Thursday Night Football is not available on NFL Sunday Ticket. Amazon Prime Video has the exclusive rights to stream TNF games since 2022.

Sunday Ticket only carries regional games played on Sunday afternoons as Fox and CBS produce it. The games on the premium package are ideal for fans who are not in a position to watch their favorite team or player live on the local broadcasting networks.

There might be various reasons for not being able to access the local feeds since they might not be part of the team's local market or they may be traveling. The main motive behind the package is to attract viewers outside of market teams.

Thursday Night Football package available on Prime Video starts during the second game week of the season. TNF has been streaming for free on Twitch for the past few seasons and will continue for now.

Along with all the paid subscription packages available in the market, all NFL regular season games are also carried on the radio by Westwood One.

Can You Watch Thursday Night Football On YouTube TV?

NFL fans will be disappointed to learn that they will not be able to watch Thursday Night Football (TNF) on YouTube TV. Amazon has the exclusive rights to TNF.

Amazon has been partners with the NFL to broadcast games on Thursday nights. The games are exclusively streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

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The "Thursday Night Football" branding of the NFL is only available on Prime Video and can not be accessed on any other TV networks or streaming services.

The best way to watch TNF is to create an Amazon Prime account, and with that, you will have access to Prime Video.

However, there is some hope for fans who do not want to miss out on these prime-time games.

There may be many who do not have an Amazon Prime account or subscription. You do not need to worry, as there is a light of hope for you not to miss the games played on Thursday.

There are a few ways to watch Thursday Night Football games without relying on Amazon Prime.

Firstly, the two teams playing on Thursday nights will have their games available on their local broadcast. Local TV networks will surely pounce on the opportunity to broadcast the game for their local market.

The local broadcast of the game depends on the location of the matchups and the teams playing. Nevertheless, most channels are also available on streaming services such as Fubo, Sling TV, Hulu, and more.

Since watching TNF on the famous streaming service YouTube TV directly or officially is out of the question, the streaming service may carry some of the local channels covering the games. This way, you could stream the games on YouTube TV.

Is Amazon Prime Still Doing Thursday Night Football?

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Yes, Amazon Prime is still continuing with Thursday Night Football which they started in 2022. They had acquired the exclusive rights for TNF in 2021.

Amazon became the official home of Thursday Night Football since. The agreement between the NFL and the streaming service was reached in March 2021 and stated that the broadcasting rights would begin in 2023 and end in 20233.

Amazon, FOX, and NFL Network did not complete the entirety of the agreement that was in place and valid till the end of the 2022 season. As a result, Amazon became the designated broadcaster a year early in 2022.

Amazon first ventured into streaming NFL games back in 2017 when it acquired non-exclusive streaming rights over its streaming service. Amazon once again renewed its digital rights for the next two seasons and in addition to streaming it for Amazon Prime, it also carried coverage on Twitch.

Amazon continued to simulcast TNF through 2022 after renewing its digital rights in 2020. Slowly and gradually from streaming select games, Amazon has now become the exclusive home for TNF.

Who Plays Thursday Night Football Tonight And What Channel?

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The Minnesota Vikings play theĀ Philadelphia Eagles on September 14. The Thursday Night Football game on Amazon Prime Video will be the first of the 2023 season.

Every NFL game that falls on a Thursday will be live on Prime Video as they have the rights to broadcast the matches till 2033. TNF is only available on Amazon and the 2023 season has 16 games scheduled to be live on Prime Video.

Every NFL game week has a slot for a game on Thursday. The first matchup between the reigning champions Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions was on a Thursday but was broadcast live on NBC.

As announced in October 2022, the NFL had stated that TNF would be adding a Friday afternoon game right after Thanksgiving in 2023. Therefore, Amazon will broadcast the Week 12 game on November 24 when the Dolphins travel to face the Jets.

2023 Schedule For Thursday Night Football on Prime Video

Week 2 (September 14)

Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles, 8:15 pm ET

Week 3 (September 21)

New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers, 8:15 pm ET

Week 4 (September 28)

Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers, 8:15 pm ET

Week 5 (October 5)

Chicago Bears at Washington Commanders, 8:15 pm ET

Week 6 (October 12)

Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs, 8:15 pm ET

Week 7 (October 19)

Jacksonville Jaguars at New Orleans Saints, 8:15 pm ET

Week 8 (October 26)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Buffalo Bills, 8:15 pm ET

Week 9 (November 2)

Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers, 8:15 pm ET

Week 10 (November 9)

Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears, 8:15 pm ET

Week 11 (November 16)

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens, 8:15 pm ET

Week 12 (November 24)*

Miami Dolphins at New York Jets, 3 pm ET

Week 13 (November 30)

Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys, 8:15 pm ET

Week 14 (December 7)

New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers, 8:15 pm ET

Week 15 (December 14)

Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders, 8:15 pm ET

Week 16 (December 21)

New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams, 8:15 pm ET

Week 17 (December 28)

New York Jets at Cleveland Browns, 8:15 pm ET

*Week 12 will have three games played on Thursday but will be covered by FOX, CBS, and NBC.

How To Split Screen On NFL Sunday Ticket?

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Choose the "Watch in multiview" option on the Home tab of your smart TV or streaming TV device to watch multiple streamings simultaneously on the same screen.

NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV and YouTube has rolled out a multiview feature for fans to enjoy up to four games at the same on the same screen. It is only available on select devices.

The multiview or split screen feature is not available on mobile devices or web browsers. As of now, you will not have the liberty to choose which games to fill the split screen windows.

The package will also enable viewers to as many concurrent streams as they want while you use the package at home. Once you stream the games outside of your house, you can only access up to two separate streams.

NFL Sunday Ticket was previously available on DirectTV since 1994, and since the current 2023 season, it has been available on YouTube and YouTube TV.

To access the split screen or multiview feature, you need to get hold of the NFL Sunday Ticket. The package solely carrying Sunday afternoon games is only available for viewing on YouTube and YouTube TV.

The premium sports package on YouTube TV will cost you $299 and if you add an extra $40 to the package, you will also get the NFL RedZone. To enable the NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV, it requires a YouTube TV base plan priced at $72.99 monthly.

The actual price for an NFL Sunday Ticket is $349 for a season. In celebration of the first season of the package on YouTube, a discount of $50 off the actual price is available till September 19.

NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube Primetime Channels is priced at $399 after the ongoing promo price ($50 discount) and with an extra $40, you can bundle up with NFL RedZone.