Ja Marr Chase parents are Toleah Chase and Jimmy Chase. Ja Marr is a wide receiver born and rasied in New Orleans Louisiana.

Chase setting NFL and Bengals franchise records is not surprising to Toleah and Jimmy. They have seen him do it in high school as well as college. He won the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship as a sophomore at LSU.

Ja'Marr also won the Fred Bilentnikoff Award and was selected fifth overall by the Bengals in the 2021 NFL Draft. The 2021 NFL Offensive, Rookie of the Year, was twice selected to the Pro Bowl. 

In his second year, Chase is among the top five ball catchers in the league and will soon be one of the highest-paid wide receivers in the NFL.

Ja Marr Chase Childhood Growing Up

Ja Marr mother Toleah and father Jimmy live in New Orleans. Before he landed in Cincinnati, Jimmy was a massive Saints fan. 

Growing up, Ja Marr had so much energy and was very hyperactive. Jimmy and Toleah found themselves entirely drained by the end of the day. Jimmy signed him up for football in Gretna, hoping the young boy would fall asleep at night. 

Soon after, everyone talked about Ja Marr, and his father pushed him hard. Things were not smooth between them during his teenage years, but Jimmy knew that football could potentially change their fortunes forever. 

Toleah posted a photo with her two kids.
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Chase went to LSU, and it was Jimmy's first choice. 

Ja Marr Chase Dad Jimmy

Jimmy is a Case Manager at Criminal District Coury Parish of Orleans. As mentioned on his LinkedIn profile, he is a Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC) and Certified Social Worker (CSW).

Chase Sr went to Southern University in New Orleans and earned a Master of Social Work in 2013.

Jimmy has always praised Ja Marr for his incredible athletic skills.
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Jimmy has been working with several committees and boards as a professional speaker and trainer to improve access to quality health care. He heavily advocates for Quality Public Health and improving the overall well-being of vulnerable communities.

Chase has worked with the Family Services of Greater New Orleans since April 2014. He previously worked with Metropolitan Human Service District and JCCSoultions Empowerment Inc.

Jimmy was born on March 21, 1964, and is currently 58 years old. He went to Alcorn State and played football as a defensive back. 

Ja Marr Chase Mom Toleah

Toleah was born in Louisiana on May 1, 1971, to Climon Smith and Thais Woods Smith. She went to West Jefferson High School.

Chase got Toleah a new car after he got his first million dollars from his rookie contract. Not only that, but the wide receiver also paid off her house with the money.

Toleah enjoying her day out in the waters in 2017.
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Ja Marr told GQ that he bought a $65k black Maserati for her as Toleah was driving an Audi in bad shape. She was in absolute joy, making him roll his eyes.

He spent about 100k to pay off the mortgage on her house that the family had been living for years. The footballer ensured the bills were straight and the house was paid for so they had a family crib.

Toleah is still baffled that the young boy, full of hyperactive energy, is now a calm and collected person. She still prays for her every night and goes to every Bengals game.

Chase Has Two Siblings

Ja Marr is the youngest of five kids in the family. He grew up with two brothers and sisters in Harvey, Jefferson Parish, on the west side of Mississippi. 

He loves spoiling his siblings. When he signed his rookie contract, they got $15k to spend on whatever they wanted. 

Ja Marr Chase Brothers

Chase has two brothers, Jimmy Chase Jr and Terrel Lee.

Chase's sis Taylor posted a picture with the siblings on October 1, 2017.
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Jimmy played as an offensive tackle in college. He graduated from North Garland High School in Texas and later went to Southern Methodist. Jimmy chose to play at SMU over an offer from Louisiana-Monroe, reports Rivals.

Terrel Lee Young is Ja Marr's older brother from his mom's side. He went to Helen Cox High School. According to his Facebook profile, he lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Chase Has A Sister Named Taylor

Taylor Goldie Chase currently lives in Dallas, Texas. She is active on Facebook and often posts pictures with the family.

Ja'Marr with his family at Bokoo in New Orleans.
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Ja Marr also has another sister named Mia, who prefers to stay away from the limelight.

Ja Marr Chase Family Background

After winning the AFC Championship game in January 2022, Ja Marr went to the stands and embraced his father. The immensity of it all overtook him, and he just let go. Chase, who rarely cries, started bawling as the family reunited in the stands.

They are very proud and pleased that Ja'Marr is setting all his goals and reaching them. It was his fam who decided for him to forego his final season at LSU and prep for the NFL Draft 2021.

Chase remembering his grandma with an Instagram post.
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Ja Marr sadly lost his grandma in 2018. He posted a photo on Instagram and captioned it, "rest in heaven." Her favorite color was purple, and he immediately knew she would be excited after signing with LSU.

Ja Marr Chase Girlfriend

Ja Marr and baby mama Ambar Nicole separated since they always had a tumultuous relationship. Ambar is an Instagram model based in Los Angeles. She has more than 15.5k followers on her Instagram account.

Ambar posted a stunning photo of herself in December 2022.
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Chase and Ambar's son is named Uno Alexander Chase.

Ja Marr ex girlfriend posted her pregnancy photo in May 2022, with the caption a little throwback.