Like any other league, NFL WAGS is the center of attention and discussion among the fans as they debate who looks better and which couple suits the most, among other things.

There are many good-looking wives and girlfriends of NFL players, and we have heard of some of them as they are popular and famous in their own right.

This list is solely based on our preferences and likes, and we don't claim any of these beautiful women to be more or less appealing than anyone else, as all of them are stunning. Not everyone will make our compact list, and we might miss out on some beauty.

Before beginning, we must at least mention Gisele Bundchen. The glamorous supermodel and former wife of the GOAT Tom Brady would no doubt make our list and would have even topped it had the couple not divorced in late October this year, ending their 13 years of marriage.

So, without any further dilemma, our list of the top 21 hottest NFL wives and girlfriends is based on our liking. 

1. Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb is married to A. J. McCarron in 2014. They have two children name are Tripp McCarron, Gunnar Cruz McCarron

Katherine Webb's husband most recently played for the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL. The 33-year-old stunning beauty tops our list, however because of her own merits. 

Born on April 24th, 1989, in Alabama, the mother of two is also a model and a television personality. The 5'11 beauty was also the 2012 Miss Alabama pageant winner.

The 33 year old stunning beauty was named Miss Alabama in 2012
Source : instagram

With her Brunette hair and bluish-green eyes, she is very mesmerizing and scintillating. Hence, she sits atop our list. 

2. Camille Kostek

Camille Kostek is another top-level beauty who takes the second spot on our list of hottest NFL wives and girlfriends. She is the partner of Rob Gronkowski.

The former Patriots cheerleader met the legendary Tight end, Rob Gronkowski, during a charity event when she was still cheerleading for the Patriots. Gronk was the Tight end for the Patriots during that time.

Camille is a relationship with GRONK, the pair met during a charity event
Source : instagram

Having amassed 1 million followers on her Instagram account, Camille was also featured in a Sports Illustrated magazine photoshoot in 2019.

Camille has amassed over 1 million Instagram followers
Source : instagram

The 30-year-old stunner with blonde hair and bluish-green eyes, Kostek, is one of the most popular WAGS among NFL fans, as they adore her chemistry with the ever-green Gronk.

3. Marissa Powell

The third stunner we have on our list is Marissa Powell. Wife of the NFL Linebacker Kyle Van Noy, Marissa Powell is gorgeous.

Marissa was named 2013 Miss Utah, and her fabulous look and features do complement it.

Marissa was the winner of 2013 Miss Utah pageant
Source : instagram

Standing at 5'7, Marissa is also an excellent singer and also has appeared in a movie. She is not just a beautiful face but also filled with abundant talent and charisma.

She shares a son and a daughter with her husband. She usually posts pictures of herself and her children and their father on her Instagram, and she seems like a fantastic mother. Not only her looks but her personality is very appealing, and that is why she takes a spot on our list.  

4. Ciara

Ciara continues our list coming in at number 4 of the hottest NFL wives and girlfriends. Ciara is married to the explosive NFL Quarterback Russell Wilson.

Standing at 5'8, Ciara is among the most popular NFL WAGS. She is a singer, having released her debut album back in 2004. Moreover, Ciara is also a model and a businesswoman.

Ciara is one of the most popular NFL WAGS
Source : instagram

Having already been in high-profile relationships, she finally settled down with Russell Wilson. Ciara has an amazing look and a very easygoing personality. She has three children, of which she shares two with her husband, Russell Wilson, and one from her previous relationship.

Ciara is a prevalent name herself, and her combination with Wilson makes them a power couple in the NFL.

Ciara and Russell Wilson are considered NFL's power couple
Source : instagram

The brown-haired and brown-eyed beauty has mesmerized everyone forever and has stolen the heart of NFL superstar Wilson and everyone who knows her. She suits the list that we have going here.

5. Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith the wife of Alex Smith is the next entrant on our list. Then known as Elizabeth Barry, she married Alex Smith in 2009.

Elizabeth Smith was a former cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. Mother of 3, Elizabeth still has her beauty intact at the age of 38.

The blue-eyed beauty has managed to captivate the fandom of every team his husband has played for. She also has an amazing build and attractive features.

Elizabeth Smith with her son during Alex Smith's game
Source : instagram

Elizabeth Smith is an appealing woman and most deserving to be on this list.

6. Elise Pollard Tate

Elise Pollard Tate is another amazing beauty to feature on our list of hottest NFL WAGS. The 34 years old cracker is married to Wide receiver Golden Tate.

The 32-year-old 5'5 sensation is a mother of three, yet, she has not lost her grace and beauty. Elise loves food and eating.

Elise is a very family-oriented person and is very close to her family and especially her children. We can see her posting constant images and videos of her kids and her family on her Instagram.

Elise Pollard Tate is a very family oriented person
Source : instagram

Mrs, Tate is a very stunning woman and has a face very pleasing to the eye of the looker. She definitely conjures a spot on our list and fittingly so.

