Tommy Paul gorgeous girlfriend Paige Lorenze is an Instagram model from Boston. Tommy started dating her in 2022.

Lorenze was supporting Tommy during the 2023 Australian Open. The Instagram model is the owner of her brand called Dairy Boy.

Paul is a professional tennis player with a career-high ATP ranking of world No. 28. The tennis star won the 2015 French Open boy's single title.

He also won his first ATP final in 2021, defeating defending champion Denis Shapovalov. Tommy began his 2022 season at Adelaide International, where he finished sixth and advanced to the quarterfinals.

He won the biggest career match in the second round of the 2022 Rolex Paris Masters, defeating Rafael Nadal.

Inside Tommy Paul Dating Life

Tommy is in a relationship with an Instagram model Paige Lorenze. 

Paige went through a breakup with Tyler Cameron before dating Tommy.

The couple first revealed their connection to their Instagram account on October 19, 2022. Paige first shared a picture of her and Tommy on her Instagram account.

Tommy and Paige spend their time at a swimming pool in Southampton, New York.
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They have been very supportive of each other and enjoy spending time together. Paige attended the 2023 Australian Open to support Tommy. 

She created a mini vlog of the game on her Youtube channel. 

Paul was previously in a relationship with a social media influencer Kiki Paso, and they celebrated their first anniversary in 2021.

Tommy was in a relationship with an Instagram model Kiki Passo.
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However, the couple split up and went in their separate ways. They have also removed all the pictures of one another from their Instagram account.

After the breakup with Kiki, everyone wondered if Tommy Paul was single but Tommy had other ideas.

Paige had four previous relationships. The Instagram model first started dating Canadian NHL star Kasperi Kapanen in 2019.

The relationship with the NHL star ended in September 2020 and she started dating Hollywood actor Armie Hammer. Paige's relationship with an actor lasted only four months and they broke up.

Paige was in a relationship with American television personality Tyler Cameron.
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She moved on in her life and found her love life with country music singer Morgan Wallen. They dated for a year and Paige accused him of cheating, which ended their relationship.

After her first two relationships failed, she began a connection with reality TV star Tyler Cameron. Lorenze and Tyler's relationship lasted only a month, but their short love story trended as they looked adorable in public photos.

However, Paige is currently in a relationship with tennis star Tommy. They have been seen together at events and have posted photos on their Instagram account.

Who Is Paige Lorenze?

Paige Lorenze is a model, digital creator, wellness consultant, and entrepreneur. 

She was born on January 26, 1998, in Boston Massachusetts. Paige studied Alpine Ski Racing at Burke Mountain Academy.

Paige has a special relationship with animals, she enjoys riding horses.
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She then enrolled at the Parsons School of Design for media and design studies. Since then, she has pursued a career as a model while also getting involved in fashion, design, and entertainment as an editor. 

Paige is a professional skier; she loves traveling to adventurous places and enjoying outdoor activities. She is also a vlogger, as she posts vlogs of her daily activities on her YouTube channel.

She has a verified Instagram account with the username @paigelorenze. As of writing, she has 399k followers and 822 posts on her Instagram account.

Insights On Paige Career

According to her LinkedIn account, Paige is a digital creator, guest editor, and wellness consultant.

She has many years of work experience. She interned at Anti-Algorithm as a social manager for three months from May 2019 to August 2019.

Paige looks lovely in a baby blue tshirt.
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She worked as a lifestyle model at State management for one year. As a digital content creator, she worked in paid partnerships with brands and companies through her personal Instagram account for three years and four months.

Paige currently works as a Guest Editor at 2PEONIES, a Canadian wellness company.

Tommy Paul Parents

Tommy Paul parents are Jill MacMillan and Kevin Paul. Tommy started playing tennis at the age of seven.

His mother and father encouraged him to play the game at a young age. Since then he has enjoyed the game and established himself as a promising tennis star.

Paul's personal life is closely related to his mother. He wished her mom happy birthday through his Instagram account on May 14, 2017.

Tommy wished Jill MacMillan happy birthday through his Instagram account on May 14, 2017.
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Paul's mom Jill MacMillan married Steve MacMillan after her divorce from Kevin Paul. 

Jill MacMillan Works At Farm

Jill MacMillan works on a farm and takes care of more than 100 animals, pulling trees and operating a tractor.

She moved to South Jersey when his son turned pro in tennis. Jil and Steve live on a farm in South Jersey where they have two dogs, 100 chickens, six sheeps, a horse, and a cat.

Jill in her farm at South Jersey.
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According to Atptour, Tommy stated that after Wimbledon he would go home and help his mother. Since a young age, he has had a passion for animals and adventure.

Jill is active on Facebook with the username @Jill Macmillan.

Tommy Paul Family Life

Tommy spent his childhood with his brother Dylan Paul and sister Jessie Lynn Paul. He was born on May 17, 1997, in Voorhees Township, New Jersey, United States.

On April 27, 2014, he shared a picture with Dylan and Jessie with the caption "Family's first #siblings." on his Instagram account.

Tommy (left) enjoying time with his sister Jessie (middle) and brother Dylan (right) at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
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Jessie followed in Tommy's footsteps to become a tennis player. 

Tommy Paul Siblings

Paul shares a strong bond with his brother Dylan and sister Jessie. 

1. Jessie Lynn Paul

Jessie is the older sister of Tommy. She played tennis at the University of Louisville. 

She was born on December 28, 1995. During her tennis playing career she was teamed up with Manuela Velasquez.

Jessie spending her time at the beach.
Source : facebook

Tommy wished her happy birthday through his Instagram account on December 29, 2017.

As a freshman, she went 3-2 in tournament play and made the main draw of the ITA Ohio Valley Regional. As a sophomore, she went 7-3 in tournament play and the main draw at the ITA Ohio Valley Regional.

Jessie's Instagram username is @jessielynnpaul and her Facebook username is @Jessie Lynn Paul.

2. Dylan Paul

Dylan studied at the University of North Carolina Washington.

Dylan having fun with his pet and siblings.
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He enjoys spending time with his brother and sister. He has kept his personal life private.

Dylan is active on his Instagram with the username @dylanpaul_18 and his Facebook username is @Dylan Paul.