Taylor Fritz parents are Guy Fritz and Kathy May, both professional tennis players. Taylor grew up in Rancho Santa Fe in San Diego.

The No.1 American tennis player was bound to make it big into the tennis world, given his fantastic birth givers' vast guidance and preparation.

A four-time winner of ATP Tour singles titles, the 25-year-old has been creating history with his gameplay at such a young age.

Within the company of proper counsel and management of his career by his father while learning through his mother's training, Taylor is another big name in the game.

Moreover, his dominant serve of almost 149 mph and solid groundstrokes off both wings are the main reasons behind his wins.

Taylor Fritz Was Raised By Kathy May And Guy Fritz

Taylor Fritz and his family have been heavily involved in professional tennis. Mom Kathy is a former champion, while dad Guy is an ATP Tour professional player turned coach.

Their contribution to their only child's tennis progress is evident as much as they are stars in their own league. 

Hence, the Fritz couple plays an important role in their son's tennis days and continues to make a difference even in 2023.

The Fritz couple with a 12-year-old Taylor in 2009 posing for a San Diego Tribune interview.
Source : sandiegouniontribune

Father Guy Fritz 

Guy Fritz is often cited as someone with an eye for bringing out champions from young athletes. He has trained numerous high-level colleges and professional players in southern California.

He was also the coach of his only son from when the latter was two and looked after his tennis play till he was eighteen. From his game to look out for the best coach in later days, Mr. Fritz continues to guide him for the best.

Besides his parental relationship with the Eastbourne International champion, he was strict and looked carefully after Taylor's nutrition.

Guy and Taylor embracing after the latter won a Masters 1000 title at the 2022 Indian Wells Master.
Source : facebook

Energy drinks and sugary and processed foods were kept away from the house meals to keep his growing son healthy for a professional athletics career. 

In his 2022 interview with KESQ News Channel 3, Fritz senior is assured that as long as his kid stays healthy, he could be in the tennis industry for a long time.

Moreover, out of all the historic wins of the 25-year-old, his win at the 2022 Indian Wells is one moment that Guy will never forget.

A rare photo of Guy and Taylor from their early days when the future tennis champion was training.
Source : kesq

As someone whose whole life revolves around tennis, Fritz senior is still on the court training the future champions. He looks after the College of the Desert men’s tennis team through the playoffs.

Due to his work schedule and his son's busy travel route, coach Fritz limited his contact with him while he used to accompany him in each game and travel with him.

Mother Kathy May

The matriarch of the May-Fritz tennis clan is Kathy. She is the major inspiration behind her little one's constant win and his goal to be number one.

She won seven WTA singles titles during the 70s and achieved a career-high ranking of no. 10 in the world in 1977.

In addition to her jaw-dropping accomplishments, Kathy had reached three Grand Slam quarterfinals, once at the US Open in 1978 and twice at the French Open in 1977 and 1978, respectively.

Kathy and Taylor Fritz with Billy Jean King (right) during the tenth day of the 2016 ITF World Champions Dinner in Paris. (Photo by Clive Brunskill)
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Interestingly, this 66-year-old has an incredibly wealthy background as she is the great-granddaughter of David May, founder of The May Department Stores Company, now called Macy's.

Hailing from such an abundance, May went on and created an identity of her own in professional tennis.

Before marrying Guy and giving birth to Taylor, she was married twice. The tennis powerhouse first married Brian Teacher in 1979, who was then the 1980 Australian Open champion and a Top 10 fellow tennis player.

A screengrab of Kathy from her discussion with ATP Tour about Taylor's progress at American NextGen in 2016.
Source : youtube

The couple divorced later, and the Macy's princess married Donn Paben, a fireman, in 1981. They had two sons before breaking off their marriage.

May continues to cherish her other two sons and keeps her motherhood private from the extensive media.

Her private Instagram is proof of her choice to the seclusion of her home life as a mom and grandmom.

Taylor Fritz Family Includes Two Half Brothers

Taylor comes from a big clan consisting of his guardians and elder half-siblings. He maintains a close bond with each of them as he grew up alongside them.

This Californian tennis giant grew up with a loving household and an equally thriving tennis career since he was young.

Switching his interests from soccer, baseball, and basketball to tennis, he is the only one who carries his clan's tennis legacy with progressive results in each tournament.

Kyle Paben

One of his elder half-brothers is Kyle Paben, son of Kathy and Donn Paben. After the former Paben couple divorced, Kyle stayed with his mother and her new husband.