7. Brittany Brees

Brittany Brees comes next on our list of the hottest NFL WAGS. Wife to the legendary former NFL Quarterback Drew Brees, she is a mother to four kids.

The 5'9 beauty is already 46 years of age. The two met during their college years while at Prude University and married in 2003. The two have been together ever since.

Brittany and Drew met during college and have been together ever since
Source : instagram

Brittany is also a model and with her blonde hair and blue eyes, she has flattened many with her beauty and her captivating look. Even at her age, she is one of the most beautiful and hottest NFL WAGS out there.

8. Rachel Bush

Rachel Bush is a very stunning woman and has a very charming look to her. She can be classified as both hot and beautiful.

Married to NFL safety Jordan Poyer, who plays for the Buffalo Bills, Rachel has a daughter of five years from her marriage with Jordan.

Rachel has managed to accumulate over 4.2 million Instagram followers thanks to her absolutely stunning and mesmerizing pictures of her modeling and with her husband.

Rachel Bush has amassed over 4.2 million Instagram followers
Source : instagram

Bush also operates a business of skin care products. Her amazing beauty and her other skills to add to it, makes her a very adorable and desirable beauty. Hence, she makes our list with a bang.

9. Holly Luyah

Holly Luyah is another beauty that occupies our list of the top 20 hottest and most beautiful NFL WAGS. She is the partner of NFL offensive tackle Orlando Brown Jr. 

Holly Luyah has 3.5 million followers on her Instagram. The NFL fans admire her beauty and her captivating persona, which have made her very attractive and alluring among NFL fans and her followers.

Holly Luyah has 3.5 million Instagram followers and the NFL fans love her
Source : instagram

Holly Luyah has a very chubby look and a curvy build and it helps her maintain a beautiful and fascinating persona.

The 5'6 beauty has managed to steal the heart of many and thanks to it, she lands a spot on our list. 

10. Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo is the 10th entry on our list of hottest NFL WAGS and she completes half of the entrants. She is the partner of the sensational running back Christian McCaffrey.

With 5.2 million followers on Instagram, Olivia is very popular and well-known among NFL fans and in general.

Olivia Culpo has won several pageants to her name, namely Miss Rhode Island, Miss USA as well as the Miss World title in 2012.

Olivia Culpo was Miss USA and Miss World in 2012
Source : instagram

The 30-year-old is a stunning beauty and very pleasing to look at. The 5'8 influencer and model has been in several notable relationships. She has been with McCaffrey since 2019.

Culpo is a very stunning woman and very inspiring for young girls and other women. Not only she is beautiful but also influential. She is totally making our list. 

11. Brittany Matthews

Brittany Matthews starts the second half of our list coming in at number 11. Brittany married NFL superstar Quarterback Patrick Mahomes earlier this year in March.

Brittany Matthews is married to Quarterback Patrick Mahomes
Source : instagram

Brittany is the mother of two. She and Mahomes have a daughter of 1 year and she just gave birth to her second child, a boy, 9 days ago.

Mrs. Mahomes is pretty active on her social media and also is an entrepreneur as she co-owns a women's soccer team and also is involved in other business ventures such as working as a fitness trainer.

Along with her husband Patrick Mahomes, Brittany also operates a charity foundation.

The brown-eyed beauty has captured the heart of the most exciting young Quarterback in the league and along with him all the fans all across. 

12. Claire Kittle

The 12th spot on our list goes to stunner Claire Kittle. The 6 feet beauty is married to NFL Tight end George Kittle as they tied the knot in 2019.

The couple has known each other since their college days. Claire constantly uploads pictures of them together via her Instagram account and we must say that they look fabulous together.

Claire is the college sweetheart of George Kittle
Source : instagram

Claire works as a fitness model and is very dedicated in terms of maintaining her physique and overall fitness.

The brown-eyed and brown-haired Claire is an absolute beauty and firmly sits on our list. 

13. Madison Wentz

The next beauty on our list is the adorable Madison Wentz. As you might have guessed Madison is the better half of NFL Quarterback Carson Wentz.

The couple met during a charity event, where Madison used to work. The next thing you know, they were all in for each other, and about a year later, they tied the knot in 2018.

Madison has a very innocent look to her and a very chubby look to her. Moreover, her blonde hair and captivating look make her even more adorable and cute.

Madison Wentz has a very innocent and chubby look, which makes her adorable
Source : instagram

All in all, she nails the 13th spot on our list of the most beautiful and hottest NFL WAGS.

14. Kealia Ohai

The beautiful and amazing Kealia Ohai comes in the fourteenth spot on our list of the hottest NFL WAGS. Kealia Ohai is married to NFL Defensive end JJ Watt.

Kealia Ohai herself is an athlete and a professional football player. She has represented United States Woman's National Football team all the way down from the youth level up to the Womans' national football team.

Kealia Ohai is an athlete herself
Source : instagram

Currently, she plays for the Chicago Red Stars. Kealia has a child whom she shares with her husband. She recently gave birth to her first child in October this year.

