Laura Sanko husband Nathan Sanko married on September 7, 2012. Nathan is the CEO of auto parts company Leggera technologies.

Shavkat Rakhmonov Laura Sanko moment from UFC 285 was memorable but Laura is in a committed marriage.

Nathan was a member of Mid America Angels when the UFC reporter met him in 2006. It is a Kansas City-based angel investor who invests in promising start-ups and early-stage enterprises.

On the other hand, Laura has been covering MMA and the UFC for numerous years. Before joining the UFC, Sanko worked as a journalist and television personality, covering various sports, news, and entertainment issues. 

Sanko has been noted throughout her career for her professionalism, integrity, and entertaining on-air demeanor.

Inside Laura Sanko Married Life

Laura Sanko got married to husband Nathan Sanko on 7 September 2012. The intimate ceremony was held near Asheville NC.

Laura Sanko is not in an open relationship like some tweets from December 2022 suggested. She replied back with a family photo.

Pictures from Laura and Nathan's wedding day can be found on her Facebook. The couple had their stunning wedding photoshoot in Asheville, NC, at Chimney Rock Park. 

Laura took to Instagram on September 7, 2018, to commemorate her sixth wedding anniversary with Nathan.

She posted a collage with her partner with the caption detailing their relationship that began in 2006. The caption further stated that they dated for almost six years before reciting their vows in 2012.

Sanko had an intimate wedding in September 2012
Source : facebook

And in August 2019, she disclosed on her social media platforms, both Twitter and Instagram, that she had received threats. 

Nathan Sanko Is A Co Founder At Leggera

Nathan Sanko is a businessman. Nathan has worked with the company for around nine years and specializes in structural automobile parts. 

In 2010, he became a board member and early investor in Movistar, where his biggest achievement was recognizing the abilities of two incredible entrepreneurs, Stan Zyloeswski and April Seggebruch. 

The entrepreneur also owns Back 2 Basics Beefs, which he founded in January 2003. It is a holistically managed ranching company in southwest Missouri with thousands of head of stocker cattle, hundreds of head of cows, and a few horses. 

(R) Rare image of Laura and Nathan on a date night, three years after their wedding in 2013
Source : instagram

According to his LinkedIn page, Nathan was also a co-founder of No Limits Wheels, which was sold to Storm Ramos and No Limit Racing in December 2017 after being founded in 2011.

He was also the founder of B2B of Indiana in 1992. Waste Management and Allied Waste contracted the company to process and beneficially reuse the organic component (grass clippings, leaves, food residuals, etc.) of the City of Chicago's residential waste stream. 

Moreover, he graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1992 with a degree in BSBA Economics. 

Laura Sanko Children

Laura has a son named Burke Edward Sanko with Nathan. The couple's first child was born on 20 December 2013 in Merriam KS United States. 

She shared photos of her child, who spent a few days in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) after birth due to a blood infection. 

On December 24, some days after Burke was born, Laura made a Facebook page where she updated about her son's condition.

Laura's son Burke Edward Sanko was born in Merriam, KS, United States in 2013
Source : facebook

On his birthday in 2018, she shared images of him from when he was younger, demonstrating how he had grown over the years. 

The mother-son duo can be seen battling in a cute video she released on June 8, 2018, on her Instagram page. 

Sanko with her spouse and kid during a vacation at a beach in 2021
Source : instagram

Similarly, she emphasized in the post that Burke wasn't psychologically prepared to practice martial arts properly since he didn't have an attention span.

She also stated that the training, or Bedtime Fight Club (BFC), would prepare him for official lessons when he was older and if he wanted to try them out. 

More on Laura Sanko Family

Laura family hails from Byron Center Michigan. Laura has an older brother named Steve Marcusse, working as a real estate advisor at Advantage CRE.

Marcusse has helped his clients sell and lease approximately 17 million square feet of industrial property for almost one billion dollars throughout his 18-year industrial real estate career.

Steve uses his extensive understanding of the industrial endeavor to assist buyers in making the best real estate decisions. He is a CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) and a member of the SIOR (Society of Industrial and Office Realtors).

Laura and her older brother, Steve, celebrating national siblings day in 2017
Source : facebook

Similarly, according to his LinkedIn profile, he is a Calvin University graduate who has worked as a management assistant for Enterprise Rent-A-Car for about a year. Since January 2021, he has served as a senior industrial real estate advisor for Advantage CRE. 

Furthermore, her brother is married to Lisa DeMots Marcusse, and the couple is parents to three kids. 

Sanko has also assembled a picture collage of herself posing with her brother from childhood to adulthood for the perfect sibling portraits.