NFL teams with cat mascots are Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions and Cincinnati Bengals. Sir Purr represents the Panthers.

Several teams in the league have chosen mascots that embody various characteristics, such as strength, fierceness, and team pride. These talismans are often seen at games, interacting with fans, and participating in on-field entertainment.

In addition, some NFL teams have adopted cat avatars, adding agility, cunning, and grace to their team identity. These feline amulets capture the attention of fans and enhance the overall excitement during games and events.

Moreover, not all football teams have such figureheads, and the choice to have one or not is entirely up to the individual team. The teams without mascots typically rely on other symbols, such as logos, colors, and iconic traditions, to represent their identity.

List of NFL teams named after cats are:

  • Carolina Panthers
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Detroit Lions
  • Cincinnati Bengals

NFL Teams Mascots List

NFL mascots names are:

  • Baltimore Ravens - Poe, Rise and Conquer
  • Buffalo Bills - Billy Buffalo
  • Cincinnati Bengals - Who Dey
  • Cleveland Browns - Chomps, Swagger Jr., Brownie the Elf
  • Denver Broncos - Miles, Thunder II
  • Houston Texans - Toro
  • Indianapolis Colts - Blue
  • Jacksonville Jaguars - Jaxson de Ville
  • Kansas City Chiefs - K.C. Wolf, Warpaint
  • Las Vegas Raiders - Raider Rusher
  • Miami Dolphins - T.D.
  • New England Patriots - Pat Patriot
  • Pittsburgh Steelers - Steely McBeam
  • Tennessee Titans - T-Rac
  • Houston Oilers - The Roughneck
  • Arizona Cardinals - Big Red
  • Atlanta Falcons - Freddie Falcon
  • Carolina Panthers - Sir Purr
  • Chicago Bears - Staley Da Bear
  • Dallas Cowboys - Rowdy
  • Detroit Lions - Roary
  • Los Angeles Rams - Rampage
  • Minnesota Vikings - Viktor
  • New Orleans Saints - Gumbo, Sir Siant
  • Philadelphia Eagles - Swoop
  • San Francisco 49ers - Sourdough Sam
  • Seattle Seahawks - Blittz, Boom, Taima
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Captain Fear
  • Washington Commanders - Major Tuddy

The Baltimore Ravens talisman Poe derived his name from the renowned writer Edgar Allan Poe. Since 2009, the team has introduced two other raven amulets, Rise and Conquer, who join Poe on the sidelines during home games.

Similarly, the Cleveland Browns feature Chomps, a canine-like character inspired by the team's enthusiastic Dawg Pound section at FirstEnergy Stadium. Additionally, Swagger Jr., a bull mastiff, assumed the role of the Browns' newest lucky charm starting in the 2019 season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers mascot, a robust figure resembling a steelworker, possesses a distinct appearance with a Bill Cowher-like jutting chin and donning a hard hat. This depiction pays homage to the Steelers' pre-Steelmark logo used in the 1950s and early 1960s.

On the other hand, Viktor is a cheerful Viking caricature whose head resembles the Vikings' official logo. The San Francisco 49ers feature a caricature of a 49er inspired by the prospectors who flocked to California during the historic California Gold Rush from 1848 to 1855.

The figureheads pose at the Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium on Feb. 10, 2008.
Source : nfl

Blitz and Boom, portrayed as significant, blue anthropomorphic birds, grace the scene as a zemi for a specific team, while Taima, often mistaken for an osprey but an augur hawk of the buteo species, adds to the avian avatar in the sporting realm.

Jacksonville is among the cat football teams with Jaxson de Ville as the figurehead. Recognized for his larger-than-life presence, Jaxson de Ville captivates the crowd with acrobatic stunts and captivating antics throughout games, adding an element of excitement and entertainment.

Freddie Falcon proudly represents the Atlanta Falcons as their official avatar. With black and red feathers mirroring the team's colors, Freddie engages with fans, leading cheers and showcasing high-energy routines during games. 

