Jania Meshell kids name is Kacey Alexander Gaulden born on February 13, 2019. Jania is now pregnant for the second time due April 2023.

The Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray and Jania is gearing up to adventure new happiness in 2023, as they are expecting their first child together. The joyous news was posted on their respective Instagram profiles, where Meshell posed for a portrait with her baby bulge.

On the other hand, Jania is also a business owner who has created a brand in her name. Recently, she launched a gel for hair called edge-control.

On her Instagram page, which has over 78.5k followers, Meshell mostly posts pictures of her thick, long lashes, leggings, shorts, tops, water bottles, and other items. 

In addition to running her own business, Meshell models for various fashion companies and is a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova. She started modeling when she was 14, after joining her high school volleyball team.

Jania Meshell Children

Jania has a son Kacey Alexander Gaulden with NBA Youngboy. The former couple welcomed their first child together in February 2019.

The internet personality has shared little pictures of her son on her Instagram. On Kacey's fourth birthday, Jania wrote a heartwarming note to him in which she expressed her love and appreciation for him.

She described him as sweet, intelligent, caring, and loving and spoke about the incredible four years that they had spent together. Jania also referred to Kacey as her best friend, highlighting their mother-son solid relationship.

Jania celebrating Kacey's 4th birthday on February 13, 2023
Source : instagram

In addition to the birthday post, two other Instagram posts feature Kacey. The first shows him dressed in a three-piece white suit at their Christmas party in December 2022. 

Fans commented on the post, noting that Kacey resembles his father. The second post is from the 2020 Halloween party, where Kacey dressed as Tarzan and twinned with his mother's leopard-printed costume. 

This post garnered a lot of attention and melted the hearts of many, as Kacey looked adorable and accessorized with an ornament.

Jania Meshell Is Pregnant In 2023

Murray and Meshell are going to have their first baby together, a daughter due in April 2023. Murray shared the photo on his Instagram and expressed his excitement about becoming a father again.

Likewise, Dejounte's future wife Meshell announced the news on her Instagram page by sharing a beautiful photo of herself with her baby bump and tagging him in the post. 

Jania and Dejounte's post pregnancy photoshoot on March 8, 2023
Source : instagram

They had a gender reveal celebration where they discovered they were having a girl. Meshell held a balloon that Murray popped, and when it burst, pink papers came out. 

The celebration also featured cute teddy bear cupcakes in blue and pink colors.

Dejounte has a beautiful 5-year-old daughter named Riley Murray, born on June 14, 2017, with his former partner, Imani Nichole. She hails from Nassau, Bahamas.

Murray celebrated his daughter Riley's fifth birthday in July 2022
Source : instagram

Although Murray and Nichole are no longer together, they have maintained a cordial relationship for the sake of their child.

Murray and his daughter share a deep and loving bond, as evidenced by his recent gesture of presenting her with a pair of personalized New Balance sneakers. The sneakers were specially designed with Riley's initials on the back, and they had purple laces, Riley's favorite color.

According to a report by Ken5, Murray is known for being an involved and caring father who is always thinking of his daughter.

Jania Meshell and Dejounte Murray Relationship

Dejounte Murray first met Jania Meshell in 2020. They went social media official the same year.

The couple posted many pictures on their Instagram page highlighting the love and romance in their relationship. However, those posts are now deleted from their accounts after the couple hit a snag in the middle of 2020.

Reportedly, Jania ended their relationship after an alleged screenshot of Dejounte's baby's mother, Imani, surfaced online, suggesting that the former couple still had a romantic relationship. 

However, Imani clarified that the post was fake and that she was dating someone else. Despite this, the couple's relationship continued, and they eventually reconciled, preparing to welcome a child together.

Dejounte with Jania during their gender-reveal party in 2022
Source : facebook

Over time, the couple began posting more images of themselves on Instagram, including post-pregnancy photos highlighting their love for each other. 

On March 8, 2023, Jania and Dejounte posted pictures from their post-pregnancy photo shoot, looking stunning in color-coordinated outfits. 

Jania expressed her gratitude to her future husband for making her pregnancy stress-free and understanding her mood swings.

Jania Tattooed DeJounte Name

Jania Meshell Dejounte Murray tattoo was on the upper part of her chest, right to her collarbone. She did it when they started dating in 2020.

Jania branding Fashion Nova's casual apparel in September 2020
Source : instagram

However, when the couple broke up, Jania reportedly removed the tattoo. Now, Jania has a new tattoo of Dejounte's name, this time on her right arm. She took to Twitter to defend her decision to get the ink and express her love for Dejounte.

Additionally, an Instagram post shows Jania's new ink with Dejounte's name, indicating that she is still profoundly earmarked to their affinity.

Jania Meshell Relationship Over The Years

Jania Meshell became famous for dating NBA YoungBoy in 2017. The rapper even tattooed her name above his eyebrow in December 2017.

During the same time, the couple addressed their relationship in an Instagram Live session.

The couple made headlines in February 2018 when TMZ released a video on February 25th. The video captured an incident a few hours before Youngboy's detention in Tallahassee. 

Picture collage of NBA YoungBoy and Jania (Left: Meshell showcasing her stunning hairstyled by Arrogant Tae)
Source : instagram

The footage was from a hotel in Waycross, Georgia, about 150 miles north of the Florida capital.

Youngboy has three children, two with one partner and another with a different woman. In an interview with The Fader in October 2017, he shared this information. 

He welcomed his third child, Kaimiri, in August 2017. A month before the birth of his child, there were numerous reports that Youngboy was dating Danielle Bregoli, also known as Cash Me Outside, who had previously appeared on the Dr. Phil show.

Jania Also Dated Devin Haney

After parting ways with NBA YoungBoy, Jania moved on and dated former boxer Devin Haney. However, their relationship continued briefly, and the split wasn't amicable.

Jania and Devin's relationship appeared to be moving quickly, and Jania even got Devin's name inked on her; she just loves it, doesn't she? However, after their breakup, Jania took to her Instagram story to announce that she was single and not interested in a relationship anytime soon. 

(Right) Meshell flaunting her no make up look in September 2021
Source : instagram

Around the same time, Devin posted cryptic messages on his Instagram story, seemingly aimed at Jania. He stated that he wanted to keep himself away from drama and that he regretted going out with Jania.

Jania later took to Twitter to admit that she regretted having Devin's name on her body, indicating that she is moving on from the relationship.