Ryan Garcia mom Lisa Marie Garcia is the Executive Director of KingRy Corporation. Ryan was born on 8 August 1998 in Los Alamitos.

Better known as "King" Ryan, the 24-year-old remains undefeated and is currently the world's sixth-best active lightweight boxer. His most-awaited bout against Gervonta “Tank” Davis on April 22 in Las Vegas is the talk of the world.

Garcia trains under coach Joe Goossen in Oscar De La Hoya's Gold Boy Promotions. A former WBC interim lightweight champion, he is one of the best boxers in the field.

Meanwhile, his family background is equally impressive due to their constant presence in his career.

Ryan Garcia Parents

Ryan Garcia was born to his Mexican descendant parents Henry Garcia and Lisa Garcia. Henry and Lisa have been married for 25 years as of March 2023.

They have played crucial roles in his career through their direct involvement.

Lisa Marie Garcia Is In Public Administration

Lisa Marie is a professional consultant, per her LinkedIn. She is a 1988 East Los Angeles College graduate with an AA degree.

She initially worked in the food industry cooking burgers before moving to retail stores. She then attended the University of Southern California and obtained her Bachelor's in Public Administration and Planning in 1992.

Lisa meeting mike Tyson (right photo) beside Ryan in October 2022.
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Lisa worked as an assistant at USC's Mexican American Opportunity Foundation Office. She has an avid experience as a librarian before moving into administration.

The mother of five is now semi-retired and works as a member of Ryan's management team whenever he needs her. 

Henry Garcia Is A Boxing Coach

Henry and Ryan with Lisa (right photo) in Rome in August 2022.
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Ryan Garcia dad Henry Garcia was raised in Victorville, where he grew up practicing boxing in the garage with his elder brother. He was the one who introduced boxing to his sons.

Ryan was eight when he started boxing, and his birth givers supported his dream of becoming a pro boxer. Hence, he has regularly reviewed Ryan's training and career as his coach.

Meanwhile, Garcia Senior is also a former pro boxer. In his 2017 interview with NY Fights, he revealed that he boxed until he learned it took more than guts and courage to be in the field.

Henry is active on his sons' pro careers, as seen on his Instagram.

Ryan Garcia Has Two Kids

Ryan Garcia is a father to two kids, both daughters, in 2023. The eldest one is named Riley, while the younger one is Bela.

Both daughters were born to different mothers, while Garcia remains unmarried.

Eldest Daughter Rylie Garcia

Ryan Garcia eldest daughter Rylie Garcia aka Princess Rylie was born to Catherine Gamez on March 20, 2019. Her mother manages her Instagram to share her memories.

Meanwhile, Cathrine hopes that Rylie will choose to model when she grows up. Little Rylie lives with her mom but occasionally visits her dad on special occasions.

Ryan holding Rylie (right photo) during her first visit to his fight in April 2022.
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The dad-daughter duo does not miss special days such as Father's Day or Rylie's birthdays. The four-year-old saw her dad fight in the ring for the first time on April 9, 2022, against Emmanuel Tagoe.

Rylie also makes regular visits to her grandparents to spend quality family time.

Bela Garcia 

Rylie and Bela (right photo) captured by Lisa in August 2022.
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Ryan's youngest daughter Bela was born to Andrea Celina on December 5, 2020. Like Rylie, she constantly appears on Lisa and Ryan's social media handles.

Both sisters are favorites to the Garcia household despite sharing different mothers. She and elder sis Rylie celebrated the 2022 Father's Day with a dinner night with Ryan.

Meanwhile, Bela has yet to cheer at her dad's fights, unlike Rylie, who has been to his boxing matches.

Ryan Garcia Baby Mama

Garcia has two baby mamas, Catherine and Andrea. Both women are Instagram influencers with a huge number of followers.

Ryan's tussle with these women has often made rounds on social media.

Catherine Priscilla Gámez

Catherine and Obi are in a relationship, sharing a baby girl.
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Catherine is a Colombian influencer who was born on June 5, 2000. She is best known for her relationship with Ryan and for sharing a daughter with him.

While the two have broken up, the former couple continues to share paternity. Meanwhile, both have moved on from each other and are happy with their new partners.

Catherine is dating model Obi Sotelo, with whom she shares a baby girl. Her TikTok shows that the two are raising their daughter alongside Riley.

Meanwhile, they had also opted for an entirely glamorous maternity photoshoot, as seen on Instagram.

Andrea Célina Garcia

Andrea and Bela (right photo) in Chicago in October 2022.
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Andrea is an Instagram star, fitness and fashion expert. She and Ryan are committed to each other as the latter called her the love of his life during the 2021 Valentine's Day.

Andrea has also adopted Garcia's surname onto her social media bios. She is in constant touch with Lisa and often travels with Bela with the Garcia clan.

The two had moved on from their conflict days when Ryan was seen kissing Malu Trevejo outside a restaurant in a viral video in 2020. Andrea was pregnant with Bela and seven weeks away from delivery.

Since then, the couple has been together and taking care of their baby girl.

Inside Garcia Family Background

Ryan Garcia hails from a big family, including his mother, father and four siblings. The Garcias have been heavily involved in the boxing and media industries.

The former WBC lightweight champion has three sisters and a younger brother. His sisters are Demi Elise, Sasha Marie, and Kayla Elisabeth.

Meanwhile, his only brother is Sean Garcia, a pro boxer nicknamed "Sugar Rush." Sean debuted on October 28, 2017, and last fought on March 29, per BoxRec.

Sean is married to Surrissa, and the pair shares two daughters, Layla Blu and Ellie.

Young Brandun Lee, Sean and Ryan (third, fourth, and fifth from left in the left photo) in an old memory captured by Lisa.
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Meanwhile, Demi owns Demi Elise Beauty, another sister, Sasha, resales her belongings on Depop, while the youngest, Kayla, is a college-going student.

Kayla is an epilepsy patient; the Garcias have been actively participating in the #EndEpilepsy movement. Ryan had dedicated his February boxing match, Francisco Fonseca, to support her and their cousin, Scott.

The Gracia clan often make time to go out and enjoy a great time as family members, as seen throughout the years.