Toro, the talisman of the Houston Texans, takes the form of a muscular bull, symbolizing the team's strength and determination. Toro is a fan-favorite during Texans' home games, actively engaging with spectators and providing entertainment through various means.

NFL Teams Without Mascots

The four NFL teams without mascots are:

  • New York Giants
  • Green Bay Packers
  • New York Jets
  • Los Angeles Chargers

Among the 32 teams, only four currently remain without an avatar as of 2023. However, there have been recent changes in this regard.

The Washington Commanders recently unveiled their new mascot, Major Tuddy, in January 2023, adding to the team's identity and values.

Interestingly, the Green Bay Packers once introduced a unique avatar in the 1980s known as Packy Packer. This bearded giant would carry a sausage, representing the team. However, the Packers only had it for two seasons and have since remained without one.

The New York Giants players donning their classic uniform for two Legacy Games in 2022
Source : giants

Similarly, in San Diego, the LA Chargers had an unofficial talisman called "Boltman," as portrayed by Dan Jauregui. After a remarkable 22-year run, Jauregui retired from his role as Boltman in 2018.

As for the New York Giants, the reason for not having a mascot remains unclear. It is a deliberate choice, as there isn't a specific explanation.

However, a Campbell Soup advertisement in the early 2010s featured a woman in a Giants player costume with an oversized head; the Giants also do not have cheerleaders.

(Right) Jayden Reed posing for a portrait donning Packer's gear in May 2023
Source : twitter

Nevertheless, as stated on their FAQ page, the New York Jets do not have an official avatar. However, the team does have a group of amusing cheerleaders known as the Jets Flight Crew.

The figureheads play a significant role in providing entertainment during games and events. They engage with fans through various activities, including lively dances, entertaining skits, and interactive interactions with spectators.

Additionally, these lucky charms contribute to excitement and enjoyment, providing enthusiasm and fun for children and adults alike.

Highest Paid NFL Mascots In 2023

The highest paid mascots in NFL 2023 are:

  1. Rowdy - $65,000
  2. Pat Patriot - $65,000
  3. Sourdough Sam - $60,000
  4. Toro - $60,000
  5. Staley Da Bear - $60,000
  6. Swoop - $60,000
  7. Miles - $60,000
  8. Poe - $60,000
  9. Steely McBeam - $60,000
  10. Blue - $50,000

In the realm of NFL avatars, the highest-paid individuals in 2023 are reported to be Rowdy and Pat Patriots, both earning $65,000 per season. NFL mascots typically make between $40 and $50 per hour, resulting in annual earnings ranging from $60,000 to $65,000.

Across the league, the average mascot pay aligns closely with the abovementioned range of approximately $60,000. For instance, Rowdy, the beloved mascot of the Dallas Cowboys, earns $65,000 per year.

Rowdy at AT&T Stadium on April 25, 2018
Source : facebook

While NFL mascots primarily attend home games throughout the season, with exceptions for notable events like the Super Bowl, their responsibilities extend beyond game days.

The teams organize various events, promotions, and fan signings throughout the year with the active participation of these lucky charms.

 Being an NFL mascot entails a full-time commitment, requiring dedication and anonymity as their faces remain hidden from public view.

In terms of popularity, Blitz, the talisman of the Seattle Seahawks, is undeniably one of the most recognizable and beloved NFL avatar. Known for their passionate fan base, Seahawks fans at Lumen Field have even set a Guinness World Record for the loudest crowd roar.

The Patriots talisman running in the filed ahead of the match in March 2023.
Source : twitter

Blitz plays an essential role in creating an electrifying atmosphere for players and fans, adding to the stadium's energy.

Beyond game days, Blitz extends their entertaining nature by actively participating in community events and making appearances at birthday parties, ensuring a memorable experience for all.

Another notable NFL avatar is Blue, representing the Indianapolis Colts. Blue's popularity extends beyond the confines of Lucas Oil Stadium, as evidenced by its significant following on Instagram, with an impressive 179k followers.

This social media presence lets fans stay connected and engaged with Blue, enhancing the Colts' fan experience to a greater level.