Some Cleveland Guardians walk up songs are Amed Rosario Porque Tengo Cuarto, Steven Kwan Who You Foolin and Austin Hedges Careless Whisper.

The newest Guardians are high entering 2023 with multiple youthful stars supporting a playoff run.

Jose Ramirez uses his warm-up music to prepare his mind for an at-bat. The walk-up songs are played loudly to energize the player and the audience as Outfielder Josh Naylor and shortstop Amed Rosario have used several walk-up music during their career.

Mike Zunino is added to the Cleveland Guardians 2023 rooster. The team will start the 2023 season with a regular roster structure to be careful with free agent signing Zunino who has recovered from thoracic outlet syndrome surgery.

Amed Rosario, whose contract is about to expire, is another possibility for an extension. Andres Gimenez might switch to shortstop in 2024 if he isn't extended past 2023, leaving an open position in the infield.

Each player on the Cleveland Guardians 2023 Roster will come out to their walk-up music and below, we have listed the player and their go-to song to enter the field.

Austin Hedges Walk Up Song

Austin is a baseball catcher for Guardians in MLB.
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Austin Hedges's walk-up songs are Careless Whisper and Sexual Healing. Austin is a professional baseball catcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Austin's selection of music assists to get inspired and focused before they take the field. 

Careless Whisper by George Michael

Careless Whisper song was released on July 24, 1984, by singer George Michael. The song is about lost love.

Michael regrets the breakup of his marriage with his wife. He ended the relationship by having an affair with another woman. 

The song line "I'm never gonna dance again, guilty feet have no rhythm" is said during the chorus and the singer states how his intense guilt about betraying his love keeps him from "dancing" with her again.

Sexual Healing Remix by Kygo

The Sexual Healing Kygo remix song was released on April 27, 2015. The song was recorded by American soul singer and songwriter Marvin Gaye in 1982. 

The song which was included on Marvin Gaye's 17th and final album Midnight Love reached No. 3 on the Hot 100 and No. 1 on the Hot R&B Singles chart.

Steven Kwan Walk Up Song

Steven is a baseball outfielder  for the Cleveland Guardians of Major League Baseball.
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Steven Kwan is the baseball outfielder for Cleveland Guardians and will come up with the walk-up song Who You Foolin by Gunna. 

Who You Foolin - Gunna

The song Who You Foolin was released in 2019 by American rapper Gunna. 

Who You Foolin song explore the concept of people trying to fool others by putting on a false image whether it's to impress others, get what they want, or conceal what they really are.

Who thinks you foolin'? We not new to it We countin' fluent" Gunna sings in the opening line about how he sees through people who try to trick others by making up stories about who they are.

Amed Rosario Walk Up Song

Amed is a baseball shortstop and outfielder for the Guardians of Major League Baseball.
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Amed Rosario Amed will come up with the walk-up song Porque Tengo Cuarto and Quienes Son Ustedes. 

Porque Tengo Cuarto - Lapiz Conciente

Porque Tengo Cuarto song was released in 2021 by Dominican rapper Lapiz Conciente. 

Lapiz joined the urban band Los Warriors at the age of 14 and, after that launched a full-time music career.

The song Porque Tengo Cuarto discusses the effects of wealth and success on one's relationships and personal life.

Quienes Son Ustedes - Eladio Carrion

Quienes Son Ustedes song was released in 2021 by an American rapper Eladio Carrion. 

The song Qienes Son Ustedes meaning in English is Who Are You? 

It is a song about protesting against restrictive systems and showing resistance. People are asked to reject the current status system and battle for justice and equality.

Josh Naylor Walk Up Song

Josh baseball first baseman and outfielder for the Cleveland Guardians of the MLB.
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Josh Naylor will walk up the field with songs Hold Yuh, Ooh Ahh (My Life Be Like), and Location. Naylor will have an important role as first baseman and outfielder.

Hold Yuh - Gyptain

Hold Yuh song by singer Gyptain was released on July 24, 2010. It reached number 77 on the Billboard Hot 100, 16 on the UK Singles Chart, and 69 on the Canadian Hot 100.

Gyptian sings in the song, "Gyal, me wann fi hold yuh, Put mi arms right around yuh"(Girl, I want to hold you, put my arms right around you) expressing his affection to a woman.

Ooh Ahh - Grits Ft Toby Mac

Ooh Ahh, the song by Grirs ft Toby Mac was released in 2002. Toby is a Christian music singer, rapper, and songwriter.

The song was recorded for The Art of Translation, their fourth studio album.

The Greatest Hits, another 2007 album, featured "Ooh Ahh." It was the album's fifth compilation track. The track was the second one on the 2002 album The Art of Translation. 

The Ooh Ahh song's lyrics highlight life's difficulties and challenges and how important it is to maintain faith and determination in the face of hardship.

Shane Bieber Walk Up Song

Shane played college baseball for the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos baseball team as a walk-on.
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Shane Bieber, a baseball pitcher will come up with the walk-up song Attention Span by Rebelution band. 

Attention Span- Rebelution

Attention Span is a song by Rebelution band released on June 18, 2021. Eric Rachmany sang the song.

The song talks about mental health and the effects of technology on our lives.

The lyrics discuss how it can be challenging to concentrate and stay in the moment due to the continuous flow of information and encouragement in modern living.

