Alexi Lalas yellow eyes are one of the best moments in his soccer Tv broadcast. Lalas who is proud of a ginger complexion is a former USMNT player.

Though he was born in Birmingham, Michigan, United States, Lala's father Demetrios was of Greek nationality. He inherited his reddish complexion from his father.

Alexi is a former American soccer player who played as a defender. Currently, he serves as an analyst for Fox sports.

Alexi came to the spotlight as a member of the 1994 FIFA World Cup team. He served as a standout player on the team.

After he retired from soccer, Lalas was rewarded with the National Soccer Hall of Fame in 2006. He then worked for teams as a general manager.

Alexi Lalas Yellow Eyes Are Birth Inherited

Alexi Lalas has had bright yellow eyes since his birth which are inherited from his dad's Greek nationality.

Fans and well-wishers are worried that the former soccer player Alexi Lalas has some health problems as his pupils are seen yellow in some pictures.

Alexi was born with unique blue Irish eyeballs with a yellow tint. It is to be known that the studio lightning made the yellow tint look very bright and caused them to look pale and yellow.

This was due to his genetics from his dad's side of the family.

Alexi is very proud of his complexion and flaunts it very well. He calls himself a 'proud ginger.'

January 20, 2022

Alexi had yellowish eye since his childhood.
Source : instagram

Alexi posted a throwback picture of when he was very young. Even in these pictures, one can see the bright yellow tint in his eyeballs.

June 30, 2018

On June 30, 2018, Alexi posted a picture of when he went to take a Russian bath with his friend.

Alexi pupils turned yellowish after he took a bath.
Source : instagram

In this picture, Lalas' pupils seem a bit yellowish than his natural eyes as he had just taken a bath. Taking a bath can also change one's eye color.

September 7, 2022

Alexi posted a photo on September 7, 2022, where his eyelit were seen as yellowish red.

A picture of Alexi in front of the white house.
Source : instagram

Alexi's optics look yellowish because of his phone's lighting. The color rods got affected by the change of light, which can later be adjusted to the differences.

Alexi Lalas Trademark Long Hair In 1994 World Cup

During the world cup, Lalas was well recognized due to his looks where he had distinctive long red hair and a goatee.

Alexi was also selected as the United States men's national team member for World Cup in 1994. In an interview, he mentioned that he used very minimal and organic products for his hair when asked what he used to make his hair look good.

When Alexi with his red beard, blue Irish eyes, and iconic long hair, entered the field, viewers would meet a unique and powerful personality that influenced them and made a recognizable place in the history of soccer.

A photo comparison of Alexi during his soccer career and Alexi now.
Source : instagram

Nevertheless, Alexi's skills and his long hair complexion played a significant role in the next world cup and he has also named an honorable mention All star.