Golf Channel announcers female in 2023 includes Cara Banks, Kelly Tilghman, Paige Mackenzie, Morgan Pressel Kay Cockerill and Win McMurry.

Tilghman is the first woman commentator working since October 2006. She is the most prominent female golf announcer to have worked for the Golf Channel in the PGA Tour.

Her contribution to the channel is noteworthy and has helped pave the way for other women to pursue careers in golf broadcasting.

Similarly, in August 2021, Golf Channel took another leap by announcing its first all-female broadcast team. That was the first time since the studio's inception in January 1995 that females would occupy all the crew in the broadcasting room.

In the pool of male golf experts like Jim Nantz and Scott Van Pelt, female broadcasters have made their mark recently.

The team of broadcasting experts enlisted to provide event coverage was headed by play-by-play announcer Cara Banks, supported by analysts Judy Rankin and Paige Mackenzie, and accompanied by on-course reporters Karen Supplies and Kay Cockerill.

This article will examine 12 female Golf Channel announcers and their contributions to the network's success.

1. Cara Banks

Cara Banks is a sports anchor and broadcaster with the Golf Channel since 2015. Banks worked for Sky Sports before joining NBC. 

She joined the network as a co-host for the Morning Drive show, where she gives updates about the daily news and activities alongside the lifestyle of golfers. 

Cara Banks covering golf as an on site reporter at TPC Scottsdale in February 2021
Source : instagram

Since then, the 6-foot-1 television personality has become a studio host for Golf Central and hosts Golf Central Live From news programming on-site at golf’s major championships and other significant events.

Before joining GOLF Channel, Banks presented for Golfing World on Sky Sports in the United Kingdom. She conducted player interviews and features for the network and contributed to The Open Live, a live digital telecast of The Open.

In addition, Banks has worked on productions surrounding Wimbledon, the 2012 London Olympics, World’s Strongest Man, and the Taste Festivals.

2. Paige Mackenzie

Paige Mackenzie is a former LPGA golfer who joined the Golf Channel network in November 2012. Paige turned professional in the summer of 2006.

After graduating from the University of Washington in Seattle, where she competed at an amateur level, she partook in several minor championships before being a pro in late August 2006.

Her best finish in all major competitions was the 2005 US Women's Open, where she secured a T-13 spot.

Paige (R) on the set of LGPA Tour getting a final touch for the big game by a make-up artist Alaina DeBernardis
Source : instagram

In 2012, Mackenzie announced she would no longer be competing in major golf tournaments and instead would be more inclined to her broadcasting career. Shortly after, she became a presenter for Golf Central during the 2012 CME Group Tour Championship.

Then in June 2013, she became a regular for the channel's Morning Drive show. In 2015, her career turned positive as she was welcomed to the Golf Channel team as a full-time analyst on Morning Drive.

Mackenzie further honed her skills by being an analyst for specific LPGA Tour events broadcasted on both GOLF Channel and NBC.

3. Morgan Pressel

Morgan Pressel is a golf announcer and former professional player from Boca Raton, Florida. Pressel has been a part of the Golf Channel for two years.

In March 2021, she made a significant announcement that she would be joining the Golf Channel and NBC Sports as an analyst and on-course reporter for the entirety of the 2021 season while also juggling her responsibilities as a competing athlete.

Morgan Pressel (L) on the set of NBC's Golf Channel speaking with Jada (R) at Upper Montclair Country Club NJ, May 2022
Source : instagram

The 34-year-old currently works as a lead analyst for the network providing her insights and knowledge of golf to several coverages like the LPGA Tour, US Women's Open, Solheim Cup, etc.

With a praiseworthy junior career winning the 2005 AJGA Player of the Year, Pressel embarked on a professional journey in November 2005. During the year's LPGA Qualifying Tournament, her incredible sixth-place finish earned her tour car for the 2006 LPGA Tour entry.

Moreover, Morgan has four professional wins, including two LPGA Tours, one LPGA of Japan Tour and one CVS Caremark Charity Classic.

4. Anna Whiteley Jackson

Anna Whiteley Jackson is a prominent sports broadcaster currently serving as Golf Today's co-host for Golf Channel.

Jackson began her career in the United Kingdom, hosting the golf program Golfing World on Sky Sports. Anna received her education at Oxford Brookes University, where she honed her skills in journalism and broadcasting.

Her hosting skills and natural talent for conducting player interviews and features quickly caught the industry's attention, and she soon became a sought-after host for golf-related programming.

