Mike Bibby parents are Henry Bibby and Virginia Bibby. Mike grew up playing basketball with his three siblings in Phoenix Arizona.

The former Sacramento Kings guard is of mixed heritage with a blend of African and Irish ancestry. He was born on May 13, 1978 in Cherry Hill.

As a former athlete who has his imprint in the NBA as a coach and player, Mike's father, Henry, laid a solid bedrock for his offspring to follow his legacy. 

Mike started playing basketball at a young age under Henry's tutelage and replicated his achievements, culminating in a triumphant victory in the NCAA championship, followed by an illustrious NBA career.

The Vancouver Grizzlies selected him in the 1998 NBA draft where he played alongside Bobby Hurley in his first season and averaged 13.2 points. 6.5 assists and 2.7 rebounds per game.

6 feet 2 inches tall Bibby then moved to Sacramento Kings in 2001, followed by several other NBA franchises. He later ventured into a coaching career bidding adieu to his playing days.

Mike Bibby Family

Bibby family has an imbecile mark in the world of basketball. Mike's father Henry boasts a notable athletic past as a professional basketball player.

The 44-year-old followed in his patriarch's footrails of athletic brilliance and pursued a career in the NBA. He transitioned to coaching when his playing career ended, just like Henry.

Despite his father's presence, Mike's upbringing was predominantly shaped by his mother, Virginia, who shouldered the responsibility of raising all four children. Consequently, his father's influence on his upbringing was minimal.

Henry Bibby Won NBA With The Knicks

Mike Bibby dad Henry Bibby won the NBA championship with the New York Knicks in 1973. The Knicks drafted Henry in the 1972 NBA Draft.

After just a year of playing in the league, Henry's solid performances helped New York win their second championship title in club history. 

Picture of Mike (left) and Henry (right) from their playing days
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In point of fact, he upheld his remarkable streak of winning trophies every year, as he impressively clinched three consecutive NCAA tournament titles after joining the UCLA Bruins in 1969.

In 1975, Henry joined the New Orleans Jazz and, just a year later, made another move to the Philadelphia 76ers. In his nine years stint in NBA, he made it to the NBA Finals thrice, winning once with the Knicks and losing twice with the 76ers.

Following his retirement, Mr. Bibby started his career as a basketball coach in the Continental Basketball Association and won two championships with the Winnipeg Thunder.

Later, he coached the men's basketball team at the University of Southern California (USC) and led them to several NCAA tournaments. He then became the head coach of the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA in 2005.

Henry and Virginia Parted Ways

Mike Bibby mom Virginia Bibby is a non-native American who migrated from Trinidad and Tobago when she was younger.

Henry initially crossed paths with Virginia in New York City in the early 70s during his stint with the Knicks. She was among the stands during an NBA game when Henry first saw her and immediately fell in love with her.

Virginia attends Mike's game at the Los Angeles Sports Arena in LA, January 1997
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The two later came in contact with the help of a mutual friend and began dating. After tying the knot, they gave birth to four children and lived a nomadic existence before ultimately settling in Phoenix, Arizona, when Mike was two.

However, because of Henry's professional life, which put him away from his wife and children most of the time, his marriage started to deteriorate, and he divorced Virginia in the mid-90s, the Washington Post reported.

Mike Bibby Relationship With Henry

Mike has a close and positive relationship with his mother. She has been a major influence in his life, pushing him to practice and helping him to develop his basketball skills.

Mike also seems to have a deep respect and appreciation for his mother, calling her a "wonderful person" and crediting her as the reason for his career success.

Henry flashed a bright smile as he enjoyed spending time with Charlise's twins
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On the other hand, Mike has little to say about his dad and appears to have a strained relationship with him. In Mike's perception, his relationship with Henry hardly existed at all.

It was Virginia who instilled an athletic spirit in him and pushed him to pursue a career in basketball. She is the one who took time off her job to attend his high school basketball games and always insisting him to work harder.

For that reason, the 2008 NBA champion wants his mother to be recognized as a significant influence in his life and achievements.

