Greg Olsen married wife Kara Dooley on March 21, 2009. Kara is a former real estate agent based in Charlotte North Carolina.

Greg Olsen is a famous former American football tight end who starred in the National Football League for 14 seasons. He played college-level football at the University of Miami, where he met the love of his life.

Greg got drafted by the Chicago Bears in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft and played for the team for three seasons until 2010.

He joined the Carolina Panthers in 2011 and won three Pro Bowls. He concluded his playing journey with Seattle Seahawks.

Greg Olsen And Kara Olsen Are College Sweethearts

Former American football player Greg Olsen and his partner Kara Olsen met at the University of Miami. Greg and Kara were both freshmen at the University.

Greg said in an interview that he clearly remembers the first time he met Kara. He was 18 years old, and Kara was 17. He also remembered the dress she wore when she walked into the dorm cafeteria with her friends, whereas Kara did not have a clue about that day.

Greg and Kara are highschool sweethearts
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Their relationship first started as a friendship. Greg is a native of New Jersey who enrolled at the University of Miami on a football scholarship. In contrast, Kara is a native of Orlando who was already a promising realtor. They often hang out with their friends in Kara’s dorm room and watch The Bachelor and MTV’s Newlyweds together. 

Kara said that Greg asked her when she would be back, looking all jealous, and not long after that incident, the lovely couple decided to go on their first official date. The couple vividly remembers their first date night when they ate a PF Chang’s dinner and watched Mean Girls.

Greg was a scholarship student, so he would get his scholarship check early in the week, which he used to take Kara on nice dates. However, by the end of the week, their date night was pretty simple; dinner at Wendy’s or McDonald’s dollar menu.

Their relationship went strong for a couple of years, and they got married in 2009 when Greg was twenty-four and Kara was just twenty-three years old. Looking back, Greg and Kara are surprised at how young they were when they got married but still feel relaxed that they got to spend their entire adulthood together.

Greg Olsen and Kara Olsen's Wedding Anniversary

The couple celebrated their thirteenth wedding anniversary on March 22, 2022, and posted a beautiful picture of their day on Instagram. Greg captioned the post as ‘At least one of us looks the same,’ mentioning that Kara is as gorgeous as she was on their wedding day.

Greg and Kara attending a live music event
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They often go on double dates after their wedding with one of Greg’s teammates and his life partner. Ryan Kalil and his girl were their dating buddies who are still close to this day.

Greg and Kara are parents of three wonderful children who are also friends with Ryan’s children and went to the same school. Furthermore, the families even go on vacations together.

Greg And Kara Are The Founders Of The HEARTest Yard

Greg and Kara founded a non-profit foundation called The HEARTest Yard.

The couple founded the organization after experiencing a medical journey with their son T.J. Today, they are involved in humanitarian work and provide in-home health care for families who are facing the same problem as they did before. 

Greg and Kara promoting their foundation The Heartest Yard
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They have donated money to launch a medical facility for kids with heart problems in collaboration with Levine Children’s Hospital. They are highly involved with the foundation and take every situation seriously.

For his work with the foundation, He has been a finalist for the NFL’s Walter Payton, Man of the Year Award, two times in a row. It is a highly prestigious award awarded to the player who has made the biggest impact working in their community.

Greg Olsen's Family Life

The 37-year-old Greg Olsen was born to his parents on March 11, 1985, in New Jersey.

Olsen attended Wayne Hills High School and played basketball and football under his father, Chris Olsen Senior. He recently went to his son’s baseball game with his father and posted a picture of them together after the team won the city championship.

Greg and his entire family attending a football match
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Greg’s mother Sue Olsen is an eleven-year cancer survivor who is the inspiration behind Greg’s Receptions for Research: The Greg Olsen Foundation in 2009. 

Greg has two siblings, who both played college lever football at their respective universities. His older brother, Chris Olsen Junior, went to the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. He was a quarterback for the university’s football team.

Similarly, his younger brother, Kevin went to the same university Greg attended. Kevin was a football player at the University of Miami, however, he got dismissed from the team and the university after some incidents during his sophomore and freshman years.

Greg And Kara Olsen Children

Greg and Kara Olsen are parents of three wonderful children from their thirteen years of marriage.

The happy family of five lives in a 7000 square foot Kingswood home. The house was built to give their children a wonderful growing experience and keep Greg’s six foot-five inches stature unharmed.

Greg loves spending time with his children, coaching them on baseball teams, and having them watch him play. Kara mentioned that it was his lifelong dream to have his children watch him play and appreciate his work.

Kara takes care of everything inside the house, from cooking to cleaning. She even looks after their dog and never complains about anything. On the other hand, Greg does the dishes, takes care of the trash, and is a stroller guy. He loves pushing the strollers and has bought over ten strollers for the three children.

Greg’s First Son Tate Christian Olsen

Tate Christian Olsen was born on June 2011. He is eleven years old as of 2022.

Tate Olsen is addicted to football just like his father
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Tate, just like his father, plays football for the South Charlotte Patriots and also won the 2022 City Championship. He was a third grader in 2019, meaning he is already upgraded to the next level. He can be frequently seen on his parents’ Instagram posts playing football and going to different places on vacation.

Greg's Daughter Talbot Olsen

Greg and Kara’s daughter was born on October 2012. She is a twin who shared the womb with her twin brother T.J.

Adorable little princess Talbot Olsen posing a picture before her first recital
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She is 10 years old as of 2022. She was a first grader in 2019. Thus, she has already reached the next standard of her schooling life. She celebrated her tenth birthday with her father in Los Angeles and spent quality time together on the road.

Similarly, she was a junior cheerleader in her school, and her parents posted her lovely picture on their Instagram accounts.

Greg and Kara's Second Son T.J. Olsen

Greg and Kara were blessed with a second son on October 2012. T.J. is a twin born alongside his sister Talbot. He is 10 years old as of 2022.

T.J. was born with a rare heart condition. It was a life-threatening heart defect that needed three heart surgeries.  

At the time of his birth, His left ventricle was not developed properly and could not pump enough blood. He had to experience his first surgery when he was just two days old.

TJ Olsen underwent heart transplant in 2021
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Greg posted a heartfelt message on his Instagram when the hospital staff told him that TJ was a donor match to receive his heart transplant. He thanked everyone for supporting them in this emotional journey and hoped for the best. 

T.J. underwent surgery on June 5, 2021, and he is perfectly fine and healthy today. He likes to play baseball and has played many games in the junior league. Greg and Kara are always there to cheer for him and his team.

T.J. Recently took part in nine baseball games and won the Most Valuable Player trophy. Greg posted a picture of his wife and two sons on his Instagram to celebrate the happy occasion and wish T.J. a happy birthday on his 10th birthday.