Most Hole in ones in one round is 3 made by Patrick Wills. He made it during a Summer Solstice tournament on 22 June, 2015.

This amazing achievement has also been recorded in the Guinness World Record. This is a really difficult record to break as it would require top skills and also some luck to surpass or even equal the achievement.

The then 30-year-old and an amateur golf player went on to have three holes-in-one on the par-71 Laurel Hill course: the seventh, the twelfth, and the fourteenth. On that particular day, he equaled the course record with a score of 64.

Making 3 in a single round is an extremely difficult accomplishment since the chances of making a hole-in-one are thought to be approximately one out of 12,500, it is that uncommon.

Given that he accomplished this feat on a public course, which is also open to the ordinary person, and frequently has less-than-ideal conditions compared to private courses, which are not open to the general public but to the associate members and their guests. The feat that he has achieved is undeniably the most incredible accomplishment.

A few other golf players have affirmed that they also achieved 3 or even more aces in one round, yet the claims that they have made are invalid and do not have any evidence.

However, for the achievements or records to be valid they need to be seen by at least one person in order to get acknowledged by the Guinness World Records. Hence, this requirement is a bare minimum.

Most Hole In Ones On PGA Tour

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The most hole in ones on PGA Tour are Robert Allenby and Hal Sutton with ten as they are leveled for the most holes-in-one.

Over four thousand hole in ones have been there in the PGA history.

They both enjoyed lengthy and prosperous Tour careers, with Robert Allenby winning twenty-two titles and Sutton taking home fourteen titles.

Achieving this difficult feat in 2005, Allenby is the only golfer to have Most hole in ones in one game of 3 in a single PGA Tour season. In addition, he is one of a few golfers who have achieved a hole-in-one during a major competition, which he accomplished at the 2012 Masters Tournament.

Allenby is a professional PGA golf player from Australia who has won numerous titles on the PGA Tour and the European Tour, among other notable accomplishments.

He won the Shell Houston Open in 2000, his first PGA Tour victory, and went on to win three other PGA Tour championships. He has earned respect on the international golfing scene for his dependable play and perfect ball hit.

He has won four PGA Tours, four European Tours, one Sunshine Tour, and twelve PGA Tours of Australasia and a few other tours.

In the same way, the fact that Sutton was able to make so many holes in one was evidence of his perfection and preciseness. He was a fiercely competitive player as well, which is perhaps why he was able to maintain such high standards of performance for a long period of time.

He is a well-known American professional golf player with a long record of accomplishments. He won the 1983 PGA Championship, which completely changed his career and was undoubtedly the major turning point in his playing career as this win made him one of the best players and gained much more recognition.

In addition, he was one of the best Ryder Cup players in the United States. He was a member of the successful American squads in 1985, 1987, 1999, and also 2002.

He achieved multiple victories on the PGA Tour throughout the course of his career. His staggering fourteen victories on the PGA Tour comprise top competitions like The Players Championship and the Tour Championship.

Moreover, Mancil Davis, an American golfer aka the King of Aces, has 51 hole-in-ones to his name in a professional golf career. At the age of 11, Davis scored his first hole-in-one, and at the age of 62, he hit his last. He spent a short while competing on the PGA Tour, but his career as a club professional and golf coach was more promising.

Hence, In golf, a hole-in-one occurs when a player smashes the ball from the tee onto the hole of a par-3 hole in 1 swing. This is one of the most difficult and exceptional accomplishments in golf.

Other PGA Tour golfers with numerous holes-in-one after Robert Allenby and Hal Sutton are mentioned below in the table:

Greg Chalmers7
Scott Hoch7
Corey Pavin7
Bob Tway7
Willie Wood7
Scott Brown6
Stewart Cink6
Jim Furyk6
Charles Howell III6
Davis Love III6
Rocco Mediate6
Larry Rinker6

Longest Hole In One On PGA Tour

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The longest hole-in-one on the PGA Tour was made by Mr. Michael Crean, at Green Valley Ranch Golf Club in Denver, on July 4, 2002. He recorded the longest at 517 yards or 473 meters, which he did on the par-5 9th hole.

Using a 3-wood, Crean, who was a club professional, struck his tee shot into the hole. He was participating in a tournament when his ball fell into the hole, shocking everyone. All of a sudden it went on to become one of the outstanding records of the longest hole-in-one.

Given that it was created at a height, it is even more amazing. The ball at Green Valley Ranch Golf Club traveled farther than it would have at sea level due to the thin air there.

His hole-in-one is evidence of his prowess and strength as a golf player. Additionally, it serves as a reminder that everything is achievable and luck also plays a major role in golf.

Golfers With The Most Hole In Ones

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The golfer with the Most hole in ones PGA overall is Mancil Davis, he has made 51 holes-in-one in his career. He is also known as the King of Aces as he managed to get his first ace in 1967 while he got his 51st in 2007 in a celebrity golf competition.

However, it is Norman Manley who has the most hole-in-ones in the history of golf but it turns out to be that he is just an amateur golf player. He made 59 aces but not as a professional. So, this record does not count.

Davis began playing golf at a very small age, as he scored his first ever hole-in-one when he was just 11 years old, while his last ever hole-in-one was in 2007. Before retirement, he had a successful professional and amazing amateur playing career.

This illustrious golf player also participated in the PGA of America Tour in 1975 and 1976. Having joined the PGA of America in 1974, he became a part of the organization then.

Also, he worked as the golf director for a number of teams, including the Trophy Club in Roanoke, Texas, the Resort at Squaww Creek in Lake Tahoee, California, and the Woodlands Country Club.

Talking about his achievements, he has set many records throughout the course of his playing career. He has a Professional Golfers Association world record of 51 hole-in-one, a world record of 10 double eagles, and in over 4 and one-half miles he has 8,673 combined yards of aces, a Career holes-in-one average of 170 yards.

Likewise, the longest hole-in-one in 379 yards, the shortest hole-in-one in 124 yards, 8 a hole in one in a single year, and 3 a hole in one in one week.

He also made at least one hole-in-one per year between 1967 and 1987 and made a feature in Golf Digest, Golf, Sports Illustrated, People, Guinness World Book of Records, and Ripley's Believe It or Not.