Apart from being an amazing partner, mother, and professional, Kealia is really gorgeous and very pretty to look at. Without a doubt, she is one of the most beautiful NFL WAGS out there.

15. Kia Proctor

At 15 on our list of hottest WAGS comes our next entrant Kia Proctor. Kia Proctor is the partner of NFL Quarterback Cam Newton.

As Proctor's Instagram bio says, she is known for her glamorous style. Kia is the mother of five, of which she shares four with Cam Newton and her eldest child is from her previous relationship.

Kia Proctor is known for her glamorous style
Source : instagram

Kia Proctor has a great fashion sense and looks very attractive in the outfits she goes with. Overall, she is a very attractive woman and one deserving to be on this list.

16. Anna Kupp

The sensational Anna Kupp takes the number 16 spot on our list ranking the hottest NFL WAGS. Anna Kupp is married to NFL Wide receiver Cooper Kupp.

The 5'6 beauty has two kids with Cooper Kupp and she often posts pictures of herself and her husband with their kids having fun and enjoying together time.

Anna Kupp often posts pictures of her family having fun
Source : instagram

The gold-haired, brown-eyed beauty is really pretty and amazing. She often goes to games with her kids to cheer on Cooper. She is a very proud wife. Cooper Kupp is a very lucky guy to have found such a sweet woman for his life. 

17. Lauren Wood

Lauren Wood is next on our hottest NFL WAGS list. Lauren is in a relationship with Odell Beckham Jr. and they have been together since 2019.

Lauren and OBJ made their relationship official to the public via an Instagram post back in November 2019. Wood has a baby boy Zydn, whom she shares with her partner Odell.

Lauren with her son Zydn
Source : instagram

Lauren is into fitness and workout and travels often. She posts regular pictures of her training as well as her on a vacation with OBJ and their kids.

Lauren's fashion sense is immaculate and very pleasing. She pulls off whatever she is wearing and with her natural beauty and her build to top it off, she looks breathtakingly beautiful and hot.

18. Olivia Holzmacher

Another beauty we have featured on this list is Olivia Holzmacher. Olivia is in a relationship with the rising sensation of a Quarterback in the NFL Joe Burrow.

Olivia and Joe Burrow met while studying at the Ohio State University and they have been together ever since.

Olivia and Joe Burrow have been together since their time at Ohio State
Source : instagram

Olivia has a very cute face and a very charming and engaging personality. She often visits Bengals games in order to show support for her man Joe Cool and his team.

Olivia owns a dog and she often posts pictures of her dog with cute captions. With a beautiful face and great personality, her genuine and caring nature makes her a very desirable and amazing woman. She is perfect for someone like Joe Burrow and vice-versa.

19. Halle Woodard

The second to last entry on our list is the beautiful Halle Woodard. Halle Woodard is in a relationship with the running sensation Ezekiel Elliott.

The star running back for America's team is in a relationship with a very amazing girl who is very pretty and hot and to top it off, she is also an athletic nurse. If this isn't hot and sexy then what is?

Halle Woodard who often visits Elliot's games is also an athletic nurse
Source : wtfoot

Halle is very supportive of his partner and is usually present in the stands at the Cowboys stadium cheering on his man Ezekiel.

The scintillating beauty and the amazing Running back make a great couple and they look perfect for one another.

They often go on vacations and enjoy spending time with each other and in each other's company.

20. Lauren Tannehill

Lauren Tannehill is the final entry into our list as she completes our ranking of the top 20 hottest and most beautiful NFL WAGS. Lauren is married to Ryan.

The 5'4 beauty has been with Ryan Tannehill since their high school years and the two sweethearts tied the knot in 2012, binding them forever.

Lauren and Ryan have known each other since high school
Source : instagram

The amazing-looking model keeps herself fit and in shape through regular exercises and workouts. Lauren shares a son and a daughter with her husband Ryan and the family is very happy family.

Lauren constantly uploads pictures of their family vacations as well as her visiting Ryan's game along with their children accompanied by her.

The gold-haired blue-eyed beauty has also been featured in several magazines such as Levinson jewelers magazine among others. Lauren Tannehill is a stunning woman and one deserving to be on this list definitely.

We've covered the 20 hottest and most good-looking NFL WAGS out there and we believe they are deserving of a place in this list. As our list is very compact, we might have missed out on several of the top NFL wives and girlfriends who are really gorgeous and pretty.

Who else could have made our list? Beauty and hotness are all one's perception and others might not think as we have while preparing this list. Who would you take out from our list and add to it? 

21. Sasha Lee Dindayal- Wife of Antonio Gates

Sasha is another stunning football wife on our list of the 21 most attractive ones in 2023. In addition to being an established model, she is also a talented singer. However, it was her notable role in the 2000 film Soul Food that brought her to the spotlight.

Sasha Lee Dindayal- Wife of Antonio Gates
Source : fansshare