The song's chorus highlights the importance of taking a break from everything and finding moments of peace and clarity.

James Karinchak Walks Up To Rise

James played college baseball at Bryant University.
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James Karinchak is a baseball pitcher who will come up with the walk-up music Rise by Hans Zimmer in 2023. 

Rise - Hans Zimmer

The Rise song by Hans Zimmer was released in 2012. Hans is a music composer and film score composer. 

He has been nominated for two Emmys and has won two Oscars, four Grammys, and two Grammys.  Hans is the director of the film music department of the DreamWorks Pictures and DreamWorks Animation companies. 

The Rise song was originally written for "The Dark Knight Rises," a superhero film from 2012.

The song's meaning is complicated because it has been applied to several situations with various purposes. 

Emmanuel Clase Walk Up Song

Emmanuel ready for 2023 Opening Day of Cleveland Guardian.
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Emmanuel Clase, a baseball pitcher will come up with the song Di Di Di by Braulio Fogon, Don Forty Five by Yomel El Meloso. 

Di Di Di - Braulio Fogon

Di Di Di song was released in 2021 by the musical artist Braulio Fogon. 

Braulio Fogon is renowned for fusing pop and rock sounds with traditional Latin American music. Throughout his career, he has published a number of albums and singles. 

The chorus' use of the term "Di Di Di" in a fun way refers to the sound of a busy signal on a phone, implying that the person he is attempting to reach is no longer picking up.

Don Forty Five - Yommel El Meloso

Don Forty five is a song sang by the Dominician rapper Yommel El Meloso. 

The song received positive reviews from fans, many of whom praise Yomel El Meloso's unique aesthetic and appealing lyrics.

The lyrics of Don Forty Five song are about a man who is confident and proud of his successes, talking about his financial success, and the respect he commands in his town.

Jose Ramirez Walk Up Song

Jose is a baseball third baseman for the Cleveland Guardians
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Jose Ramirez, a third baseman for Cleveland Guardians will come up with the walk up music Leyenda and McGregor by Anuel AA. 

Leyenda - Anuel AA

Leyenda song was released in 2021 by the Puerto rapper Anuel AA. 

Annuel began making music at 14 and four years later, in 2010, he started sharing it online. He signed with the Latin related of renowned American rapper Rick Ross's Maybach Music Group. 

Leyenda means 'The Legend' in english and the renowned artist are honored in the lyrics and music video for the song. 

McGregor - Anuel AA

McGregor song was released on November 26, 2021. The piece premiered in Spain at number 58  and reached number 25 on the US Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart.

The song "McGregor" uses McGregor as an image of power and success to convey messages about success and self-assurance.

Will Brennan Walk Up Music In 2023

Will  played college baseball for the Kansas State Wildcats.
Source : instagram

Will Brennan, a baseball outfielder will come up with the walk up song White Tiger by Izzy Bizu.  

White Tiger - Izzy Bizu

White Tiger song was released in 2016 by the english singer-songwriter Izzy Bizu. 

According to the singer, the "White Tiger" concept represents the strength and determination she needed to succeed.

She also expressed her wish that the song will encourage people to discover their own inner fortitude. In interviews, Bizu has said that the song was driven by her own struggles as an aspiring musician attempting to break into the business.

Myles Straw Walks To 2Pac Classic

Myles is ready for the 2023 Cleveland Guardians opening roster.
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Myles Straw, a baseball outfielder will come up with the walk up song Ambitionz as a Ridah by 2Pac. 

Ambitionz As A Ridah - 2 Pac

Ambitionz as a Ridah by was released in 1996 by Tupac Shakur

Shakur is one of the most popular musicians, with more than 75 million records sold worldwide. 

The song "Ambitionz as a Ridah" is about desire and determination, and 2Pac uses his distinctive style of filthy street lyrics and social commentary to express his sense of mission and purpose.

It is regarded as one of 2Pac's most recognizable songs and has become a classic in the hip-hop genre.

Nick Sandlin Walk Up Song

Nick made his MLB debut with Cleveland Guardian in 2021.
Source : instagram

Nick Sandlin, a baseball pitcher will come up with the walk up song Hollywood Bleeding by Post Malone. 

Hollywood Bleeding - Post Malone

Hollywood Bleeding song was released on September 6, 2019 by American rapper Post Malone. 

Malone started his music career in 2011, and in 2015, he became well-known due to his debut track, "White Iverson," which reached its top position of number 14 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

He is renowned for his diverse vocal range and has received recognition for combining the hip-hop, pop, R&B, and trap genres and subgenres.

The Hollywood Bleeding song talks about the adverse effects of popularity on a person's mental health and general well-being.

Zach Plesac Shows Off His Moves With Calling My Spirit

Zach played college baseball at Ball State University.
Source : instagram

Zach Plesac, a baseball pitcher will come up with the walk-up song Calling My Spirit by Kodak Black. 

Calling My Spirit - Kodak Black 

Calling My Spirit song was released on November 30, 2018 by an American rapper Kodak Black. 

Kodak began rapping in school and recording songs at a nearby trap house after school. He read dictionaries and thesauruses at a young age to expand his vocabulary.

The song tells the story of Kodak's journey from a troubled teenager to his current fame as a rapper.

He examines his upbringing in poverty, his experiences with legal issues, and how his determination and faith have enabled him to overcome these obstacles and realize his goals.