Jon Rahm was born to dad Edorta Rahm and mom Angela Rodriguez on 10 November 1994. Edorta Rahm was a businessman in the gasoline industry.

The Barikka-born Rahm became the first Spanish golfer to win the US Open Championship in 2021 triumphing over Collin Morikawa.

As the 2023 Masters Tournament is all set to kick off on April 6, the former world number one linksman will be hoping to win his second major championship.

Jon was passionate about golf from the very early days. He won eleven college golf tournaments and also became the first player to achieve the prestigious Ben Hogan Award twice, winning it consecutively in 2015 and 2016.

Rahmbo turned professional in 2016 and played his first event as a pro in the Quicken Loans National. He won the Farmers Insurance Cup a year later.

The prominent golfer from Basque achieved his career-high ranking of world number 1 on 19 July 2020 after winning the Memorial Tournament. 

Jon made 2021 even more memorable by winning the PGA Player of the Year award to go with the Vardon Trophy and the Byron Nelson Award.

Jon Rahm Family Inspired Him

Jon Rahm parents Edorta Rahm and Angela Rodriguez raised him in Barrika. Edorta hails from Basque County whereas Angela is from Madrid. 

Rahmbo grew up in a supporting household that constantly encouraged and motivated him to pursue a career in golf.

The pro golfer has frequently credited the massive influence of his old folks for whatever he has achieved to date.

Edorta and Angela often attend the golf course to watch Jon play.
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Upon quickly understanding their son may not be able to hone his skills living in the small village of Barrika where there's not much interest in the sport, they persuaded him to move to the US aged just 18 and follow his passion for golf. 

Edorta Loved Adventure Sports

Edorta was born to Sabin and Maria Nieves on 1959 in Bilbao. He made his name as a successful businessman in the gasoline industry.

The love and passion for sports run deep in the veins of the Rahm household and Edorta is no exception to it. He learned to play golf after attending the 1997 Ryder Cup at Valderrama and later inspired his offspring. 

The 2021 US Open Champion considers Edorta his first coach and remains thankful for all of his guidance and teaching strategies, short game and putting.  

Rahmbo and Edorta at the Roda Golf Course on 2014.
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Edorta is also fascinated by adventure sports such as free rock climbing, parasailing and skiing. He fondly remembers hiking up to Mont Blanc and skiing back down. 

Rodriguez is Proud of Jon

Angela was born in 1960 and grew up in Madrid. She later shifted to Barrica after tying the knot with Edorta. 

Jon Rahm mom Angela Rodriguez works in a clinic in Barakaldo and does the noble work of looking after the patients as reported by El País.

Rodriguez has been a massive supporter of Jon since his childhood and often used to take him to the golf course.

While taking an interview, she mentioned being extremely proud of her son's achievements. She still attends Rahm's matches whenever possible and cheers for him. 

Jon Rahm and Kelley Cahill Married Life

Jon Rahm wife Kelley Cahill tied the knot on 13 December 2019. They are college sweethearts from Arizona State University

Rahm initially met with Kelley at a Halloween party during his time as a student-athlete in Arizona. They started dating then and moved in together after college.

The dazzling couple got engaged in 2018 and tied the knot one year later to further strengthen their budding relationship.

Jon and Kelley during their nuptials in the Basilica de Begoña.
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The wedding ceremony took place at the catholic church Basilica de Begoña in Bilbao. They walked down the aisle and exchanged vows to spend the rest of their lives together. 

Jon donned the gentleman's suit whereas Cahill honored the occasion with a stunning bridal gown. The graceful presence of family members, friends and close acquaintances made the moment extra special for the newlyweds.

Rhambo took to Instagram to call it the best day of his life and shared a heartwarming message. The comment sections were flooded with best wishes and congratulatory messages. 

Kelley Was A College Athlete 

Mrs. Rahm was born on 24 February 1994 in Lake Oswego. She grew up alongside her brother Marty in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Kelley went to Chaparral High School and later attended Arizona State University. She studied global health and biology in college.

She played tennis in high school and further excelled in track and javelin throw during her collegiate athletics career.

Rahm and Cahill are all smiles at the Albany Golf Course on 2018.
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Cahill second at the PVCC Outdoor in Javelin with a throw of 34.69m. She recorded her career-best throw of 34.92m at the 2013 ASU Invitational tournament. 

As a former athlete herself, Kelley understands the life of a professional golfer and remains extremely supportive of her partner. She even caddied for Rahm once and also helped him to get a better diet. 

Jon Rahm Has Two Kids

Rahm has two sons Kepa Cahill Rahm and Eneko Cahill Rahm. Kepa is the older one, whereas Eneko is the youngest.

He became a father for the first time a week before The Masters on 4th March 2021 when Kelley gave birth to Kepa. 

Kepa was born 7.2 lb and 20.5 inches as Jon took to Instagram to share his ecstasy of welcoming a baby boy.

He was so excited about the birth of his kid that he even planned to leave mid-tournament should the delivery happen during the Masters. 

Jon relished his third PGA Tour win of 2023 in the presence of his beloved ones.
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The joy kept on coming for the Rahm couple as they welcomed a second son Eneko on 5 August 2022. Jon shared the news via Instagram feeling grateful for another healthy boy. 

The former world number one golfer speaks fondly about relishing the journey of fatherhood. Rahm feels nothing that happens on a golf course comes closer to the joy he gets from spending time with his kids. 

Rahm Brothers Share Passion For Golf

Jon Rahm brother Eriz Rahm is an instructor at Larrabea Golf Club. Eriz is six years older than the renowned Spanish golfer.

The siblings share the same passion for golf and grew up playing together. They also spent two weeks in a golf camp in Mallorca when they were younger.

Eriz (left) and Rahm are massive supportes of the Athletic Club.
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Eriz has been a golf teacher since 2006. Moreover, he is also serving as the youth soccer coach for 12 years. 

The elder Rahm has also talked about how Larrabea golf course became extremely popular after Jon made it big as a professional linksman.

Rahmbo still shares a strong bond with his brother as evident from the Instagram photos of them spending quality time on a golf course.