Jim Larrañaga wife Liz Larrañaga is a retired real estate agent from New York. Larranaga family includes two sons, Jon and Jay Larranaga.

Basketball has played a significant role in the lives of the Larrañaga brood. Jim, the current coach of the Miami Hurricanes men's team, played basketball during his college days at Providence College and became a coach.

Likewise, his two boys followed his athletic pursuit by riding the coattails. His elder kid played basketball in the United States and Europe, now serving as an assistant coach to Tyronn Lue for the Los Angeles Clippers. 

Meanwhile, his younger son, Jon, is a former forward for the George Mason Patriots. 

Besides, Jim has been coaching basketball for over 40 years and has been a head coach at the Division I league for over 30 years. In 2011, Larrañaga was hired as the head coach at the University of Miami, where he has been coaching ever since.

Jim and Isaiah Wong are set to face the UConn Huskies led by Danny Hurley and his underrated defense. The road to the NCAA Championship is tough, but if anyone can do it, it's Jim's slithering offense.

Jim Larrañaga Wife

Jim Larrañaga married wife Liz Larrañaga in 1971 in a private ceremony at Bronx, New York. Elizabeth is a retired real estate agent and loan officer.

The couple celebrated their 50th golden jubilee anniversary in 2021.

The Miami Hurricanes head coach is still out there giving his best in coaching at the age of 73 is surreal, and the reason for his drive and passion is non-other than his life partner Liz.

Liz visits Jim in a team's locker room in August 2011
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With Liz by his side, Jim has been able to pursue his passion for basketball and achieve great success as a coach.

She has played a vital role in Jim's coaching career, and even after over 50 years of marriage, they continue to support each other and work together as a team.

Jim and Liz's paths cross for the first time in their Bronx neighborhood during the early 1960s. Liz attended community dances at The Bronx Irish Center, and Jim was instantly drawn to her.

They saw each other a few more times, and eventually, Jim asked Liz out on a date. They continued dating until Jim started attending Providence College.

Meanwhile, Liz began working at the NYC Department of Relocation. Despite the distance, Jim and Liz managed to keep in touch over the years, and they reconnected at another dance two years later. After that, they committed to a long-distance relationship.

 Miami Hurricanes coach Jim and Liz take a snapshot after the game
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In 1971, Jim and Liz tied the wedding knot and migrated to North Carolina shortly after, where Jim began his career as an assistant coach at Davidson College. 

Over the years, they frequently moved due to Jim's career in basketball. Liz understood that their life would revolve around basketball, and she fully supported her husband's passion for the sport.

Liz has immersed herself in her husband's team. She often talks with players in the locker room about non-basketball-related topics after the games.

Jim Larrañaga Children

Jim Larrañaga has two children Jay Larranaga and Jon Larranaga. Jay is the oldest of the family born on January 30, 1975 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

After marrying Liz, the newlywed moved to North Carolina to start a new life. Jim landed a job as an assistant at Davidson Wildcats. Then four years later, they welcomed their first baby, James Joseph Larranaga Jr., aka Jay. 

Five years after Jay was born, they welcomed second child Jon on April 19, 1980. Jim does not have a daughter.

All smiles, Jim (L) with Jay and Jon (R) in March 2006
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Both of their offspring were exposed to basketball from a young age as Larrañaga acted as their first coach and taught them the basics of the game. 

The love for basketball has been a constant in their lives, and Jon acknowledges that he wouldn't know where his life would be without it. The bond between Jim and his sons is solid, as both have played basketball for him at some point. 

Despite being the head coach of his son's basketball teams, Jim largely stayed away from their games until they reached college.

This allowed his young ones to develop their identities and interests without feeling like they were living in their dad's shadow. However, Jim and his wife consistently monitored their children's sports activities from day one.

Jay Larranaga

Jay is a retired American professional basketball player who joined the Los Angeles Clippers as an assistant coach in 2021.

He had a successful playing career spanning multiple countries. Jay played college basketball for Bowling Green Falcons under the guidance of his father.

Larranaga's professional career started in Greece with Peristeri B.C. before playing for teams in France, Italy, and Spain. 

Jay step foot on Jim's legacy and currently working as an assistant coach at the LA Clippers
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In addition to his successful basketball career, Larranaga served as the Irish national basketball team captain from 2001 to 2006 and later became the manager in 2008. 

Jay, in particular, had a passion for hockey before discovering his love for basketball. He attended a basketball camp where his father served as his coach for the first time, and the experience was so positive that he became determined to play for him. 

Moreover, Jay married his girlfriend Andrea in 2017, whom he met during high school. The pair are yet to welcome any kids, but Jon has a daughter Tia and a son James from his past relationship.

Jon Larranaga

Jon Larranaga is a former college basketball player at George Mason Patriots. After graduating from the university in 2003, he went on a journey to play in different countries.

Jon stinted at several European basketball teams before returning to the United States. 

Jon, a former collegiate player is now a Partner at The Meltzer Group
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According to Linkedin, he now serves as a partner of the Meltzer Group insurance company in Bethesda, Maryland. Jon joined the entity right after returning to America in late 2004. Additionally, Jon previously held the position of sales associate beginning in August 2013.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jon is married to his spouse Elyssa Larranaga. The pair are blessed with two children, Jon and Henry Larranaga.

Jim Larrañaga Parents

Jim Larrañaga was born to his parents of Cuban descent in the New York borough of the Bronx. He grew up with his five siblings.

Jim's lineage is old and far-reaching, with its origins tracing back to the Iberian Peninsula in Spain. Later the Larrañaga clan migrated to Cuba from Europe and settled there.

Jim and Liz celebrates MothersDay in May 2021
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His paternal grandfather originated from Cuba and was born to parents of Basque ancestry. He played a significant role in the Por Larrañaga cigar company in Cuba.

After getting married and settling in Key West, Florida, they bore two children, one of whom later moved to New York City in his twenties, tied the knot, and nurtured six children, including Jim.