Courtney Banghart is married to her wife Michele DeJuliis who is a former player and current lacrosse coach and is in the hall of fame.

Banghart is an American professional basketball coach. Courtney currently leads the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's women's college basketball team. Banghart has been with North Carolina since 2019. Her winning percentage as North Carolina coach is at .640 percent.

She started her coaching journey at Episcopal High School. After three years with the high school basketball team, she was hired as an assistant coach for the Ivy leagues Dartmouth College's women's basketball team. During her time with Dartmouth, she helped them with two Ivy league championships while also helping in Dartmouth's appearance in the NCAA tournament for the first time.

In 2007, she was appointed the head coach for yet another Ivy league team. She became the head coach for Princeton University's women's basketball team Princeton Tigers. She had a very successful and fruitful campaign at Princeton. Now, she coaches the North Carolina Tar Heels, as mentioned.

However, enough information on Courtney Banghart already. We will look at her wife, Michele DeJuliis, who is equally as impressive as her partner.

Michele DeJuliis Has Had An Hall Of Fame Career

Michele DeJuliis has had a fantastic career herself. She is a Hall of Famer and former American Lacrosse player.

DeJuliis was inducted into the Lacrosse hall of fame in 2013 for her excellent abilities and achievements. She is considered one of the best women's Lacrosse players ever. 

Before her induction, in an interview with the USA Lacrosse media, she opened up about how humbled and overwhelmed she was by her selection to the hall of fame. She reiterated that many legends of the game who have managed to leave a mark and make an impact in the game had been part of the hall of fame, and now getting this opportunity for herself, she was understandably happy. 

Looking at her impressive career, Michele Dejuliis was an All-American during her time with Penn State. She was All-American on four separate occasions. Also, while with Penn State, she led her team in scoring for three seasons straight in 1994, 1995, and 1996 respectively. In her senior year, she was also selected as an All-Star for the All-Star game. She ended her career being the sixth-highest scorer in their entire history.

Likewise, she was equally impressive in her international career, if not more. She was part of the USA's women's national team program for Lacrosse starting from 1994 until 2009. With her as the team captain, the US women's team also bought home a gold medal from the 2009 Women's Lacrosse World Cup. She has also been part of the coaching side when the US women's team won the World Cup in 2013. Dejuliis also received several individual awards during her time with the national team.

Michele DeJuliis has had an impressive Hall of fame career
Michele DeJuliis has had an impressive Hall of fame career ( Source : instagram )

Overall, she was a great player and was inducted into the hall of fame with the same sentiment by those who selected the inductees.  

Courtney Banghart And Michele DeJuliis Have Been Married For A Decade

Courtney Banghart and Michele have been married for almost over a decade. The two tied the knot back in 2012.

The couple shares three children and is a happy family, from what we can see on their Instagram and other social media platforms. The two often post their pictures with their three children.

The two have been married for almost over a decade and share three children together
The two have been married for almost over a decade and share three children together ( Source : instagram )

Banghart and DeJuliis live a happy life and are often seen supporting and cheering each other in their respective fields. Courtney is more involved in her basketball and coaching life, whereas Michele is involved in her Lacrosse training program and coaching.

They have been together for a long time, and their bond seems as concrete as ever.

The bond between the two is strong as ever
The bond between the two is strong as ever ( Source : instagram )

Michele DeJuliis Wants To Be Associated With Lacrosse For Life

Michele DeJuliis wants to be associated with Lacrosse forever and live a life where she will be somehow involved with the sport she loves.

Before Michele DeJuliis started coaching, she got involved in law enforcement and joined the Baltimore City Police Department. However, after spending some time as a Police officer, she thought that the job was not for her and she would want to be more involved in the game she loved. 

Hence, she started coaching as well in 2004. She even started her academy, where she dedicated herself to teaching young girls and earners to play Lacrosse and develop their talent for their future possibilities.

Moreover, DeJuliis also was part of Princeton University's women's Lacrosse team's assistant coach for around eight years. She worked as an assistant coach and the offensive coordinator for Princeton. Dejuliis was there from 2004 until 2012 when she was also recognized for her coaching prowess. 

She currently operates the Women's Professional Lacrosse League, which she also founded, and now acts as the CEO. With this, she hopes to be more involved in the game she loves and give others a platform to show their talent and realize their dreams.

Michele DeJuliis loves training young girls to play Lacrosse, she wants to be involved with the game for her life
Michele DeJuliis loves training young girls to play Lacrosse, she wants to be involved with the game for her life ( Source : instagram )

We've looked into the life of this fascinating couple who are a force of nature in their respective sports and have been working to make the sport they love better and easily accessible for others who dream of playing these sports. If you want to follow these amazing personalities, you can do so through their Instagram profile: courtneybanghart and mdejuliis respectively.