Anna Jackson on the NBC Sports set covering the Masters 2023
Source : instagram

Later Anna moved to the United States to join NBC Sports' Golf Channel. Before joining NBC, Anna also contributed as an occasional host of Season Pass, the European Tour’s weekly series, and worked for the Ladies European Tour.

She took to Instagram to reveal her exciting new venture as an analyst and on-course reporter for the Golf Channel and also wrote she was thrilled to join the network. Jackson shared a picture of her with the Morning Drive Host, Damon Hack, in April 2018.

5. Win McMurry

Win McMurry is an American on-air personality currently affiliated with the Golf Channel as an anchor and reporter. 

McMurry has built a successful career in the media industry, specifically in the realm of golf. She has worn multiple hats as a host, reporter, and writer for Golf Channel since joining in 2010.

Her job entails covering a wide range of events in the golf world, from live interviews with professional athletes to in-depth features with celebrities who are passionate about the game. She is equally at ease reporting from the field or hosting in-studio shows.

Win McMurry poses during a fashion fest in Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda, June 2016
Source : instagram

On the other hand, the 40-year-old has also expanded her portfolio to include travel and fashion-based web exclusives relevant to the golf industry.

Her versatility as a media professional has allowed her to cover a broad range of topics and make a name for herself in the highly competitive field of sports journalism.

Before her stint at Golf Channel, McMurry was a Field Producer & Production Assistant at CBS Sports and WCBS TV in 2006. Then in January 2008, she joined PGA TOUR Entertainment as a producer and on-air talent.

6. Karen Stupples

Karen Stupples journey as a presenter at Golf Channel began in 2013. Karen is a former LPGA Tour golfer from Dover Kent, England.

Stupples has established a formidable presence at the network, having been a consistent contributor since 2013. At present, she offers regular commentary during LPGA women’s golf broadcasts, showcasing her expertise and insights.

Karen Stupples on the set of NBC Sports during PGA Tour in January 2018
Source : instagram

Besides, Stupples also acts as an on-course golf announcer for several tournaments, which include the Masters, US Open, British Open as well as the Olympics games. 

She toils as an analyst for Golf Central providing her expertise in the field to the viewers. After the Women's British Open, Karen wrapped up her sizzling golfing career in 2014.

Since beginning her professional career in 1998, Stupples has participated in the highly competitive LGPA Tour and Ladies European Tour, exhibiting her remarkable skills and winning two titles in each event, accumulating $4 million on the run.

7. Kira K. Dixon

Kira Dixon is a celebrated model and reporter hailing from San Francisco, California. She joined the coverage for the PGA Tour for Golf Channel in 2021.

With a background in modeling, Kira Dixon has earned a reputation as a skilled and versatile professional. A multi-faceted personality, Dixon made a name for herself by being crowned Miss America in 2015.

Upon achieving such a remarkable feat, Kira began to explore the broadcasting world and ultimately developed a love for golf. 

Kira K Dixon ready for the 2023 Masters Tournament
Source : instagram

In 2021, she made her foray into the Golf Channel as a reporter, lending her expertise to several noteworthy events during the PGA Tour season.

Additionally, she has been a regular presence on the Golf Today and Golf Central shows while assuming the role of a special contributor to GolfPass.

Dixon had a brief role as a lifestyle journalist for GolfPass, during which she hosted several shows for the network, such as Golf Advisor Round Trip and Golf Advisor Living.

8. Kay Cockerill

Kay Cockerill is one of the oldest Golf Channel female reporters. Cockerill was born on 16th October 1964 in San Jose, California. 

According to Golf Channel, Kay has been with the network since its establishment in 1995. The UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame ventured into broadcasting after a decade-long golfing career. 

Her role within the network includes serving as an on-course reporter and astute analyst, bringing her expertise to bear on the coverage of the LPGA Tour and PGA Tour.

Kay Cockerill during LGPA Tour in San Francisco, California, October 2018
Source : instagram

Having played as an amateur in the 1986 and 1987 U.S. Women's Open Championships and the 1987 Nestle World Championship, she joined the LPGA and continued her impressive career.

Cockerill managed to grab one professional win in the LGPA Tour at Marsh Landing Classic in February 1988. The same year, she finished at the T-16 spot in the U.S. Women's Open.

9. Kelly Tilghman

Kelly Tilghman worked with the Golf Channel for twelve years before leaving in 2018. She is now committed to CBS Sports as a host of The Clubhouse Report.

