Hut Stricklin wife Pam Allison is a former dance teacher from Orange Beach Alabama. Stricklin married Pam on 7 November 1986.

Besides, Pam is the daughter of ten times NASCAR Cup Series racing event champion Donnie Allison.

Stricklin, on the other hand, had a career in racing like his father-in-law Donne. The former American stock car racer debuted professionally in the Holly Farms 400 tournament in 1987.

The same year Stricklin won the 1987 NASCAR Dash Series. Throughout his 15 years of a racing sports career, the Calera native has had 328 races in the NASCAR Cup Series and 54 in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. 

Hut announced his retirement in 2002 after his run at the 2002 Sharpie 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway came to an end.

Pam Allison Stricklin Has Ties To Racing

Pam Allison Stricklin has ties to racing run deep with her father Donnie having a distinguished career as a racing driver. Donnie has won ten championship series titles.

And it does not stop with her dad since the racing pedigree is deeply rooted in her family legacy. Her uncle Bobby Allison is an iconic stock car driver who triumphed the 1983 NASCAR.

Pam made cardboard filled with memories to Donnie in October 2015
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She is also a niece of two legendary racing drivers, Clifford and Davey Allison. Pam Allison husband Hut first met through Davey.

Beyond the cut-throat racing world, Davey and Stricklin enjoyed a close and intimate friendship built on mutual respect and admiration.

Pam Allison Dad

Pam Allison father Donnie Allison, boasts a rich history as a former NASCAR driver. Donnie is one of the pioneers of the famous Alabama gang.

Allison's career in racing was marked by a series of noteworthy achievements and milestones, resulting in a lengthy list of awards that cemented his place in the sport's annals.

Before and after picture of former NASCAR driver Donnie
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Among the three NASCAR series, Donnie had a remarkable stint in the Cup Series with 10 wins. In his 20 years of participating, he raced in 242 events. Some of his achievements and awards are listed below.

  • Firecracker 400 Winner, 1970
  • World 600 Winner, 1970
  • Winston 500 Winner, 1971
  • 1999 Alabama Sports Hall of Fame
  • 2009 International Motorsports Hall of Fame

Alabama Gang

The Alabama Gang is a name given to a group of drivers from Alabama. It includes the likes of Donnie Allison, Bobby Allison, Davey Allison and Clifford Allison.

The cluster comprised successful stock car racers and car owners from Alabama who dominated NASCAR in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Alabama Gang member Donnie finished 6th at the Indianapolis 500 in May 1971
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After the Allison family moved to Hueytown, Alabama, Bobby and his brother Donnie decided to form a union of racers from their bloodline. The Alabama Gang's conquest on the track was possible because of their driving skills, mechanical knowledge, and innovative techniques.

After tying the knot with the gang's lead member, Donnie's daughter Hut also became a member of the prestigious crew. The legacy of the Alabama Gang lives on today, as their impact on the sport of NASCAR is still felt by many.

Hut Stricklin Children

Hut Stricklin children are Taylor Stricklin and Tabitha Stricklin. Tabitha is the youngest of the two born on 16 June 1993.

Because of the family legacy of Pam and Hut being former stock car racing drivers, they imbued a love for the game in their young ones.

Fueled by a deep desire to carry on the proud racing tradition of his family, Hut's son Taylor set his sights on a career on the track with his father's support and tutelage.

Taylor Stricklin Competes in Cars Tour

Hut Stricklin son Taylor Stricklin is a professional racing driver who competes in the CARS Solid Rock Carriers Tour. 

Taylor lifts his first championship title alongside Donnie (L) and Hut (R) in 2014
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Hut Stricklin has made a net worth of $3 million from his retired career in 2023.

In the early days of his racing carer, Hut helped Taylor financially by giving him $2,000 weekly to participate in racing due to a lack of sponsorship. Slowly, he did a side job to afford his trac9k fee, and later he found a sponsorship.

He worked a full-time day job in Hut's automotive business in Cleveland and worked on his car at night. He won his first championship at the Hickory Motor Speedway when he was 25 in 2014.

Besides, Taylor has embraced his family life and revels in the warmth of his spouse and children's love. He exchanged vows with his long-time girlfriend, Autumn Bryant, ad the couple welcomed a son named Mitchell Lane Stricklin in July 2019.

Tabitha Stricklin Is A Hairstylist

Stricklin daughter Tabitha Stricklin is a hairstylist who owns her salon.

She owns the Mooresville, North Carolina-based hair salon, Tabitha Stricklin Studio. She deviated from her family's history of getting into racing sports and followed her passion for fashion. 

Tabitha with Pam and Hut on a cruise adventure in September 2022
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Born in June 1993, Tabitha celebrated her 29th birthday in 2022. She is currently in a relationship with Cody Wilhelm, who toils in the construction business.

Moreover, Tabitha maintains a vibrant social media presence, with an Instagram account boasting 1.9K followers and over 680 posts that showcase cherished memories of her family life, including numerous photographs featuring her beloved mother, Pam, father, Hut, and older brother Taylor.

Hut Stricklin Family Life

Hut Stricklin family nestled in the Calera suburb in Alabama. His parents Waymond Stricklin raised him alongside his two siblings.

Strickline grew up in a poor household with very weak financial conditions. His father, Waymond, had to work all day in a car business operating a used car parts store during the weekdays to make ends meet.

Hut celebrating 4th of July with his loved ones in 2013
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However, Waymond also had a passion for racing cars and trucks. As he saw his son Hut grow up, he realized that his son had a talent for racing and decided to invest his hard-earned money in Hut's racing efforts.

For about five years, Waymond sponsored Hut's racing career, providing the necessary funds and support to help his son pursue his passion. However, due to financial constraints, Waymond ended his sponsorship.

Despite the setback, Hut did not hold back and began roaming for sponsors to set his indecisive career on track again.