Oscar De La Hoya siblings are Joel De La Hoya Jr and Ceci De La Hoya. Oscar and Joel Jr are business partners at Golden Boy Promotions.

Known as "The Golden Boy of Boxing," he made his Mexican-American family proud when he represented the United States at the 1992 Summer Olympics. He had bagged a gold in the lightweight division.

Meanwhile, he now holds dual American and Mexican citizenship as of 2002. Oscar retired from professional boxing in 2009 and opted out of a potential return to the field in 2021.

He and his clan members have been training and managing young boxing talents for many years.

On the other hand, De La Hoya took over the boxing fandom when he defeated Arturo Gatti to move up to the welterweight division, which ultimately started the Gattii vs. Micky Ward trilogy fights.

Gatti and Ward's first and third bouts are also inducted in HBO's ten best fights of the decade in the 2000s.

Oscar De La Hoya Parents

Oscar De La Hoya parents are Joel Sr. and Cecilia Gonzalez De La Hoya. He was born as their youngest son on February 4, 1973.

The elderly De La Hoya couple had emigrated from Mexico to the United States prior to the birth of Oscar.

Joel Sr. fought as a professional lightweight fighter in the Los Angeles area. He is currently a big part of his offspring's promotion business.

He had a record of 9-3-1 with six knockouts before leaving boxing to support his wife and kids.

Oscar and Joel Sr. in 2000. ((Photo by Robert Beck/Sports Illustrated )
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He worked in construction and also managed to go to the gym and practice fighting. Joel Sr. had first taken a six-year-old Oscar to the gym and introduced him to the sports.

Meanwhile, Oscar's mother Cecilia passed away due to breast cancer in 1992, sometime before Oscar bagged gold at the Olympics. The former professional boxer started the Cecilia Gonzalez De La Hoya Cancer Center to honor her.

Oscar De La Hoya Family Members

Oscar De La Hoya family actually hails from Mexico although they reside in the US now. The household members are thus fluent in Spanish.

Boxing became a main-go for the clan when Oscar's paternal grandfather, Vincente, fought amateur bouts during the 1940s in Mexico.

His father and elder brother carried on the legacy that has been continued by his descendants as well.

The De La Hoya clan since Vincente.
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Elder Brother Joel De La Hoya Jr. 

Joel Jr, Oscar, Joel Sr. and Ceci with Luna at the Golden Boy camp in 2021.
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Oscar De La Hoya brother Joel Jr. is a manager at the Golden Boy Boxing promotion company that Oscar founded in 2002 with Bernard Hopkins.

He has managed the careers of notable boxers, including Diego De La Hoya, Francisco Vargas, Ryan Garcia, Julian Ramirez, and Hugo Centeno.

Joel Jr. is two years elder than Oscar, and he was eight when he first stepped into the gym with his father. Unlike his younger brother, Joel was least interested in boxing and enjoyed baseball.

He is active on Instagram as @touchumup, where he mainly shares his boxers' career updates.

Younger Sister Ceci De La Hoya 

Ceci with Esteban, Esteban Jr. and Luna in November 2022.
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Ceci better known as Ceci Camacho is the younger kinfolk of Joel Jr. and Oscar. She is a professional makeup artist.

Moreover, she also works with Golden Boy Promotions along with being a freelancer. She often travels for bridal bookings or events.

Oscar De La Hoya sister Ceci is married to a professional tattoo artist named Esteban Camacho.

The couple shares two young'uns, a son named Esteban Jr. and a daughter named Luna.

Oscar De La Hoya Wife

Oscar De La Hoya married Millie Corretjer on 5 October 2001 in a secret ceremony in San Juan. However, they parted ways in 2016.

Millie is a singer and actress from Puerto Rico, born on April 18, 1974, in San Juan. She is also the granddaughter of Juan Antonio Corretjer, the late poet and one-time Secretary General of the pro-independence Puerto Rican Nationalist Party.

She started her singing career in 1995 with the release of her first album "Sola." Producer Rudy Perez had introduced Millie to Oscar back in 2000 when the latter was working on his first music album.

Millie and Oscar met at an EMI convention in Texas and started dating right after, only to tie the knot a year later. They also appeared in Oscar's music video "Para Que." 

Oscar and Millie (right photo) at the Oscar De La Hoya Foundation Evening of Champions in 2006.
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The couple welcomed three offspring from their marriage before splitting up. As of January 2023, De La Hoya has officially filed for divorce from Millie, citing irreconcilable differences.