The blended family lived happily and welcomed their youngest member, Taylor, in 1997.

Kyle Paben is Taylor's one of the two elder half-brother, born to Kathy and Donn.
Source : facebook

While Kyle and his younger brother were born in Rancho Santa Fe, their youngest bro was born in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Meanwhile, their mom is originally from the posh neighborhood of Beverly Hills, California. Kyle maintains a respectful bond with his stepfather, Guy.

All the Paben-Fritz kids are familiar with Guy's students and the Californian tennis fraternity.

Chris Paben 

Chris Paben is another close kin to the 2022 Wimbledon Championships quarterfinalist. The trio of half-siblings grew up in Rancho Santa Fe in the San Diego metropolitan area.

Chris Paben resides in San Diego, California, as an adult and independent man.
Source : facebook

The other Paben is based in San Diego and stays away from the media like Kyle and other relatives.

Meanwhile, he has limited his Facebook posts but shows concern toward his friends and family by donating special funds.

Chris and Kyle are both happy about their young bro's choice for a sports career.

Taylor Fritz Son Jordan Fritz

Taylor Fritz married young and welcomed a son in 2017 when he was seventeen. While he is no longer together with the mother of his child, the tennis star continues to cherish his fatherhood.

His five-year-old son, Jordan, is the San Diego Fritz household star. As the little one's dad is occupied with training, competing, and traveling around the world for competitions, Fritz Jr. makes the best out of his time staying with his grandparents.

Taylor and young Jordan during the 2021 Christmas at their residence.
Source : instagram

Fritz is realizing his heavy time routine is contrary to his fatherly duties and makes the best of his time to do so. The 2020 Covid-19 lockdown helped a lot since he got free time to spend days with his little man.

The two spent days playing around the house and indulging in video games. Those moments helped the 25-year-old dad of one to get closer to his son than ever before.

Besides his love for the growing man, Taylor often gifts him the toys he asks for. This CIF champion is happy to share such special moments on his Instagram.

Taylor and Jordan during the 2020 Christmas, indicating that the former does not miss any holiday season with his little one.
Source : instagram

Jordan spends his time between his biological mom and dad as they are no longer married. 

Taylor Fritz Relationship

Taylor Fritz faced a broken marriage and overcame it at just 22. Moreover, his responsibilities as a dad top off his duty list.

Despite the hardest moments in life, the young man has moved forward and finally knabbed the position of No.1. He plans to achieve more in his career and inspire many other youngsters to do so.

Wife Raquel Pedraza

Fritz dated fellow professional tennis player Raquel Pedraza for a while before marrying her. 

Taylor and Raquel had gotten married at Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa in July 2016. (Photo by Clove & Kin)
Source : facebook

The 24-year-old tennis beauty hails from Fountain Valley, California, and the two had gotten along as fellow Californian tennis worshippers.

While they married young, at 20, the Fritz and Pedraza family supported their decision. Hence, the two's wedding ceremony was grand at the award-winning Southern California's luxurious Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa.

The divorced Fritz couple with their newly born child in April 2017.
Source : facebook

Brother Kyle and Chris, along with his friends, were the best men for Taylor, who were all clad in formal suits. The intricate and elegant event on July  7, 2016, had bombarded the tennis news back then.

The wedding theme included royal and golden-designed wedding halls with candles and cake. After a blissful day, the two welcomed their only child, Jordan.

Sadly, they realized their marriage was not working and decided to part ways in 2020. Meanwhile, they remain on good terms to co-parent their kid.

Girlfriend Morgan Riddle

The Instagram model Morgan Riddle and Fritz have been in love for two years as of 2023. She boasts a whopping 111k followers on Instagram and more than 200k on TikTok.

Morgan Riddle is an Instagram influencer known for sharing her life as a close aide to a touring Taylor.
Source : instagram

Her content mainly focuses on fashion, travel, and tennis. People confirm that this young lady is on a mission to make tennis look cool again through her reach of social media.

Riddle's YouTube channel includes vlogs of herself exploring the tennis world and its travel routes by accompanying her boyfriend. 

Taylor and his lover, Morgan Riddle, seen together at an event in 2022.
Source : instagram

The netizens have left positive feedback for her efforts, thus, supporting this love relationship on the safe side. Likewise, she was also seen alongside her partner on Netflix's docu-series "Break Point," showcasing her strong impact on the tennis player.

Her frequent appearances alongside Fritz indicate that the broken-heart man has found love again. Thus, their fans are hoping for some good news about the next step in their love life.