Daniil Medvedev parents Sergey Medvedev and Olga Medvedeva moved to France to train him at the Antibes Tennis academy. Daniil grew up with two sisters.

Born in Moscow, Russia, Medvedev lives with his family in Monte Carlo, Monaco. 

The star tennis player achieved his highest ranking of No. 1 on February 28, 2022. He has achieved 15 ATP Tour singles titles and has played in the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open.

Daniil has achieved a lot for a 26-year-old, including a Grand Slam title and four Masters 1000 titles. Danii is set to take on Sebastian Korda in the Australian Open.

Daniil Medvedev Spent Childhood In Russia

Daniil mom Olga Medvedeva and dad Sergey Medvedev are enjoying their retirement life in France. 

Sergey and Olga wanted a better future for their son and to gain European citizenship, so they decided to relocate to Frace before he was born. The plan failed as Daniil was born earlier than expected, and they stayed back in Moscow.

Medvedev and sister Julia at the Bosco Tennis Club in May 2021.
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Olga and Sergey raised their kids in Moscow, Russia. However, they later moved to Antibes, France so Daniil could practice at a better tennis academy. 

Daniil was about six when his mom saw an ad for group tennis lessons at the pool where he was swimming. His father was highly encouraging of the sport and wanted him to enroll. 

Medvedev Father Sergey Medvedev

Sergey worked as a computer engineer. From the mid-1980s to the early 2010s, he had his own business of building materials sales.

It was Sergey who fended for Daniil's coaching, as there were hardly any sponsorships at that time. He was making money all for the tennis. 

Daniil Mother Olga Medvedeva

Olga, in an interview, talked about Medvedev's childhood and revealed that it was difficult as everything happened very quickly, reports Tennis World USA. She also commented that he was into other sports, such as swimming, to stay fit.

Ogla Video calling her children during Mother's Day in 2020.
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They could not say Daniil was in sports because it was a serious school. They needed a doctor's medical certificate if he skipped classes and traveled to play a tournament.

His family had to organize many things, including getting visas, booking hotels, buying tickets, and calling thousands of places. 

Olga even had to sell an apartment so that Daniil could continue tennis. However, his mom and dad still haven't realized that their child is a hero to many and a famous person.

Daniil Medvedev and Wife Daria Married Life

Daniil Medvedev wife Daria Medvedeva is a former tennis champion. She played the sport until her late teens and did not make it further due to injuries.

Medvedev, in several events, has talked about his partner. On one occasion, he told the media it is great that Daria understands tennis and that her knowledge of the game is essential to him. It helped him become a better person and player, says Marie Claire.

Daniil and Daria celebrated Christmas in 2020 in Moscow, Russia.
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She graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations with a degree in journalism. 

The couple first met when they were in their early teens. Daria was 12 when she watched Daniil play for the first time. They began dating in 2014 and moved to Monte Carlo in Monaco in 2017.

Medvedev with his spouse in Brach Paris in May 2019.
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Medvedev and Daria appeared on the cover of Tatler Russia in December 2021. During the interview, she talked about her husband's competitive side and said that no matter how ugly the game might look, Daniil was prepared to do anything on the court to win. 

Medvedev Wedding Memories

Daniil married his girlfriend, Daria, on September 12, 2018. He posted a photo on Instagram and Facebook from their wedding day.

Medvedev and Daria married in a private ceremony.
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The couple had a low-key ceremony. Daria wore a beautiful pink satin dress and paired it with white heels. She looked beautiful with shimmery makeup and wide-crimped blonde hair. On the other hand, Daniil wore a navy tux and white shirt. 

On his Facebook account, he posted that it was one of the most important moments in his life.

Soon after getting married, he played in the 2018 September Davis Cup.

A Look Inside Daniil Medvedev Family

Daniil welcomed a daughter into his family in 2022. The baby girl was born on October 14, 2022.

According to his Instagram post, she was born in Nice, France and the Medvedev took their child home to Monaco in November 2022.

The couple has kept the details of their firstborn relatively private, and Daniil has only posted about her twice. 

Medvedev had an eventful year in 2022 as he welcomed his first child.
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Daniil is the only son in the family. He grew up alongside two older sisters. 

His eldest sibling, Julia, is 12 years older than him and the second sibling Elena, is eight years older.

Julia works with Pinskiy&Co in the PR and Marketing department. She has an active Instagram account under the username @julia_turch.

Elena is a luxury travel and lifestyle specialist at BSI Lifestyle. She is married and is now a mom to two wonderful kids. Her Instagram username is @mrspouliquen.

Daniil posted a sweet message for his sister on her wedding day.
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Daniil and Dmitry Medvedev share the same last name, and they both come from Russia. However, they are unrelated. 

Several people also think Daniil is related to Andrei Medvedev, as they are in the same profession. They only have the same last name and share no family ties.

Daniil Medvedev Coach Gilles Cervara

Gilles Cervara has been working with Daniil since 2017. He helped the tennis star reach a career-high World No. 1 and earn fourteen ATP Tour singles titles. 

Gilles was even chosen the Coach of the Year in the 2019 ATP Awards and nominated for the same in 2020 and 2021.

Daniil with his coach Gilles Cervara in December 2021.
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Medvedev also works with the personal trainer Eric Hernandez. They have been working together for a decade.

Cervara, Hernandez, and Medvedev formed a trio in June 2014 in Cannes when the athlete was on a junior circuit and arrived in France to shape his game.