Blacklight socks - 600 coins
  • 2k Blacklight shoes - 10,000 coins
  • LED bracelets - 300 coins
  • Blacklight crew sock - 600 coins
  • Jester Hat - 7,500 coins

Basically, there are five categories in the park's dark clothes shop. They are tops, accessories, bottoms, hats, and durags of different clothing brands

Tops include shirts, tee, and suits, and accessories include socks, sleeves, and gloves. The bottoms options are for pants and joggers. Additionally, hats and durags are the headwear to distinguish the character. 

Moreover, most of the durags are at the same price and only the colors are slightly different. The costliest item in the store is a Mocap suit and pants, along with 2k blacklight shoes.

In contrast, you cannot use the clothes that you purchase in the event for other events or after exiting the game. You can play with the drip in the after-dark program only. 

How To Leave Park After Dark 2k23?

Silhouette of a person exiting park after dark in NBA 2k23, players can spend limited amount of time in the event.
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You can exit Park After Dark in 2k23 easily by going through a Neon sign. An exit sign may be visible on the left side for you to leave th game.

After stepping into the darkness, you shall reach the save point of the game. The game is shrouded with darkness thus it might be difficult for players to navigate through the hurdles. 

Following the left-hand side of the court shall take you to the exit. Likewise, the fashion store is also located on the same side after spawning into the game. 

Inspiration for Park After Dark

Park after Dark or PAD program was to turn parks into lively community centers in the nighttime. Due to increasing crime rates in the LA neighborhood such an initiative was taken into practice. 

Moreover, PAD is also quite popular in Hollywood where different shows like Trailer Park Boys and Parks and Recreation have featured an episode showcasing the program in a hilarious manner. 

On the other hand, this plan has decreased the number of night crimes and robberies across LA county also different states such as Florida have also adopted the principal. 

NBA 2k23 Park After Dark Good And Bad

Tatum wearing jersey number
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NBA 2k23 has received praise and criticism from avid gamers. The lack of innovation, creativity, and trophies in the game has created disinterest among the players. 

The positive aspects of the game are as follows;

  • It is easier to create a competitive team without microtransactions. 
  • Gameplay and graphics are better in 2k23 in comparison to 2k20 or 2k21. It also has a wide array of skills like shooting, jump shots, fakes, dribble, spin, and other unique playing attributes. 
  • Addition of different dunking animations to increase the gravitation of gamers with their play. 
  • 3 point fades have become easier than simple catch and shoots. 
  • Updates and animation bring more variety to the performance of the players thus gamers can expect better prospects in NBA 2k24 as well. 

The bad aspects of the game are as follows;

  • Virtual Currency (VC) cripples gamers, the players have to spend large sums of money to build a team. 
  • A higher amount of VC is required while changing the player's outfit. 
  • Story Mode is long and causes distraction to the gamers. 
  • Some of the animations like under the basket and hook shots still need improvement. 
  • Change in stamina is a bit unreliable thus it is quite risky while playing competitively.