Will Levis girlfriend Giavinna Duddy is a behavioral health senior student at Penn State University. Duddy will be graduating after 2023.

On January 14, 2023, Gia shared a post on her Instagram commemorating their two years of relationship. She uploaded several images that provided glimpses into their two years of dating, trip photos, and more.

Apart from being a social media influencer, Gia also hosts a show, 'College Culture,' on Snapchat. Meanwhile, her beau Will is a football player who abided with the Kentucky Wildcats after transferring to the university in 2021.

Levis previously played quarterback for Penn State University. The 23-year-old QB who is eyeing the 2023 NFL draft climbed to a potential first-round pick in most of the mocks leading to the big night.

Gia Duddy Explains Mayo In The Coffee Story

Gia Duddy is an influencer and features Will in her TikTok videos. Duddy has over 293.2k followers on Tiktok account.

Will Levis puts mayo in his coffee as Gia makes a viral video about it. The clip he uploaded in October 2021 has 85.3K likes and 2.3K shares.

It was more like a funny stunt when they went to a local diner for breakfast. Two were on a date when they ordered a coffee, and with a drink came mayonnaise on the table.

When Will suggested its reasoning, Gia joked about some people mixing mayo with coffee. Levis just had to try it.

Later Gia made a separate video explaining why the NCAA star did so after many of her followers demanded clarification in the comment box.

Gia Duddy look chic in a cool outfit during Christmas season in December 2022
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In 2022, Gia also appeared surprisedly in episode four of the popular Snapchat show 'College Culture.' According to Distractify, It was later revealed that she is the new series host. The magnificent-looking woman has seen a surge in her popularity since then. 

TikTok celebrity Gia celebrated her 21st birthday with her friends in August 2022
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Gia was born Giavinna Duddy to her parents, Elaine Rado and Michael Duddy II. She is not the only child of them as Gia grew up with her two exceptional siblings, Bella Duddy and Michael III Duddy.

She studied at Berks Catholic High School situated in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Will Levis And Duddy Dating Life

Will and his girl Gia have been dating for two years. They started their relationship in January 2021.

Although they first connected in 2019 while attending Penn State together, it took them over a year for their friendship to blossom into a loving relationship. Their love matured and entered the third year in January 2023.

Second-Year Anniversary In January 2023

The college sweethearts commemorated their second anniversary with a series of pictures they uploaded to their social media accounts.

Gia and her boyfriend Will travelled to Venice, Italy.
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In the four-picture series that Levis shared, the first one is of the two enjoying a sunny day on a huge grassland near a lake.

The second picture shows Gia attending one of his games in a stadium. In the third one, they were seen chilling on a mattress above the swimming pool. And lastly, the final picture is of when they traveled to Venice, Italy.

Fast forward to 2023, Dudy will be holding future NFL star's hand as he will be there at the Draft night alongside big potential stars in Bryce Young, CJ Stroud and Anthony Richardson.

Will Levis Parents Are Former Athletes

Will Levis was born to Mike and Beth Levis in Newton, Massachusetts. Both his mother and father are former athletes.

Mike was a football player at Denison University. Whereas his mom Beth played soccer at Yale University. Because of her talent and incredible performances, she was named the All-America soccer player on two occasions. Besides, Will has three siblings, all sisters, Kelley, Jill, and Claire.

The Kentucky Wildcats QB Lewis with her mom Beth (left) and dad Mike (right) in April 2018
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Levis comes from a long family line of sports and athletics enthusiasts. As a result, he is sure to succeed in his endeavors. His great-grandfather Alva Kelley played American football at Cornell University and was crowned National Champion in 1939.

After retirement, Kelley became a football coach. He took a manager position at several college teams like Hobart College and Brown University.

Likewise, Will's granddad David Kelley was a varsity athlete at UMass who excelled in three sports lacrosse, football, and wrestling. Later, David became a defensive coach at Yale University.