Last Yankees perfect games in MLB history was pitched by Domingo Germán. Domingo recorded it against Oakland Athletics on June 28, 2023.

Thanks to the extraordinary display from Germán, the New York Yankees went on to win the scintillating game with the final score of 11-0.

It also happened to be the first perfect game in Major League Baseball since 2012. The feat was last achieved by Félix Hernández against Tampa Bay Rays on August 15, 2012.

Prior to Domingo Germán, the last Yankees pitcher to throw the perfect game was David Cone against the Montreal Expos on July 18, 1999. Cone pitched the perfect game on Yogi Berra Day and only took 88 pitches to dismantle the Expos batters.

The Yankees are now the team with the highest number of perfect games pitched. They have broken the tie with the Chicago White Sox who previously shared the record.

Likewise, NY Yankees also hold the record for being the only team to record two consecutive perfect game pitches in MLB history. David Wells pitched it in 1998 and David Cone in 1999, which were the 15th and 16th perfect games in Major League Baseball.

List Of Yankees Perfect Games

The pitchers to have a perfect game for the Yankees are:

  • Don Larsen - 1956
  • David Wells - 1998
  • David Cone - 1999
  • Domingo Germán - 2023

The magnificent feat achieved on June 28 has now made New York Yankees with the highest number of perfect games in MLB history with 4.

David Wells gets carried by his teammates after pitching a perfect game in 1998
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Don Larsen

The first perfect game for the Yankees was recorded by Don Larsen on October 8, 1956. It was the sixth overall perfect game in MLB history.

The veteran right-handed pitcher achieved the feat against the Brooklyn Dodgers in Game 5 of the World Series. It is also the first and only postseason game to have a perfect game and no-hitter in MLB history.

David Wells

The second perfect game for the Yankees came after four long decades in 1998. David Wells achieved the feat against the Minnesota Twins on May 17 and was the MLB's 15th perfect game.

The left-handed pitcher had recorded 11 strikeouts in that match and went on to win the World Series. Wells was also adjudged the ALCS MVP.

David Cone

David Cone recorded the third perfect game for the Yankees on July 18, 1999, against the Montreal Expos. The Yankees did not have to wait long for their third perfect game.

David Cone's perfect game and no-hitter was also the first in interleague play. Likewise, it was the 16th perfect game in MLB history.

Domingo Germán

Germán helped the Yanks to break the tie with White Sox for the highest number of perfect games pitched, recording fourth for the franchise. 

This is the 24th perfect game in Major League Baseball. The record-breaking achievement had taken place after more than a decade since Félix Hernández last pitched a perfect game in 2012 against the Oakland Athletics.

Yankees Pitchers With 3000 Strikeouts

A strikeout takes place when a pitcher throws 3 strikes consecutively or a batter receives three strikes and an out is called. It is denoted by K.

There are only 19 players in the 3000 strikeout club. Among those 19, only three Yankees pitchers have recorded 3000 strikeouts to date.

  • Carsten Charles Sabathia Jr.
  • Phil Niekro
  • Randy Johnson

CC Sabathia Jr. retired in 2019 after playing for the NY Yankees.
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Carsten Charles Sabathia Jr.

Sabathia Jr. has recorded 3,093 career strikeouts. The left-handed pitcher achieved this feat on 30 April 2019 when he struck out John Murphy.

Sabathia played in Major League Baseball for 18 long years. The 2009 World Series champion played for New York Yankees from 2009-2019.

Phil Niekro

Phile recorded his 3000th pitch while playing for the Yankees against Larry Parrish on July 4, 1984. Niekro has recorded 3,342 career strikeouts.

The five-time Gold Glove Award winner has had an illustrious career that spanned over two decades. Apart from playing for the Yankees from 1984-85, Niekro represented Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, and Toronto Blue Jays. 

Randy Johnson

It is to be noted that Johnson, who has accumulated 4,875 career strikeouts achieved this feat while he represented the Arizona Diamondbacks. He recorded his 3000th strikeout on September 10, 2000, and he signed with the Yankees in 2005.

Mike Lowell was the batter that was struck out for Randy's 3000th career strikeout. Randy Johnson is only behind Ryan Nolan, who has 5,714 strikeouts to his name.

When Was The Last Yankees Perfect Game In MLB

The last Yankees' perfect game in MLB took place on June 28, 2023. The previous perfect game was recorded by David Cone on July 18, 1999.

Domingo Germán recently achieved the feat against the Oakland Athletics. The perfect game also resulted in an 11-0 victory for the Pinstripes.

Interestingly, the 11-0 win also happens to be the largest margin of victory in a perfect game. Germán now joins the elite list of only 24 players to have achieved this spectacular record and the fourth in Yankees history.

Germán broke 10 seasons-long drought of a perfect game in MLB.
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Domingo is also the first player from the Dominican Republic to pitch a perfect game. He has recorded 507 strikeouts since his debut in 2017.

It took the Yankees more than two decades to record their fourth perfect game. It also happens to be the highest number of perfect games pitched by a team. The second on the list is the Chicago White Sox with three perfect games.

In addition to that, Domingo Germán has also played alongside the latest Yankees player to join the 3000 strikeout club, legendary CC Sabathia.