Daily Mail UK confirms that the boxing legend has asked for joint custody of their descendants. However, he is also fine with Corretjer having physical custody if he can have visitation rights.

Oscar is also open to paying spousal support and also her lawyer fees. Millie has returned to singing as of 2020 and is active on social media.

Meanwhile, De La Hoya has been dating sports presenter Holly Sanders since August 2021 after initially meeting at a boxing event.

Oscar De La Hoya Has Six Kids

Oscar De La Hoya children are Jacob, Devon, Atiana Cecilia, Oscar Gabriel, Nina Lauren Nenitte and Victoria Lauren Rose De La Hoy.

Jacob, Devon and Oscar Gabriel are his sons, whereas Atiana, Nina and Victoria are his daughters. Jacob is the eldest offspring in the lineage.

De La Hoya's descendants are from his three different relationships over the years. Oscar and Millie have three kids from their marriage.

Eldest Son Jacob De La Hoya

Jacob was born on February 18, 1998, to Oscar and his then-girlfriend Toni Alvarado. He is a 2016 graduate of St. Francis High School.

Meanwhile, he obtained his Bachelor's degree in Real Estate Development from the University of Southern California in 2020.

Jacob was involved in the family business as a Business Operations Associate from 2017 to 2019. His LinkedIn confirms that he then took the position of Public Relations Specialist in 2020.

Jacob and Cassidy (left photo) are a couple as of 2023. Devon, Oscar, Joel Sr., and Jacob (in order from left to right in right photo) in 2019.
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He then worked at Haiilo as their Business Development Representative from April 2022 to January 2023. As of 2023, he is dedicated to MOLTEN as their Sales Development Representative.

Jacob is currently in a relationship with Cassidy Collins, a 2021 graduate of Loyola Marymount University. He makes regular visits with his younger half-siblings, Devon and Atiana.

Devon Is Nicknamed The Platinum Boy

Devon De La Hoya is nine months younger than Jacob. Devon's mother is Angelique McQueen, then-girlfriend of Oscar.

He is a professional boxer who goes by his nickname, "The Platinum Boy," derived from his dad's nickname, "The Golden Boy."

Devon made his amateur debut with a victory in August 2016. His fight against Alejandro Martinez at the 3rd WBC Green Belt Challenge in 2017 is still the most talked bout in the clan. However, he has stepped down as an active boxer in recent days.

Devon and Angelique (left photo) in February 2016. Devon and  Paulina (right photo) in April 2023.
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Meanwhile, Devon made his debut on TV with an interview with KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas in January 2018. He has confirmed his affinity with Paulina Jordan as of April 2023.

Eldest Daughter Atiana Cecilia De La Hoya

Oscar welcomed his eldest daughter on March 29, 1999. She was born to Shanna Moakler, the former fiancee of the boxing champion.

Moakler is the 1995 winner of Miss New York USA and runner-up at Miss USA. Oscar and Shanna were engaged in 1998 but broke up after Oscar was seen escorting another woman at Latin Grammy Awards in September 2000.

Atiana and Oscar (right photo) at the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina festival in 2014.
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Oscar provided continuous financial support to Atiana after that. Meanwhile, Atiana grew closer with her step-father, Travis Barker and even appeared alongside him on MTV's  "Meet the Barkers"  from 2005 to 2006.

Atiana is close to Barker and Moakler's two kids, Landon and Alabama. She and her step-siblings appeared on "The Kardashians" in a 2022 episode as Travis is now married to Kourtney Kardashian.

Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya

Oscar Gabriel and Nina celebrating their birthday together in 2021.
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Oscar Gabriel is the eldest son born from the marriage of Oscar and Millie. The couple welcomed Gabriel on December 29, 2005.

The 17-year-old teen has not shared his thoughts about continuing his family's legacy in professional boxing.

Nina Lauren Nenitte De La Hoya

Nina was born on December 29, 2007 as the second child of Oscar and Millie's alliance. She shares the same birthday as her elder brother.

Lauren along with her kinfolk lives with their mother. Hence, the three often accompany Millie in her musical programs.

Victoria Lauren Rose De La Hoya

Victoria is the youngest member of the De La Hoya descendants. She was born on January 14, 2014, two years before her birth givers split.

On March 20, 2020, Millie revealed that little Victoria hopes to be a singer like her when she grows, on a Facebook post.