Born on April 8, 1999, CeeDee plays as a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. He was drafted into the league via the 2020 NFL draft as the 17th overall pick by the Cowboys.

CeeDee has had an impressive start to his young career so far. He is currently playing in his third NFL season and played all 16 games in his rookie season, recording 935 receiving yards and five touchdowns. The following year, in his second season, he improved with 1,102 receiving yards to go with six touchdowns in 16 games.

The two-time pro bowler has been excellent this season as well. He has 1,307 receiving yards to go with eight touchdowns, and the season is still on.

CeeDee Lamb Parents Leta Ramirez And Cliff Lamb

CeeDee Lamb parents Cliff Lamb and Leta Ramirez are originally from Louisiana. Lamb grew up with a younger siblings.

Cliff and Leta raised their sons in Opelousas until the whole family had to move after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The family relocated to Houston, Texas. CeeDee has a younger brother, Christian Lamb.

Cliff Lamb Used To Play Football

Cedarian's father, Cliff, was a football player during college. He was a player at the MidAmerica Nazarene.

Cliff has had a massive influence on his son's game since he was a kid. As reported by NBCDFW, the current stardom CeeDee is getting at the Cowboys was no surprise for his father and his family members.

They knew he was already that good. Cliff still calls his son Cedarian even though he has garnered fame and recognition as CeeDee.

Leta Drove Her Son To Practice

Lamb's mother, Leta Ramirez, used to drive 45 miles every five days of the week to take her son to his football practice. Leta has dedicated ample time to her son's growth and development.

Ramirez used to work at the University of Texas Health Science Center in a 9-5 job as a medical assistant. However, it was always on the back of her mind that she had to take CeeDee to the training every day, which made her hustle.

CeeDee Lamb Comes From A Athletic Family

CeeDee Lamb comes from a family which is intertwined with football. CeeDee has other members in his family who are athletes themselves.

Apart from his father, who used to play college football, his uncles Adam Lamb and Chester Remirez both played football. Adam played for the Texas southern, whereas Chester played at the Air Force Academy.

Not only his uncles but Ceedee's brothers are also into the game. Apart from his brother Christian Lamb, he also has three other siblings.

CeeDee Lamb has been an inspiration for his brothers
CeeDee Lamb has been an inspiration for his brothers ( Source : instagram )

His brothers, Christian Lamb and Taribbean Ramirez, see him as their inspiration. Cedarian often gives his brothers tips and suggestions regarding improving their game and play. Taribbean has been trying to be a professional himself and is following in his elder brother's footsteps.

Apart from the two brothers, CeeDee also has two younger sisters, Andres, and Brianna Lamb, respectively.

There is a video of Cedarian along with his family members during draft day, which went viral across social media platforms.

CeeDee Lamb Is Giving Back To His Community

CeeDee Lamb is a big-hearted celebrity. He is trying to give back to the community and help others as much as he can from what he generates.

Cedarian has been a part of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dallas since he was a kid growing up. And since he established himself in the NFL as a star receiver, he has been willingly giving back to the community through the organization that helped him.

He loves to help the little kids who are part of the club by donating a generous amount and spending time with them to make them happy and make their day.