DK Metcalf parents Terrence and Tonya Metcalf have been an NFL couple from the start. Metcalf family includes the couple and their six children.

The famed wide receiver of the Seattle Seahawks hails from quite a big clan and equally supporting kindred. His birth givers are open to the media and public about his gameplay, indicating that they are well-updated about the league.

With the help of such influential people in his life, the NFL star player was bound to greater lengths in his professional career.

Born in Oxford, Mississippi, Metcalf began his career at Oxford High School in Mississippi. He played for Ole Miss from 2016 to 2018.

DK Metcalf Parents Terrence And Tonya Metcalf

DK Metcalf parents Tonya and Terrence have a long history with NFL. Terrence plays for the Chicago Bears for seven seasons.

Metcalf was born to a former NFL player dad and an attentive mom who wholly supported his football career choice.

Thus, this trio of understanding family and a hardworking son has warmed many hearts, garnering a genuine fan following from the crowd.

The Metcalf couple attending the December 2021 63rd NFF Annual Awards Dinner night.
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Father Terrence 'Bigcat' Metcalf 

DK was born to the Clarksdale-native pops, the "Bigcat" Terrence Orlando Metcalf. The 44-year-old was a notable high school All-American from Clarksdale High School, as he appeared in Parade magazine.

Moreover, he played for the Ole Miss Rebels football team at the University of Mississippi from 1998 to 2001, where he was again named an All-American.

He then played for the Chicago Bears in NFL after being drafted at the 2002 NFL Draft. From his time in the league from 2002 to 2008, he played as a starting guard for the Bears in twenty-five games out of seventy-eight games that he appeared into.

Terrence Metcalf is best known as Bigcat due to his big stature.
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After his retirement, the senior Metcalf coached at Pearl River Community College in Poplarville. Terrence served as an assistant coach at Coahoma Community College in Clarksdale until his promotion to interim head football coach on December 13, 2022.

He shares his football journey on his official Instagram, @terrencemetcalf, with a verified tick on the side.

Mother Tonya 'Scoop' Malone Metcalf

After being inspired by his dad for an NFL career, DeKaylin Zecharius takes support from his cheerful momma for each part of his life.

Mrs. Metcalf is present at each game and special events regarding her son's career and cheers for him. Scoop's Instagram is directed towards her family and children, where she enjoys each special moment with her kids.

Donna Metcalf attends each of NFL events related to her son's games and husband's legacy.
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Born on October 19, this NFL wife and mom do not forget to wish each kid on their birthday. 

Regarding her marriage to Bigcat, the two exchanged their wedding rings on July 30, 2000, making them a longtime married couple. The two often attend various football events as parents to a future football superstar.

Meanwhile, Tonya extends her motherhood to the other youngsters in her home.

DK Metcalf Siblings

Metcalf is the eldest child and son of Terrence and Tonya. He is followed by five siblings, two brothers and three sisters, who are all into sports and hopeful of a bright professional career.

Mom Tonya often posts about her little ones on her social media, while the kids are equally camera friendly. This athletic clan is filled up with young kids who love and support each other.

The Metcalf family includes six children where DK is the eldest child.
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DK Metcalf Brothers

DeKaylin has two growing little brothers who have followed in his footsteps of playing football since a young age.

One of them is Kaylin, named after him, who often accompanies his elder bro on his training ground. Little Kaylin is the house star due to his young and bubbly demeanor.

DK is the eldest bruv to younger men of his Mississippi household.
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This young lad often appears in the Metcalf family photos and videos while he has started his own Instagram, @d_met27. Meanwhile, he is focused on playing baseball though he is often seen with DK on the practice field.

The Seahawks guard also has a younger brother who usually keeps from appearing on the internet.

Even so, Kaylin's April 2021 Instagram post garnered much attention where he and DK were seen playing with their youngest bruv. Due to his young age, the Metcalfs protect the little one.

DK Metcalf Sisters

The nicknamed Little Bron is also the eldest bro to three sisters. His eldest younger sister and the middle child of their parents, Zykra, was born on December 9, 2002.

Her Instagram is @ky.metcalf, and she is currently studying at the University of Arizona.

NFL player DK has three younger sisters named Zharia, Zykra, and Zoe Abigail.
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Likewise, the middle daughter of the Metcalf bloodline is Zharia Metcalf, aka Zee, who is attending the University of Mississippi, following into her dad and bro's legacy.

Her Instagram is @zee.dm3, where she shares her life journey through her stories. Interestingly, Zee also runs another handle, @penciltalk_, showcasing her talent for producing sounds syncing with songs and music by hitting a pencil and bottle cap on her kitchen counter.

DK's youngest sister Zoe plays for Oxford High School as a sophomore.
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The youngest sister of this NFL powerhouse is Zoe Abigail. The 16-year-old is a future basketball star player currently playing for her high school team in Oxford.

Her Instagram showcases her bold persona as an athlete and fashionista while being the third youngest child of her folks.

All of the Metcalf children have developed unique personalities and talents, with some having knack for various sports, as expected.

DK Metcalf Family Life

Metcalf lives a smooth and loving family life considering his big yet respectful siblings in his home.

As the eldest child, he followed his pops' legacy while inspiring his younger brothers and sisters to do the same. This Mississippi clan has proven itself as an athletic family while accepting its child's choice of playing sports for a career.

The 6 feet 4 inches tall football giant is called a monster by his family, as taught by Bigcat to maintain stern conduct during the gameplay. NBC Sports in 2020 confirmed his father's teachings for a successful game through DK.

The Metcalfs share the same house as a family while DK stays away due to his NFL career.
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Leaving the sports talk behind, Metcalf is quite a loving person due to his attitude toward his mother.

He has openly shared his respect and fondness for his mom's support towards him. Hence, he gifted her a shiny Chevrolet Tahoe for her 2019 birthday.

The NFL guard had shared the happy moment on his Instagram, earning praise from his followers for looking after his mama well.

Likewise, the public has been impressed by this big Metcalf family tradition of living together though DK and his university-going sisters stay out of the house for studies and professional careers.

Even so, they compulsory gather around the holiday season and make the best time out of their lives.

DK is fond of his pet dog Layla and he runs her Instagram.
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On the other hand, DK has formed his own family with his pet dog, Layla Metcalf. She is a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

He calls himself the dog's pops and runs her Instagram handle, accumulating more than 2.3k followers since 2020. Layla accompanies her fur daddy around the hills and nature during the two's adventures outside.

Together they explored Thorp Mountain Fire Lookout in July, Lime Klin State Park in September, and Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands in October 2020.

The two's traveling ventures continue even this year as the NFL player is a fitness freak.