Past winners Richmond International Raceway are Kyle Larson, Kevin Harvick, Denny Hamlin and Martin Truex Jr. The 2023 series is set for July 30.

The race track was opened 76 years ago on October 12, 1946, and since then has been hosting exhilarating races throughout the year in various events.

So how long is Richmond Raceway and how many laps do the drivers complete? The length of the track is 0.750 miles and drivers complete 400 laps in Cup Series races.

The Cook Out 400 race on July 30, 2023, will be the second race at the track and will start at 3 pm. A great way to spend your weekend if you happen to be someone who loves speed.

Richmond raceway bag policy indicates that only one clear bag or clear backpack per person is permitted. The standard size to be followed is 18"x18"x14".

A fanny pack or clutch is also allowed on the race track but should be complied with the standard size of a maximum of 4.5"x6.5". Seat cushions are also allowed along with service animals.

Richmond Raceway Past Winners

Kyle Larson2023
Kevin Harvick2022
Denny Hamlin2022
Martin Truex Jr.2021
Alex Bowman2021
Brad Keselowski2020
Kyle Busch2018
Joey Logano2017
Carl Edwards2016
Matt Kenseth2015

Kyle Larson - 2023 (April)

The latest driver to win at the Richmond Raceway in April and his first for the season
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Kyle Larson is the latest in the Richmond Raceway winners list. He won the 7th race out of the 36 races of the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series on April 2, 2023.

Kyle Larson started on the 9th position and Alex Bowman was awarded the pole position for the race. Larson's teammate William Byron led the race for 117 out of the 400 laps which was the most.

With the win at the Richmond Raceway, Larson managed to climb up 3 positions on the Driver's Championship standing and was positioned 6th with 222 points.

Larson finished the race in 3:17:37 and had a 1.535-sec margin of victory to win the Toyota Owners 400 race with the Chevrolet. The average speed of the race was 91.085 mph.

Kyle Larson previously won on the Raceway back in 2017 to win the Federated Auto Parts 400 on September 9, which was the 26th race of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup.

Kevin Harvick - 2022 (August)

Kevin Harvick won the 24th race of the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series to win the Federated Auto Parts 400 and was driving a Ford for the Stewart-Haas Racing team.

The race was led by Joey Logano for the longest time with him being in the lead for 222 laps who had started on the 17th position. Harvick started at 13th and did not feature in the Top 10 at the end of Stage One.

In the next 160 laps of Stage Two, he was placed fourth and ended the race as the winner with a timing of 3:03:27 and a close .441-second margin of victory. The average speed of the race was 98.110 mph.

He previously won on the Raceway in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. The results are a combination of both the Cup Series as well as the Xfinity Series. 

Denny Hamlin - 2022 (April)

Denny Hamlin loves racing at the Richmond Raceway and grabbed another win in 2022
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Denny Hamlin won the 2022 Toyota Owners 400 race which was the 7th race of the season held on April 3, 2022. He finished the race with a time of 3:04:43 and a .552-sec margin of victory.

The pole speed during qualifying was 119.782 and as a result, Ryan Blaney started in pole position. The average speed of the race was 97.447 mph.

The 50 Cup Series race winner started in the 13th position with a qualifying time of 22.523 and Team Penske driver Ryan Blaney led for 129 laps. The race had 13 lead changes only for Hamlin to win it at the end.

He first won on the Raceway in 2008 and followed it up with wins in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2016. 

Martin Truex Jr.- 2021 (September)

The past results at Richmond Raceway have Martin Truex Jr. as the winner of the 2021 Federated Auto Parts Salute to First Responders. His third at the Raceway.

Kyle Larson had started at the pole position and teammate Denny Hamlin led for the most laps. He almost led for half the race at 197 laps. Truex started in the third position.

His win came in a time of 3:03:06 and 21 lead changes occurred took place during the race. He won by a margin of 1.417 seconds which kept him in close contention for the Driver's Championship standings and was -38 points at third place.

Richmond Raceway odds to win the Cook Out 400 have Martin Truex Jr. as the favorite for a first-place finish and his odds are 9-2 to win it on July 30, 2023.

Truex Jr. has twice won on the Raceway in 2019 before this and hasn't won on this particular track after 2021 and the favorite will look to rack up another win.

