DeVonta Smith parents are Kelvin Dickerson and Christina Smith Sylve. Kelvin is a car detail shop manager in Louisiana.

The Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver spent his early childhood in Amite City, Louisiana, with Christian. Kelvin and Christina could not believe it when their son got picked in the NFL draft.

Smith played college football at the University of Alabama and was drafted by the Eagles in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft. As a senior in 2020, Smith won the Heisman Trophy, awarded to the most outstanding player in college football, and was a consensus All-American.

The 24-year-old had an outstanding game against New York Giants in the NFL Divison Round on January 222, 2023. He recorded 61 years with one touch after a blistering run to give the Eagles a huge 38-7 win.

Kelvin And Christina Cheered When DeVonte Smith Won The Heisman

DeVonte mother Christina and father Kelvin were on cloud nine when their son won the Heisman Trophy.

Smith, the best player in college football, took home the 2020 Heisman Trophy. His mom and dad, who were present at the ceremony, cheered so loud when the youngster's name was announced to accept the honor onto the stage. 

Young Christina holding the hand of his baby son DeVonta when he was a little boy
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While at the University of Alabama, Smith played wide receiver and helped the Crimson Tide reach the national championship game. Smith hauled 117 catches for 1,856 yards and 23 touchdowns in the 2020 campaign.

Moreover, Smith was the first Alabama athlete to win the prize since Mark Ingram did it in 2009 and the first wide receiver to do so since 1991. He bought a home for his beloved mum Christina with the money he got after the Eagles signed a four-year contract worth $20.1 million.

Christina Smith Sylve Is A Child Welfare Specialist

Christina Sylve is a social worker currently serving as a child welfare specialist in Amite, Louisiana.

Sylve is passionate about philanthropy and wants to influence other people's lives positively. She has experience volunteering and has worked for various non-profits or other causes.

According to her Linkedin profile, Christina did her bachelor of science in social work at Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College. After she graduated from college in 1998, she started involving in fields like fundraising, program development, and community engagement.

Her main purpose is to improve people's lives, and helping others is what she truly wants to achieve with her life. To give an edge to what she believes, Sylve has been working as a child welfare professional at the Department of Children and Family Services since November 2006.

Besides, the NHL standout has a very close bond with Christina. He wished her on 2018 Mother's Day with a picture of the two when DeVonte was a schoolboy. Furthermore, he gifted her a lovely home after he got drafted into the NHL. 

Kelvin Dickerson Works In Car Detail Business

Kelvin is a car detail business manager overseeing his firm's day-to-day operations.

His task revolved around managing staff, scheduling appointments, overseeing the quality of work performed, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Kelvin also looks out for the financial aspects of the business, such as budgeting, pricing, and financial reporting. And he decides to market and advertise the business to attract new customers.

DeVonte's dad Kelvin speaking about his son during an interview with WAFB in May 2021
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As a result, he must travel frequently and spend the majority of his time away from his family. The bond between father and son was unaffected, though.

In 2021 Smith's elementary school, The Tangipahoa Parish School, organized an event to honor him for winning the prestigious Heisman title. Unfortunately, the 24-year-old could not attend the ceremony because he was training in Tampa, Florida.

So, his old man Kelvin accepted the honor on behalf of his absence. Kelvin hailed his son and spoke very highly of him during his speech. He said that seeing DeVonte succeed was a blessing and also added he genuinely believed that he would never imagine that. 

DeVonta Has A Brother In His Family

DeVonta has a brother named Christain in his family. Christian is younger than the NHL star.

Their mom Christina Smith has shared a few pictures of the two look-alike siblings on her Facebook account. DeVonte looked chic in a red suit, whereas the smaller one wore a blue tuxedo with matching light grey pants and shoes.

DeVonte and his younger brother Christian during new year's party in January 2020
Source : facebook

Likewise, a picture she shared of the three in May 2015 shows a teenage DeVonte with Christin and Christian. They all wore silver-colored T-shirts with Hornets written on the front. His little bro was holding a basketball in the photographs.