Golden State hotshot Steph Curry has done it again, making history by earning the title of the Finals Most Valuable Player in the 2022 NBA. 

The Thursday game brought a roller coaster of emotions to the Warrior players, who had been waiting for the past eight years to win this championship. But, what more caught the people's eye was Golden State heartbeat Steph Curry, who became sentimental over the end. 

The four-time NBA Champion and the first finals MVP, Curry's supremacy in the Game 6 was inevitable. No doubt the opponent team Boston Celtics; had been overwhelming over the match.

However, with Golden State returning the score every time and going offensive, the opponent couldn't keep up with the pace, losing 90-103 points. 

The Warriors, who gave their all to the Thursday match, celebrate their accomplishment with Curry. Moreover, the head coach Steve Kerr tributed him, mentioning, "...we wanted it so badly for Steph because as great as the organization has been-ownership, front office, great talent on our roster, amazing players- Steph is the reason for this decade. He really is."

The recent win has added more value to his achievements, getting awarded for Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award. He stated, "There's been a lot of accomplishments in my career, and that one's on the list." 

Warrior Steph Curry after NBA Final Game 6
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He has now taken over the top three spots in the 2022 Race to the Finals MVP Ladder with Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins. At Game 6 of the 2022 NBA final, Curry scored 34 points with seven assists and seven rebounds. 

He saved all the goods for the last, scoring 13 points out of 34, leading the match. The Warriors' star won the title with 31.2 points, 5.0 assists, 5.8 rebounds, and 2.0 steals per game.   

Throughout his 13 years playing for the team, he has nailed every game for four years, getting over 25 points in 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2022 NBA finals. 

2015 NBA Season Was Historic For Steph Curry And Most Mesmerizing For The Golden State

The Warriors won their first championship in a period of 40 years. Not to mention, Curry nailed the match in Game 6 with an average score of 26 points, with 6.3 assists per game.  

He had struggled a bit with the Cleveland Cavaliers, who intimidated the first game with their high level of supremacy. Even so, the Golden State players made a comeback, with Steph scoring 37 points in Game 5. 

The Warriors made history in the playoff run where all other first-team selections got taken down on the way to the championship.

Over the 2015-16 season, the Golden State made history, becoming the first team to win against the Los Angeles Lakers with 16-0 points. To add up, the team again made the records after winning over the Boston Celtics with a 24-0 score. 

He earned fame by becoming the first player after Michael Jordan, the basketball legend, to achieve 118 score points in the first three matches. 

The Warrior was unstoppable, and so was Steph through the whole season. He scored 39 points, with ten rebounds and 12 assists, winning over Indiana Pacers, being the first player to reach 200 in the game in the season. 

Soon he himself beat the record with 300 score points in the regular season. 


2017 Championship And Warrior Steph Curry 

Two years after making history, the Golden State went their all way again to get the 2017 championship. In the same season, Curry hurt his right ankle and missed around 11 games.

Nevertheless, he returned, scoring 38 points, along with ten three-pointers. The 2017 NBA Finals Game 2 began with him settling with 32 points in the first career postseason, with ten rebounds and 11 assists, followed by 34 points, six rebounds, and ten assists in Game 5. 

All those hardship and dedication to the basketball was worth the wait when the Warriors signed a five-year contract with him. Furthermore, the club winning against Eastern Conference and NBA champ Cleveland Cavaliers with 4-1 was an accomplishment for every player. 

Steph Curry Couldn't Get Final MVP In The 2018 Season 

All this time of serving the club, & Steph has never failed to impress people. Likewise, in the 2018 NBA season, Warrior advanced to the match after winning against Boston Celtics with a score of 109-105, and he scored eight three-pointers out of the total scores. 

While the team forwards into the game, Curry kept impressing the people with his incredible point guard skills. He became the seventh player in the club's history after Nate Thurmond, Jeff Mullins, Arizin, Mullin, Barry, and Chamberlain to have 5,000 career field scores. 

However, his joy couldn't last long after the match with the Hawks, where he suffered from a medial collateral ligament sprain of Grade 2 on his left knee. Unfortunately, he missed around six weeks in court. 

No matter the circumstances, he returned to the bench in the match against the Pelicans and contributed 28 scoring points in the winning score of 121. The Warriors were again able to further advance to the NBA Finals, gaining the fourth straight trip after getting victory over the Rockets with 101-92. 

At that time, many of Curry's followers believed he deserved the Finals MVP after scoring 37 points in Game 4, leading the team to win with 108-85 scores. However, Kevin Durant was named the 2018 NBA Finals MVP. 


Steph further mentioned, "At the end of the day, I'm not going to let an MVP trophy define my career. Three titles..., Wherever that puts us in the conversation in the history of the NBA...I'm a three-time champ." 

Moreover, Sonya Curry stated emotionally, "Finals MVP is a great award, but for Steph, and for the whole team to sweep the Cavaliers in the Finals, it was a legacy year."

"This was the most special, more than the first two, because Steph was more emotional, and we were feeling his emotions. There is something more special about winning three championships. 

Although Curry couldn't get the Finals MVP, he won several hearts in the 2018 NBA Finals. 

The Blissful Year 2022 For Steph Curry

Coming back to 2022, he finally earned the long-awaited title of the Finals MVP, letting out all his emotions on the court. This season was an undefinable memory with a moment that no one could forget & a moment that every Golden State player was waiting for;

Curry mentioned to NBA, "This one hits different for sure just knowing what the last three years have meant, what it's been like from injuries to changing of the guard in the rosters,"

"Wiggs coming through, our young guys carrying the belief we could get back to this stage and win, even if it didn't make sense to anybody when we said it. All that stuff matters."

The fourth NBA championship and Stephen remaking the history with his 500 career playoff threes have been bliss to the club. His marvelous performance in Game 4 with 43 points, four assists, and ten rebounds, raised the craze among his followers. 

It hasn't been that long since Curry recovered from the sprained ligament injury on his left foot when he kicked off the season. Being the second-oldest player after LeBron James to set the record of 40-point and 10-rebound, he has become the current superstar of basketball. 

His 2022 years started with becoming NBA all-time leader in a made three-pointers with 2,974th career three-pointers and having his first buzzer-beating game win over Houston Rockets.  

Coach Kerr praised him as a "transcendent athlete and human being... He has that kind of humility and confidence all wrapped up into one, it makes everyone in that locker room all want to fight for him... I couldn't be happier for him."

The whole Warrior carried the game impressively, with Stephen remaining the team's star, who broke down in tears. 

A 34-years-old player Curry is mainly known for his shooting ability ranges, with winning shots. He accomplishes the NBA Finals with 43% from three-point range and 48% shooting, leading the team.

To date, he has a career record of 0.428 3-Point field goal percentage with an NBA record of 0.908 Free throw percentage in the regular season, followed by 6.5 assists per game with a 0.473 career field goal percentage.