Dawn Staley parents are Clarence Staley and Estelle Staley. Clarence gave birth to their kids in Raymond Rosen in North Philadelphia.

Staley is the head coach of the Women's basketball team at the South Carolina Gamecocks. She led the team to the 2017 and 2022 NCAA championships.

Dawn was the winner of the Naismith Award as the best coach in the nation for 2022.

Staley was the head coach of the United States women's national team from 2017–2021. An impressive coach, Team U.S.A. won gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Before her coaching venture, Dawn is a Hall of Fame basketball player and had three Olympic gold medals with Team USA as a player.

Dawn was also the United States flagbearer at the 2004 Summer Olympics opening ceremony. 

Dawn Staley Parents Shifted During The Jim Crow Mandate

Dawn Staley family includes mom Clarence and dad Estelle Staley with her four siblings. Staleys are initially from South Carolina but moved to Philadelphia.

The Staley couple had married young to start a family.

Both had moved from South Carolina in the 1950s due to their hometown's open racial segregation customs. They were both teenagers when they left Orangeburg.

The two shifted to the Raymond Rosen housing projects in North Philadelphia. They lived in a three-bedroom and single-bath row house.

Dawn and Clarence celebrating the former's 2017 NCAA National Championship win.
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Clarence worked as a part-time carpenter, building fences for his yard and the neighbors. On the other hand, Estelle maintained a clean and ordered house and the block they lived in.

The Staleys lived in the fourth block of the housing area where mama Estelle grew flowers and cut the lawns. Due to her effort, the block won the best block contest every year.

Sadly, Dawn lost her mother in August 2017. Her funeral rites were performed at the Bethlehem Baptist Church, 187 Williams Street, Woodford.

The same year, the Gamecocks had bagged the 2017 NCAA Championship a few months back. Her father was present at the event and even took a selfie with Dawn after the big win. 

Dawn Staley is not related to NFL coach Duce Staley. Dawn just shares the same surname as him.

While Duce hails from West Columbia, South Carolina, Dawn's heritage, the two share no blood connection.

Duce is the current assistant head coach and running backs coach for the NFL's Carolina Panthers. He played college football at South Carolina as a running back.

Dawn during South Carolina's game on February 13. Duce (right photo) captured during one of his coaching sessions in February 2023.
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Meanwhile, his NFL career lasted from 1997 to 2006 with the Eagles and the Steelers before switching his position as a coach. He won Super Bowl XL with the Steelers. 

He also won the Super Bowl LII in 2017 with the Eagles as its assistant coach. 

Duce was a member of the Eagles' coaching staff from 2011 to 2020 in various assistant positions.

Dawn Staley Has Four Siblings

Dawn and Tracey during the announcement of her position as the national team head coach in 2017.
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Dawn is the youngest among the five Staley children. They were all born and raised in Rosen, playing tons of sports.

She has three brothers, Lawrence, Anthony, Eric, and one sister Tracey. 

Tracey Underwood was diagnosed with leukemia in May 2020. Cancer had affected her groin and swelled her lymph nodes, per USA Today.

Three siblings were tested for a bone-marrow transplant, but only Lawrence's matched for compatible stem cells.

Since then, the Staley brothers and sisters have been actively speaking on cancer awareness and raising funds for the needy.

Dawn Staley and Lisa Boyer Friendship

Dawn Staley shares a close friendship with Lisa Boyer, a fellow staff at South Carolina. Staley is the head coach, while Boyer has been the associate head coach since 2010.

Lisa initially joined the team as its assistant coach in 2008. She was promoted to associate head coach of the Gamecocks in 2010.

Dawn and Lisa are both unmarried. Before the South Carolina team, both had shared the same workspace at Temple University.

Dawn coached Temple Owls from 2000 to 2008, while Lisa joined her in 2002 as an assistant coach.

Dawn and Lisa are faculty members at the South Carolina's women's basketball team.
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Lisa signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2001 to 2002 as an assistant coach and became the first woman to coach in the NBA.

Hence, both women have earned respect from the basketball fraternity as experienced coaches.

Dawn Now Lives In South Carolina

Dawn Staley now lives in West Columbia, coming into 2023 due to her work. Meanwhile, her father and siblings live in Philadelphia.

After her mother's passing, each member of the Staley clan has been involved in charitable works.

They donated Estelle's wheelchair in 2018 to the needy one. Dawn also organized a breakfast for a hundred grandparents to honor them for their love.

The elderly grandparents were given a lily flower when they entered. ABC Columbia confirms that coach Staley did so to remember her mother, whose favorite flower was the lily.

She had partnered with South Carolina WellCare to host the big day.

The coach continues to talk about her late mom and her humble and disciplined lifestyle that brought her success.