The news of Kelly's appointment as the new host of The Clubhouse Report broke on July 29, 2020.

Tilghman, a former college golfer from Duke University, started her broadcasting career as a course reporter for Golf Channel. She became the primary play-by-play announcer for the channel's PGA Tour telecasts.

Kelly Tilghman on the NBC's Golf Channel set at the 17th at Sawgrass in May 2017
Source : twitter

Later, in 2007, she was promoted to anchor when the PGA Tour signed a 15-year agreement with Golf Channel.

Throughout her 22-year tenure as a broadcaster, she garnered a reputation as one of the most multifaceted hosts in the history of the Golf Channel.

Her unparalleled versatility allowed her to showcase her skills across various highly-regarded platforms within the NBC family of networks, such as The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, and the U.S. Open.

10. Judy Rankin

Judy Rankin is a decorated former golf professional turned sportscaster. Rankin has 28 wins, including 26 LPGA Tour wins during her twenty years long career.

She joined the Golf Channel in 2010 and worked at the forefront of the LPGA Tour telecasts as the lead analyst for the studio, delivering distinctive insights and in-depth analysis to viewers worldwide.

Judy Rankin (R) with Dottie Pepper at the Old Course in July 2018
Source : instagram

Before this role, she honed her skills as an expert analyst for golf coverage on ESPN and ABC, bringing her vast knowledge of the sport to captivated audiences.

Moreover, Rankin has also spent a fair share of her time as a professional consultant for several golf magazines, such as Golf Digest and For Women.

At a mere 17, she embarked on her illustrious career as a professional golfer, joining the esteemed LPGA Tour in 1962. Throughout her career, she demonstrated her exceptional skill and prowess on the green, securing victory in a remarkable 26 tour events.

11. Holly Sonders

Holly Sonders is a highly acclaimed personality in the field of golf broadcasting. She joined NBC's Golf Channel in 2011 to begin her on-air journey. 

Sonders served as one of the reporting staff in the network's morning live show, "Morning Drive". Thanks to her charismatic disposition, she quickly rose to fame, expanding her resume to several other shows such as Playing Lessons with the Pros and School of Golf.

One of the hottest golfers, she is among the top names in Golf alongside Paige Spiranac.

Holly Sonders in a classic referee outfit for the 2019 Halloween party
Source : instagram

In 2013, she attained such high popularity that she graced the cover of Golf Digest. However, the following year, Holly and the Golf Channel disagreed on the new contract, resulting in the breakdown of the negotiations and her subsequent move from NBC to Fox Sports.

On March 2023, the businesswoman and co-founder of Masulen, Sonders, announced the launch of a new sports league, Exposed Sportz.

With a background as a collegiate athlete at Michigan State before entering the broadcasting industry, Sonders broke the news about her new league through her social media platforms.

12. Lisa Cornwell

Lisa Cornwell is a former reporter for the Golf Channel. Cornwell started her successful TV broadcasting career after she graduated from the University of Alabama. 

She worked at various ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliates in different states and was a reporter, studio host, and play-by-play commentator for the Big Ten Network.

Lisa Cornwell covering PGA Tour Live in May 2022
Source : instagram

Later, she became an anchor for Golf Channel's "Golf Central" in 2014, reporting live at various golf tournaments, hosting the NCAA Championships, and appearing on instructional shows for the Golf Channel Academy.

Currently, Cornwell works as a host for PGA Tour Live on ESPN+. She has also authored a book called "Troublemaker," in which she has elaborated on the misogynistic culture that she and other women experienced while working at Golf Channel/NBCUniversal.

Through her book, she sheds light on the challenges women face in the industry and how speaking up against discrimination and unfair treatment is essential.

Some FAQs

Is Kelly Tilghman Married?

Kelly Tilghman is not married. She was in a relationship with her boyfriend Nick Faldo in 2010.


How Tall Is Cara Banks Golf Channel?

Golf Channel announcer Cara Banks stands at 6 feet and 1 inch (185.4 cm). She weighs around 132 lbs or 60 kilos.


Is Paige Mackenzie Married?

Paige Mackenzie tied the wedding knot with her husband Gavin Boyd in October 2018. Paige has two children with Gavin.


Is Morgan Pressel Married?

Morgan Pressel married her long time lover Andrew Bush in January 2013. Morgan began dating him in 2007.