Sean McDermott and wife Jamie McDermott went to the same high school. Sean and Jamie live in Orchard Park with one son and two daughters.

The Buffalo Bills coach leads quite a loving family life with his old love. Thus, the reason for his robustness in leading his team and the game results.

This Omaha native has won New York's hearts through his persistence for the NFL Bills and claimed the city as his new home. Besides his exquisite fame at the head, his beloved partner and kids have also attained the same abundance.

Sean McDermott Wife Jamie McDermott

Sean McDermott and wife Jamie McDermott met at La Salle College High School in Pennsylvania. Sean and Jamie were just teens when they began dating.

Jamie was born on June 25, 1979, making her five years younger than her hubby.

While the future coach obtained his Bachelor's degree in finance from William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, his soul mate did not finish college.

Jamie McDermott mainly stays away from the NFL media and makes limited public appearances.
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Despite her shortcomings in life, Mrs. McDermott continued her corporate career in insurance and enjoyed an equally successful career as her head coach husband.

With a busy career and many kids to look after, the Bills' fans have often praised Jamie for her patience and support towards Sean. She does not miss any chance to be present at an important event relating to the NFL coach.

Moreover, the McDermott couple has stayed away from social media platforms, keeping things private from public knowledge.

The McDermott couple are involved in charities and donations for the local community.
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Their choice for peace from the chaotic internet indicates that both the Bills' head coach and his missus prioritize family time apart from their respective jobs.

The two would rather spend their time with their children and create happy memories than show their lives with a large number of followers.

Sean McDermott Family

McDermott has a small home of five people besides his big Buffalo Bills family in the big ground of the NFL. 

After his marriage to Jamie, the two started their clan quite late but have beautifully brought up their little ones. Their precious time has not gone in vain, as seen in the McDermott clan's media appearances.

However, both the couple usually keep their youngsters away from wide acclaim for a normal and healthy upbringing.

The McDermott folks snapped arriving in Buffalo in January 2017 after Sean was appointed the head coach of the Bills.
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Coach McDermott Has Three Kids

Sean and Jamie gave birth to three little McDermotts, including a son and two daughters.

Their eldest child, Madelyn, aka Maddie, is thirteen years as of 2023, followed by the middle child and the only son, Gavin, who is eleven. The youngest of the McDermott siblings is Kelly, who is six.

All three had accompanied their father during his virtual session with "Good Morning Football," where they listened to him, and the hosts talked about how the virtual offseason affected families and football, as per Buffalo News.

Sean and his three children virtually sharing their days during offseason with
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The 2020 online appearance was one of the first times when all three children of Sean and Jamie came out on camera. They were fun and talkative even during the whole stint, garnering attention from the hosts.

With their parents back to work and NFL season reaching new heights each passing year, the trio is closer to their choice of careers.

Meanwhile, the fans are hopeful that they will pursue their dreams in the sports industry just like their dad.