Set 2 Collection MLB The Show 23 features 99 OVR diamond tier cards of Randy Johnson, Hank Aaron and David Wright.

The updated Set 2 has been one of the most talked-about additions to the game since its release. This new collection, released on May 12, 2023, features a variety of cards and rewards that players can obtain by completing different objectives.

The popular baseball video game based on real-life MLB experience introduces a thrilling Season 2 that allows players to earn exclusive rewards. 

MLB The Show 23 is the 18th instalment of the series developed by San Diego Studio and Sony Entertainment.

The new edition also incorporates a cutting-edge game mode titled "Storylines: A New Game Experience," specifically dedicated to illustrating the rich heritage of African American baseball teams that thrived within the esteemed confines of the classic Leagues.

What's In The Set 2 Collection?

The Set 2 Collection contains various types of cards such as David Wright, Max Muncy, Jacob DeGrom, Hank Aaron and others.

With the launch of the most anticipated Season 2, it introduces a range of exciting new cards, including ones featuring notable players like Max Muncy, Steve Kwan, and Jacob DeGrom.

Similar to Set 1 Collection MLB The Show 23, a player must follow a similar path to obtain Set 2 cards in MLB The Show 23. Gamers will embark on a quest to gather a copious array of revered Legends and Flashbacks that fall within the confines of the Set 2 category.

Set 2 Collection rewards cards
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Common cards can be collected throughout the season. Once players have acquired all the Set 2 cards, they will unlock incredible 99 Overall (OVR) cards for Hank Aaron, Randy Johnson, and David Wright. These high-rated cards will give players a significant advantage and enhance their gameplay experience.

One of the main highlights is the chance to obtain three Choice Packs, which contain special cards from the Kaiju Series featuring David Wright, the Incognito Series featuring Hank Aaron, and the Incognito Series featuring Randy Johnson.

As players progress through the Set 2 Collection, they will also have the chance to accumulate additional valuable items, such as the Kaiju Series Rich Gossage card, the Incognito Series David Ortiz card, Stubs, and XP.

Kaiju Series Season 2 Rewards

Kaiju Series Season 2 Part 1 Event 1 includes:

  • Lefty Grove (95 OVR) at 10 wins
  • Mike Mussina (97 OVR), at 20 wins

In the exciting world of Diamond Dynasty, a highly anticipated feature called Team Affinity Season 2 made its grand entrance. Dubbed Kaiju, this season promises to captivate gamers with its thrilling gameplay and enticing rewards.

Following the immense popularity of the first season, known as Charisma, the makers have taken the concept to new heights. 

The Team Affinity Incognito series lies at the heart of this exhilarating season, featuring an impressive roster of over 30 players. Among them, you will discover the legendary Tim Raines, a new addition to the lineup.

Season 2 Kaiju series pack
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With a reputation that precedes him, Raines's card will surely create a lasting impact on the game and your team.

Moreover, The makers of this extraordinary game have also unveiled some remarkable captain cards in the first season of Team Affinity.

As part of the Kaiju program, prepare to witness the rise of players such as Hunter Renfroe, Brandon Lowe, Corey Kluber, and David Wright with an impressive 99 Overall Rating.

Besides, the Season 2 of MLB The Show Kaiju Series Rewards are:

  • Zack Britton (91 OVR)
  • David Robertson (92 OVR)
  • Billy Williams (97 OVR)
  • Mike Yastrzemski (90 OVR)
  • Brandon Lowe (96 OVR)
  • Harold Baines (94 OVR)

Incognito Series in Team Affinity 2

The Incognito Series is one of many new card schemes in the second season of TeamAffinity, which dropped in May 2023.

With 30 new addition to Diamond Dynasty, the incognito event brought a mix of iconic players from the history and the stars of the current MLB generation. 

Hence, users are allowed to witness an enthralling showcase of bygone legends competing against present-day superstars, immersing themselves in the captivating narrative.

Most of the Incognito Series cards are embedded in the Team Affinity Season 2 hidden rewards, which means gamers have to finish off all the tasks in Affinity Two to get a hand in these cards.

Incognito Series Cards AL East

  • Eddie Murray
  • Kevin Youkilis
  • Nestor Cortes Jr
  • Tyler Glasnow
  • José Berrios

Incognito Series Cards NL East

  • Max Muncy
  • CJ Cron
  • Tony Gwyn
  • Nick Ahmed
  • Matt Cain

Incognito Series Cards Season 2 XP Reward Path (97 OVR) consists of:

  • Tony Clark
  • Trevor Story
  • Anthony Rendon
  • Nick Castellanos
  • Johnny Damon
  • Aaron Loup

MLB The Show 23 Season 2 Packs

 New packs for MLB The Show 23 Season 2 are:

  • Alter Ego Pack
  • Boss Choice Pack
  • New Diamond Duos
  • Chase Pack 3
  • Team Affinity Season 2
  • Kaiju Program

Diamond Duos Choice Pack 14

The Diamond Duos pack consists of cards of Eury Perez and Bryce Harper. The Dominican Republic starting pitcher, Perez, who played for Atlanta Braves in MLB, has a 99 overall rating. 

Eury has insane stats of 102 hits per every 9 innings, 112 strikeouts per 9 and a control of 89. Moving to Pitch velocity, he has a sinker speed of 985 mph and a circle change of 87 mph.

Commerce Comet pack Chase 3
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On the other hand, Bryce Harper, a diamond card, also has 99 OVR with 116 and 102 contacts on the right and left, respectively. Moreover, Harper exhibits 121 and 90 power. 

Chase Pack 3

MLB The Show 23 launches a new chase pack 3 on May 12, 2023. The pack includes the 1974 Baseball Hall of Fame Mickey Mantle, known as  "the Commerce Comet".

Commerce Comet Attributes

  • OVR - 99
  • Position - Center Field
  • CON R - 121
  • CON L - 125
  • POW R - 120
  • POW L - 109
  • VIS - 101
  • CLT - 125
  • FLD - 94
  • ARM - 95
  • ACC - 92