Mike Has Supportive Siblings

Mike Bibby siblings are Dane Bibby, Hank Bibby and Charlsie Bibby. Dane is the oldest of the four, followed by Hank in the second, Mike and then Charlsie.

Virginia worked diligently to bring up her four kids, all the while nurturing in them an ardent love for sports. Mike vividly remembers playing basketball with his two elder brothers, Dane and Hank, and learning so much from them.

Mike (R) on his coaching duty in June 2022
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The 6 ft 2 in tall athlete Bibby was two years old when his brood migrated from New Jersey to Arizona, where he spent his entire childhood with his two brothers and a sister.

Moreover, before the former New York Knicks star embarked on his professional career, Hank was climbing the ranks in NCAA divisions. He played for the USC Trojans basketball team, but his career was cut short because of a horrific injury to his arm.

Charlsie Bibby Married Eddie House

Mike Bibby sister Charlsie Bibby tied the knot with former NBA star Eddie House. The pair welcomed three offspring Jaelen, Kaden and Kalek.

Eddie relished a pretty successful career in the league, becoming the NBA Champion with Celtics in 2008 under the tutelage of Doc Rivers.

After dating for a couple of years, Charlise and Eddie got married in early 2000 when he was playing for the Miami Heat. As of present, the couple is no longer together and has separated. 

Charlsie takes her young ones to Christmas ride in December 2017
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But they agreed to raise their three children in a joint effort. The oldest, Jaelen House, is a collegiate basketball player who plays for the University of New Mexico. While the other two, Kaden and Kalek, are twins. 

Her Instagram account is flocked with adorable and cherished moments of her three descendants. Some of her posts are centered around Jaelen's basketball journey.

Mike Bibby Wife

Mike Bibby wife Darcy Watkins is the mother of four children. Darcy has been together with Mike since their high school days.

The blissful couple attended Shadow Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. To put it plainly, they are high school sweethearts who remained loyal to one another for all these years.

Mike at hospital with progenies as Darcy gave birth to Nylah
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It has been over 25 years since Mike first began dating Darcy as a teenager. Together, they have lived as conjugal pair, sharing a household as husband and wife raising their children with love and care. 

Furthermore, Darcy was born the same year Mike came to our cherished home planet in 1978. However, the retired NBA standout is a month older than Darcy, as he marked his birth in May, while she was born on June 23, 1978.

Mike Bibby Kids

Mike has four kids Michale Dane, Janae, Mia and Nylah Bibby. He is the father of three daughters and a son named Michael Dane.

Since the basketball head coach and former player Bibby grew up without his father in the picture, he ensures his kids get everything they ever wanted from him so they do not feel what he went through.

Fair enough, all of the Bibby descendants have showcased their passion for sports and have spread out following their favorite form of play. 

Michael Dane Bibby

Mike Bibby son Michael Dane was born on 24n December 1997. He currently plays college basketball for Team Bibby.

Mike and Michael working out in June 2018
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Michael spent his formative years playing for South Florida before joining the Appalachian State Mountaineers basketball team. He graduated from Appalachian State University in 2021.

With an average point of 38.8, 8.4 assists along with 9.3 rebounds, he won the Winter 2023 Ultimate Hoops Arizona Scottsdale Rec League MVP. 

Mike Bibby Daughters

Mike Bibby daughters are Janae, Mia and Nylah Bibby. Janae is the eldest among his three female progenies, while Nylah is the youngest.

The former NBA star has taken to Instagram to post a plethora of pictures featuring his daughters on numerous occasions, especially during their birthdays. In October 2018, Mike wished his youngest child Nylah her 10th birthday. 

Pictures of Janae, Nylah, and Mia
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Janae Bibby was previously in a relationship with Kansas Jayhawks power forward Jalen Wilson. However, they recently split in early 2023.

Nylah Bibby also followed her love for sports and embarked on a volleyball career. She is committed to playing for Arizona Storm Elite VBC.

In addition, Janae, 22, and Mia, 19, maintain an active presence on Instagram, where they frequently share captivating images from their globetrotting adventures and escapades.