Saquon Barkley legs have gotten him the nickname Quads or SaQuads. Saquon is one of the fittest players in the NFL. 

The 230 lb running back gained much-deserved recognition for being able to easily knock over defenders and linebackers. He credits hex-bar deadlifts and squats for helping him build fierce strength in his lower body.

Pictures of him getting ready for the 2022 season went viral on the internet. Saquon had posted some seriously ripped images of him on social media.

Barkley is a two-time Pro Bowl (2018, 2022) and even won the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2018. He created a record for the most receptions by a rookie RB in a single season which was 91.

Saquon Barkley Quad And Thighs

Saquon quads are so popular that former footballer Eli Manning talked about how mesmerizing they were in a Simms & Lefkoe podcast in 2018.

Manning commented that Saquon's quads are the size of his waist and upper body. Barkley's limbs have a fan page account on Instagram.

Barkley training for the next season after a torn ACL surgery in 2021.
Source : twitter

He suffered a knee injury during a Week 2 loss to Chicago Bears during the 2020 season. It was diagnosed as a torn anterior cruciate ligament and a partial tear of his meniscus.

The MCL healed on its own, and the doctors saved his meniscus, reports ESPN. Barkley had surgery to repair a torn ACL in his right knee on October 30, 2020.

After the devastating injury, Saquon had to move his way back up. By April 2021, he showed much progress and even gave a glimpse into the exercises he had been doing to strengthen his newly rebuilt knee.

Saquon works out even during the offseason to maintain his vigour.
Source : twitter

On July 14, 2021, Barkley posted a new photo showing he had fully recovered. However, fans noticed that his lower body was more vital than ever. Fox Bet Sportsbook commented, "Who put that tree trunk there?" Sean Culkin thought his calf was a hamstring.

Dwight Galt III, the Penn State Football coach, told ESPN Sports that Saquon was born like that and he has great genetics. They knew his athleticism was sound as he benched 455.

As he is just 230 pounds and 6 feet tall, many do not think Saquon can move the way he needs to. It is why he puts all the hard work into his lower body and works on his speed. 

Saquon Barkley Workout Routine

Barkley frequently shares his workout videos on Twitter and Instagram. He is into grinding hard in the weight room and believes that hitting the gym with teammates and friends constructs a healthy group dynamic. 

Saquon loves sharing his training techniques and exercises with his fans and motivating them to push themselves in whatever goals they are working towards.

On August 11, 2019, the New York Giants shared a video titled "Saquon Barkley's INSANE Workout Routine" on their YouTube Channel. In the video, he is seen grinding his overall core and athleticism. The RB took his training to another level during the offseason as he was preparing for his second NFL season that year.

He came up with the Quad Squad Quad Challenged as part of the NFL 100 celebration. As seen in the video, it has four different moves, and the whole training takes about a minute. Here is the overview.

  • Lunge Hold (10 seconds for each leg)
  • Squats (10 seconds)
  • Jump Squat (10 seconds)
  • Squat Holds (20 seconds)

Besides workouts, Barkley also eats really well and adds a lot of proteins. He can eat anything at his age, but as he is trying to stay his best, the diet has a lot of meat. 

How Much Does Saquon Barkley Squat? 

Saquon can squat 650 to 700 pounds. It helps him build enough strength to run through a 350-pound defensive tackle. 

In an interview with Men's Journal, Saquon was asked if he could only do one exercise to train for football, what would it be. He replied that he would go with squatting to hex-bar deadlifts.

He recommends squatting as an excellent exercise for someone young in the NFL trying to get stronger and more explosive. It is the critical movement to building quad strength.

Sports anchor Mike Uva tweeted a picture of Saquon warming up before practice.
Source : twitter

If Barkley does a 450-pound power clean, it makes him strong enough to make an NFL linebacker miss, which helps him jump over tacklers. He is not doing it to be a musclehead or put on weight but to be able to run through defensive tackles who are bigger than him. 

Saquon believes the more explosive he is, the higher he can jump and break out speed-nabbing 70 to 80-yard touchdowns.