Rick Ware made his money from Rick Ware Racing which is founded by his father and his team has won five major races since its debut.

California-origin driver was fascinated by cars and bikes from his childhood. He was already a motocross racer at nine and a BMX rider at twelve. 

Ware earned the title of "Rookie of the Year" in '83 in the California Sports Car Club, he added multiple titles in his name from the same competition. 

In the 90s, he moved to North Carolina and debuted in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series. However, to no avail, he was not able to win a single event. 

Moreover, he tried his hands at different cup series NASCAR but failed to attain any top position. Rick only lucked out at Craftsman Truck Series where he placed 24th which is still his best finish. 

Rick Ware Racing Drivers

JJ Heley competing at Michigan International Speedway in 7th August
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Rick Ware Racing Drivers are Todd Gilliland, Riley Herbst, and Cody Ware. Cody is one of the veteran drivers in the bunch. 

Rick's driving team consists of multiple racers. These speeders participate in different NASCAR events, Cody is well-known for participating in Cup Series. 

Similarly, a new addition to the team is Sting Ray Robb, who participated in the Indy Car Series this year. 

Rick Ware Racing's full-time drivers for the 2023 season are as follows;

  • Todd Gilliland
  • Riley Herbst 
  • Cody Ware
  • Brennan Poole
  • Andrew J. Lally
  • Sting Ray Robb

Likewise, there are multiple part-time drivers like J J Yeley who is nearing retirement, and Jenson Button a former F1 driver competed in his last race at Indianapolis

Todd Gilliland

Gilliland is a young athlete who has secured three wins in his career. His first race was in the '17 Bar Harbor 200 (Dover). Todd shall compete full-time with Rick racing in the '23 season. 

Gilliland is said to race with Rick's company for the upcoming five races. His upcoming race is at Talladega, he shall drive in the no. 36 cars for the full season. 

Todd is playing second fiddle in Front Row Motorsports, he was demoted to part-time rider after the arrival of Zane Smith. Thus, there are possibilities for him to switch allegiance in the future. 

Riley Herbst

Herbst celebrating after coming within the top ten ranks in the Daytona 500
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Herbst is a 24-year-old talented racer. He drives a Ford Mustang for Rick's team (no. 15). He signed as a full-time driver of Ware's crew and participated in the Daytona 500. 

Moreover, Riley made history by placing tenth in Cup, Xfinity, and Truck series. He is part of the top five drivers to achieve such a feat. 

Before signing with Ware's team, he switched with multiple racing companies like Joe Gibbs and Stewart-Haas. Herbt competed alongside 23 XI driver Bubba Wallace in the Series race. 

Cody Ware

Ware is the passionate driver of his father's racing team. He is the winner of America's Rookie of the Year in '14. He has competed in over 100 races in his career. 

This NASCAR driver does not have a perfect resume for winning but he has shown heart by consistently competing in these competitive races. 

Cody has only placed once in the top tens of the NASCAR Cup Series. His 2022 finish was in the 32nd place in the event. 

Brennan Poole

Brennan has achieved multiple titles in the course of his driving tenure. Poole is known to be a coach, consultant, spotter, and engineer thus he wears multiple hats. 

He is Rick Ware's no. 15 full-time driver in the NASCAR Xfinity series. Brennan has found the most success in the Menards Series, he has accumulated six wins. 

Poole participates in other competitions like Truck Series and Cup series, but he only competes part-time. 

Andrew J. Lally

Andrew also known as Andy Lally is one of the oldest racers in the NASCAR series. He competes in Rick's Weather Championship despite being 48 years old.

Lally was rookie of the year, he was the Grand Am champion and WKA gold cup champion. Andy is the Daytona Speedway winner of '16. He is a popular driver with multiple top finishes. 

Sting Ray Robb

Sting Ray Robb is the latest rookie in the Rick Ware Racing. Ray had multiple accolades including his first-place medal in the national championship of Rotax Junior Max Karting in 2015. 

Robb's first professional win was Sports Car Course in Ohio. He proved his doubters wrong after he won Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the 2020 season. 

Rick Ware Net Worth In 2023

Rick Ware (left) alongside Cody Ware at the pit stop looking at the race track
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Rick Ware Net Worth in 2023 is over $50 million. Rick Ware Racing generates $3 million according to RocketReach. Ware is sponsored by Mobil 1, Biohaven, Patriot Mobile, and others. 

On average, $15-20 million is required to operate a NASCAR team. By adjusting inflation, Rick generates $5 million in revenue each year also sponsors provide financial incentives to the team. 

There are also opportunities for the driving team to make money from competitions. RWR participates in different events like Xfinity, Cup Series, and Truck Series

That said, the team participates in other minor and major events to help them garner private investment, sponsorship, and factory marketing stock. 

Here, factory marketing stock refers to the allocation of money by big car companies like Porsche, Ford, and Volkswagon towards racing for their promotion. 

List Of Rick Ware Business

Rick Ware Racing workshop advertising their brand partner Parts plus
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List of Rick Ware Businesses seems to be limited to Rick Ware Racing. He might have other middle-scale businesses that help his racing company. 

However, Rick has not made them public but on the other hand, he is in partnership with multiple business sponsors which are as follows;

Biohaven Pharmaceuticals

Biohaven is a pharma company that markets unique therapeutical products for individuals suffering from neurological diseases.

This pharma company has sponsored Cup Series, WeatherTech championship, New Hampshire Motor Speedway, and Indy Car series. They are the main sponsor of the team.

Mobil 1

Mobil 1 is a popular lubrication band for motor oil, it is one of the most popular NASCAR sponsors they have partnered with Joe Gibbs Racing as well. 

They have mainly supported the racing crew in the Cup Series. The company is also an official partner of NASCAR since 2003. 

Camping World

Recreational vehicles, camping gear, and outdoor accessories are all sold by Camping World.

The No. 15 and No. 51 NASCAR Cup Series cars driven by RWR are sponsored by Camping World.

Parts Plus

Customers can purchase high-quality parts and services from Parts Plus, a network of independent automobile parts wholesalers serving all of North America.

The NASCAR Cup Series vehicles for RWR with the numbers 15 and 51 are sponsored by Parts Plus.

Furthermore, other sponsors or business partners of Rick Ware Racing are as follows;

  • SunnyD
  • Patriot Mobile
  • Panini
  • Public Sq
  • Ford 
  • Honda 
  • Oreca
  • Jacob Companies
  • OTR Employment Service
  • Macc Door System
  • GrillBlazer 51