Up The Toon meaning in Geordie is Come on Newcastle United. The Magpies fans cheer their team with the chant in a native accent.

It is a common phrase used to articulate support for Newcastle United, the football club of Newcastle.

The term "Toon" is a local term for Newcastle, and the phrase "Up the Toon" is often intoned by a devotee during matches or used as a rallying cry to show support for the team in a Scouse accent.

Newcastle United, founded in 1892 through the merger of Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End, competes in the Premier League, the highest English football league system level.

On April 2, 2023, Newcastle United won significantly over Manchester United in the Premier League as the stadium was full of Geordie chants.

The result marked the first time since October 2019 that Newcastle had beaten Manchester United in the league. The club triumphed in the match with a 2-0 scoreline, a remarkable feat for the club and its fans.

What Does Up The Toon Mean?

Up the Toon is commonly used among Newcastle United fans to express support and enthusiasm for their team. It means a cheer for Newcastle United. 

The word "Toon" is a common moniker for Newcastle and is derived from the word "town" but with a distinctive Geordie accent. So, the phrase "Up the Toon" means "Let's go, Newcastle town or team" and is often chanted by fans during matches. 

Per Chronicle Live, the word "Toon" has become synonymous with Newcastle. Many associates the term with the football team, Newcastle United, and its passionate fan base, known as the "Toon Army." 

Toon Army flashing We Are United banner on March 24, 2023
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Moreover, Newcastle is a city that takes pride in its history and identity, and "Toon" is one of the many ways the city expresses this pride.

It is a city in northeast England with a rich history that goes back to the Industrial Revolution when it played a significant role in driving innovation in the 19th century as a bustling port city.

While times have changed, Newcastle remains a vibrant administrative and cultural center with a strong passion for soccer, particularly Newcastle United.

The unwavering passion for soccer and the club has earned the Geordies, a regional nickname for people from the area, the reputation of having the most powerful fan base in all English soccer.

Up The Toon Origin In Newcastle

Newcastle is a city in North East England known as The Toon by locals. It is due to the distinctive way that Geordies pronounce the word town like toon. 

Although Newcastle is technically a city and not a town, 'the town' is a slang term that can refer to the city center of any metropolis in the UK.

Interestingly, this pronunciation of 'toon' predates the current English Standard pronunciation of 'town,' which derives from the Old English word 'tun' that sounds more like 'toon.' 

Thus, 'The Toon' has become synonymous with Newcastle, with people likely assuming that anyone using the term is referring specifically to the city. 

The Newcastle United's players and coaches in one frame after a win over Man United in April 2023
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The phrase has also gained recognition as being associated with Newcastle United, the city's football club, with fans affectionately known as the Toon Army.

Newcastle is a city that is fiercely proud of its identity and heritage. This pride is felt by both those who are born in the city and those who move there from other parts of the world. 

Nicknamed As The Magpies

The football club Newcastle is commonly called 'The Magpies,' owing to their classic black and white strips resembling the magpie bird.

Although they initially played in red and white or red and black outfits after the merger of Newcastle West End and Newcastle East End in 1892, the decision to wear a different colorway led to their adoption of the black and white jersey.

The bird has appeared on the Newcastle club crest in previous versions, most notably from 1976 to 1988, underneath the 'NUFC' lettering.

(Left) Allan Irénée Saint-Maximin making a heart sign after a win in Premier League in April 2, 2023
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However, the current crest was created in 1988 and draws on various elements from the city's Coat of Arms, such as the castle, demi lion, supporting seahorses, and amended pennon. 

Newcastle is not the only Premier League club with a unique nickname. For example, Tottenham is called 'The Lilywhites', West Ham is called 'The Hammers', and Leicester is known as 'The Foxes'. There is usually a unique story behind each club moniker.

A Glance At Some Geordie Slangs

Geordie slang is a distinct dialect of English spoken by people from the Tyneside region of northeast England, including the city of Newcastle.

One of the most prominent trait of Geordie slang is the use of the word “why aye” to mean “yes” or “of course.” Another commonly used phrase is “howay,” which can convey anything from “come on” to “hurry up.” 

According to inews, Geordies also tend to use words that have fallen out of use in other parts of the country, such as “canny” (meaning “good” or “nice”) and “gadgie” (meaning “man” or “bloke”). 

They also have their own words for specific things, such as “toon” for “city” and “bairn” for “child.” Additionally, Geordies often use affectionate nicknames when addressing people, such as “pet” or “hinny” (meaning “honey” or “sweetheart”). 

While the dialect can be challenging for outsiders to understand, the Geordies take great pride in their unusual way of speaking and their connection to their local identity.