Kayana Traylor parents are Danielle Traylor and Jeff Walker. Kayana is a college basketball player at Virginia Tech University born in 1999.

Traylor grew up in Martinsville Indiana with her three sisters, Ashlyn, Adelyn, and Pa’Shence.

Kayana and her siblings were introduced to basketball at a young age by their mother, Danielle, who single-handedly raised them.

As all four kin practiced together, refining their skills from tender ages, all of the Traylors have forged their own sports career, including Kayana herself. 

The 23-year-old is a Point guard at Virginia Tech Hokies and is currently in the final college basketball season playing under coach Kenny Brooks. In contrast, her younger sister Ashlyn Traylor is a freshman standout for the Radford women's basketball team.

Previously Kayana played for the Purdue University basketball team, the Boilermakers. Kayana and the crew will face Kim Mulkey's LSU tigers with an offense led by Angel Reese in the final four of March Madness 2023.

Kayana Traylor Family Life

Kayana Traylor comes from an athletic family with most of her kinfolk boasting deep ties to basketball. She was born to her mother, Danielle Traylor and father Jeff Walker.

However, Danielle and Jeff never tied the wedding knot and parted ways. Her mom took the responsibility of nurturing all four daughters by herself. Kayana mentioned that the girls occasionally converse with their father over the phone.

Danielle with Adelyn on her high school graduation day in March 2023
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Danielle raised her little princesses, and it was not easy, but she was determined to provide her children with a stable home while pursuing her career aspirations.

She pursued her dream of playing NCAA Division I basketball at Louisiana State University, despite being a young mother to her first baby, Kayana.

As a working mom, Danielle had to balance her athletic commitments with the demands of raising a child.

Moreover, Kayana and Ashlyn have spoken highly of their mother's strength and determination, acknowledging her sacrifices to support their dreams.

Despite the challenges she faced, Danielle went on to earn her degree and later became a digital creator. Hailing from a rural enclave of Eminence, Indiana. she graduated from the local institute Eminence High School before attending Wabash Valley Com Co.

Later, Danielle joined Louisiana State University to continue her further education.

Kayana wishes Danielle on FathersDay June 2017
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Furthermore, the mother of four maintains an active social media presence, particularly on Twitter, where she shares updates and insights regarding her daughters' basketball careers.

Kayana always makes a wish to Danielle on Mother's Day, posting several of their pictures from childhood and memory vault on social media.

Interestingly, Kayana celebrates her mother's love and sacrifices. "Father's Day in our household is like another Mother's Day, but I wouldn't change it for the world." Kayana tweeted in June 2017.

Kayana Traylor Siblings

Kayana is the oldest of four siblings born and raised in Martinsville, Indiana. All four of them are accomplished collegiate basketball players.

Although they have branched off from their shared home to embark on their separate professional lives, the sisters decided to meet at least once a week. 

Either they will gather at one's house, or the squad will go out to eat together. It is always Kayana's abode since she is the eldest. 

Kayana takes picture with her loved ones after the game in May 2022
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On the other hand, Kayana and Ashlyn have their mother's last name, while Pa'Shence and Adelyn have their father's last name for the reason unknown. 

The Traylor-Walker kins are excited to continue their basketball careers at Radford and make a name for themselves in the NCAA Division I.

Adding to the family connection, Kayana's two other sisters, Pa'Shence Walker, a freshman at a junior college, and Adelyn Walker, a high school senior, have verbally committed to playing for the Radford Highlanders from the 2023-24 season.

Pa'Shence and Adelyn both expressed their excitement about the opportunity to play with their sisters on the same team.

Pa'Shence Walker

Pa'Shence Walker graduated from high school in Indiana in 2021. She enrolled at Radford University in 2023.

Former Central Arizona star Pa’shence scored a career high of 36 points against Cochise in February 2023
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After taking a gap year, she resumed her basketball career and played for Central Arizona College, where she was the team's leading scorer with an average of 18.1 points per game.

Pa'Shence was excited to commit to Radford because it allowed her to play at the NCAA Division I level and fulfill her dream of playing college basketball with her sisters.

Ashlyn Traylor

Ashlyn Traylor is a freshman at Radford University studying biology to become an orthodontist. She is taking summer classes and working as a counselor for the school's women's basketball camp.

Ashlyn wins the the wpmen's basketball Freshman of the year award in March 2023
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Ashlyn was named the Big South freshman of the year after leading the team in scoring with an average of 13.1 points per game. Her outstanding performance on the court has earned her much attention and recognition.

Adelyn Walker

Adelyn Walker is a high school senior who recently committed to Radford. In March 2023, she shared a post declaring she would continue her academic at Radford University. 

Adelyn received her 2nd offer to play D1 basketball to Winthrop University in February 2023
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She played high school basketball in Indiana before moving with her mother to Arizona to spend her senior year at Bella Vista College Prep.

Adelyn accompanied Ashlyn on her recruiting visit to Radford and was also offered scholarships to Winthrop and Southern Indiana. However, she ultimately decided to join her sisters at Radford and play basketball together.

Kayana Traylor Girlfriend

Kayana Traylor has been dating her girlfriend Kierra Fletcher. Kayana is a South Carolina women's basketball point guard and plays under coach Dawn Staley.

In the 2023 SEC championship game, Fletcher confirmed that the two have been seeing each other for a while.

As Fletcher began her game against Tennessee in Greenville, Traylor and the Virginia Tech women's basketball team rejoiced with the Greensboro, North Carolina ACC championship trophy.

Meanwhile, Fletcher and the South Carolina squad added another championship to their collection, winning the SEC title later that day.

Kayana and Kierra won their respective NCAA conference title in March 2023
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Fletcher sent a good luck text to Kayana right before the game. After the game, she phoned the Hokies star, and the two had a lengthy conversation about how they both became champions of their respective conference tournament.

Fletcher and Traylor's teams prepare for the national championship tournament in Dallas, with a potential showdown between the couple. Anything is possible for the team led by Elizabeth Kitley and Georgia Amoore.

While the pair have shared many conversations about the possibility, the prospect of facing each other in a high-stakes matchup brings a complexity of emotions that is difficult for Fletcher to fathom.