Riccardo Patrese and his former wife Susi had twin daughters in 1985. Maddelena and Beatrice were the second and third children in the family.

Simone Patrese is the first-born son of Riccardo and Susi. Riccardo is now happily living with his wife Francesca Accordi.

He is a well-known former racing driver who raced in Formula One from 1977 to 1993. Riccardo made his F1 debut in 1977 at Monaco Grand Prix.

He held the record for most Formula One Grand Prix ad he was the ninth-most experienced F1 driver in the history of 2021.

Patrese also competed in the World Sportscar Championship with the Lancia factory team, where he won eight races and placed second in 1982.

He had two of his best results when racing for Arrows at the United States Grand Prix West at Long Beach, where he placed second in 1980. Patrese retired at the end of the 1993 season, he had made 256 starts overall. 

Riccardo Patrese Had A Twin Daughters With His Former Wife

Riccardo Patrese and his former wife Susi were parents of three children, their son Simone Patrese and twin daughters Maddelena and Beatrice Patrese.

Riccardo Patrese and his former wife Susi with their twin daughters Maddelena and Beatrice.
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Riccardo's son Simone Patrese is 45 years old, he was born in 1977. Simone was born four days before his father competed in his first Grand Prix, which was held in Monaco in 1977.

His twin daughters Maddelena and Beatrice Patrese were born in April 1985. Riccardo's daughter mostly used to live with their nanny.

As Riccardo is a racing driver he doesn't want his son Simone to follow in his footstep. On Riccardo Patrese Website, he has stated that his son Simone is a good boy and plays tennis competitively. 

One of his twin daughters, Beatrice, is an international-class equestrian. Maddelena works as a design consultant for International Tile and Stone and resides in Los Angeles, California.

Riccardo Met His Former Wife Susi In 1975

Riccardo Patrese  first met his former wife Susi in 1975. 

Riccardo states he prefers having his wife Susi with him when he attends the Grand Prix. Susi is a very calm, quiet, and patient person.

Riccardo Patrese met his wife Susi in 1975.
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When Riccardo deals with the media or when he is outraged about anything, she supports him. Riccardo started racing karts in 1964 when he was 16 years old, and by 1975 he had won the World Championship.

He then switched to circuit racing, winning the Italian and European Formula 3 titles in 1976.

Riccardo Patrese Daughter Beatrice Patrese Is An Equestrian

Beatrice Patrese is an Italian international-class equestrian.

She began riding at the age of 10 and participated in her first competition at the age of 14. She finished third in the overall Italian championships in 2002.

Beatrice Patrese is an Italian horsewoman .
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Beatrice won bronze in 2003 at the European Junior Equestrian Championships. She finished sixth on the World Cup stage on November 6, 2005, in Verona, achieving the most prestigious finish of her career to date.

She is active on her Facebook account with the username @Beatrice Patrese. She updates her Facebook profile by posting pictures from her professional career.

Riccardo Patrese Celebrated Anniversary With His Wife Francesca Accordi

Riccardo Patrese and his wife Francesca Accordi have been married for 21 years. 

Riccardo posted a photo of him and Francesca on his Instagram account on June 17, 2021, with the caption "20," in celebration of their wedding anniversary.

Riccardo Patrese is living happily with his wife Francesca Accordi.
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Francesca is the co-founder of Fler. She has always been by her husband's side and supported and encouraged him in every phase of his life.

The couple also has a son named Lorenzo Patrese. Lorenzo has followed in his father's footsteps with the desire to drive in Formula One.

Riccardo Patrese Does A Speed Lap With His Wife

Riccardo's wife sat behind the wheel of a sporty Honda Civic Type R saloon during the three-minute lap of the Jerez track in Spain.

Riccardo Patrese does a speed lap with his wife Francesca Accordi. and a hidden camera.
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Patrese was aware that the car was equipped with a camera, but his wife Francesca was unaware that their activities were being captured on camera.

A video of Patrese and Francesca went viral online, gaining roughly a million views in a couple of days. Francesca, who was unaware that she was being recorded, repeatedly banged her husband's ears throughout the duration of the journey at speeds of above 100 mph.

She screams at him to slow down, to consider their children, that she is going to pass out, and ultimately breaks loose with a barrage of foul language, telling him that he is not driving a Formula One car.

When the car was safely back in the pits and Francesca noticed the little dashboard-mounted camera that had been recording the lap, she recognized the humor and laughed helplessly.

Riccardo Patrese's Son Lorenzo Patrese Followed In His Footstep

Riccardo Patrese and Francesca Accordi's son Lorenzo Patrese is a racing driver.

Riccardo's youngest son, Lorenzo, has followed his father into karting, with ambitions to become a Formula One driver.
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Lorenzo made his car racing debut in the Italian F4 Championship. In 2021, he participated in the Italian Formula 4 Series for the first time, placing third among freshmen.

It represents his entry into GT racing, for him. With assistance from Car Collection, Lorenzo Patrese assumes his seat in the Audi R8 LMS GT3 EVO2 for Tresor.

The team competes in the Spa 24 Hour as well as the championship's sprint and endurance races with two cars on the track.

Along with the racing car, he is also a horse rider. On July 17, 2022, he uploaded a picture of horse riding with the caption "What a weekend! I want to thank all my horses for jumping as superstars. At the end of the weekend, we closed with a nice 5th place in the GP and a few placements in the different classes."

Lorenzo Patrese liked horse riding, a sport that he had started practising years ago.
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He enjoyed horseback riding and had taken up the activity years before leaving the world of the four wheels.