Alex Bowman - 2021 (April)

Richmond Raceway past results winner in 2021 was Alex Bowman who won the 66th Annual Toyota Owners 400 race on April 18, 2021. It was the 9th race of the season.

The closely contested race had a race time of 3:06:57 and the margin of victory was a mere .381 seconds. The race had 20 lead changes with Bowman taking the lead right at the end. He led the race lap 391 and secured the victory.

Denny Hamlin led the race for 207 laps only to finish second in the end. The victory for Bowman was his third career victory at the Cup Series. This was his only win at the Raceway and will be hopeful for the upcoming race on July 30.

Brad Keselowski - 2020 (September)

Keselowski celebrating his fourth win of the 2020 season
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Brad Keselowski's win on September 12, 2020, was his fourth victory of the season and the 34th in the Cup Series with a race time of 2:56:42, and the average speed was 101.868 mph.

Kevin Harvick had started the race in pole position and Keselowski started in 9th. Hamlin finished top in Stage One and Keselowski was the leader in Stage Two. The race had nine drivers who led the race at some point and had 19 lead changes.

Brad Keselowski first took the lead from laps 121-162, and then in laps 218-293, 317-342, and finally secured the victory after taking the lead in lap 353. The win took him to 3rd place on the rankings and was only 31 points behind leader Kevin Harvick.

He has previously won at the Richmond Raceway in 2010, 2013, 2014, and 2017 including the Xfinity Series races.

Kyle Busch - 2018 (September)

Kyle Busch recorded his seventh win of the 2018 season by winning the Federated Auto Parts 400 on September 22, 2018. It was his career's 50th win in the Cup Series.

Kevin Harvick set a qualifying time of 22.153 and started in the pole position and Martin Truex Jr. who was also leading the Driver's standings led most of the laps of the race. He led for 163 laps and the race had 16 lead changes.

The race time was 2:54:30 and the average speed of the race was 103.152 mph. Truex Jr. was at the top at the end of the First Two Stages only for Busch to cross the finish line first in the later stages of the race.

Busch loves the Richmond Raceways as he has registered 12 wins on the race track with six of them coming in the Xfinity Series.

Joey Logano - 2017 (April)

The 2017 Toyota Owners 400 was race No. 9 of the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series held on April 30, 2017, and was won by Joey Logano.

Matt Kenseth was in the pole position at the start of the race and went on to win Stage 1. Logano started at 5th and was placed 10th at the end of both stages. The race had 18 lead changes with Logano taking the lead with a late charge from laps 371-378 and later taking the lead to earn his 18th victory in the Cup Series.

The race had a time of 3:12:08 and Logano won with a .775-second margin of victory. The average speed of the race was 93.685 mph and this win kept him in contention for the Driver's Championship.

Logano has only one victory is the Raceway prior to 2017 when he won the Toyota Owners 400 which was the 9th race of the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

Carl Edwards - 2016 (April)

Carl Edwards and his iconc and signature celebration after a win at the Richmond Raceway
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It's been a while since we talked about a race winner who actually led for most of the laps. Carl Edwards led 154 laps at the 2016 Toyota Owners 400 which was the 9th race of the Sprint Cup Series.

Edwards started in 4th position with Kevin Harvick taking the pole position. The time of the race was 3:05:26 with an average speed of 97.07 mph and had 23 lead changes among drivers during the 400 laps.

Kyle Busch was the race leader during the later stages of the race and was turning out to be the favorite to win it with Edwards right on his tail. A "bump and run" move was needed for Edwards to take the lead in the final lap and win the race with a .0675-second margin of victory.

The victory earned him his 27th win in the Cup Series and his second and consecutive win of the 2016 season. This win also took him to the pole position in the championship standings.

Matt Kenseth - 2015 (September)

Joey Logano started at the pole position and Kenseth started behind him. Kenseth had already recorded three wins before the Federated Auto Parts 400 in 2015 and was in search of his fourth on September 12, 2015.

The race had a time of 2:59:22 with an average speed of 100.353 mph. The race had a total of 13 lap leaders among four drivers and Kenseth dominated the race as he led the race for 352 laps out of 400.

This win sealed his 35th career victory and also his second at the Raceway. Kyle Busch was the runners-up in the race and the win for Kenseth meant that he would jump four spots and shared the same points with the leader Jimmie Johnson.