Reed Blankenship shares the same family name as Rodrigo Blankenship but NFL players are unrelated. Reed is a safety for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Whenever two players in the same field share the same surnames, there is always curiosity and excitement for the fans and other people to find out if the two players are related.

Reed Blankenship Plays as the Safety for The Eagles

Reed Blankenship is an American professional football player who plays as the safety for the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles. 

Having gone undrafted in the 2022 NFL draft, Reed Blankenship was signed by the Eagles as an undrafted free agent. The rookie safety has gotten to show his talents and caliber on the pitch this season as he has had an opportunity to do so due to the injuries for the critical guys at his position.

Reed Blankenship plays as a rookie safety for the Eagles
Reed Blankenship plays as a rookie safety for the Eagles ( Source : instagram )

Born on March 2nd, 1999, in Athens, Alabama, Reed Blankenship did his studies at West Limestone high school, which is located back in his hometown. Furthermore, he went to college in Middle Tennessee. He had plenty of other offers and scholarship opportunities. However, Reed chose Middle Tennessee as his college.

Reed's talent at defense is apparent, and he has been showcasing it since college. Having just started his career this year, Reed has appeared in 5 games thus far this season. However, for most of these games, he was used as a unique player in the special team unit. It wasn't until the Greenbay Packers game that he was used primarily as a defender.

During the Packers game, he made a play for life and one which he will most probably never forget. He picked off Aaron Rodgers, the one quarterback who rarely, if ever, throws interceptions. And for such a young player at the beginning of his career to pick off Aaron Rodgers is enormous as it motivates them and gives them a boost.

Reed Blankenship might have gone undrafted, but with dedication and determination, he can go far in his career. 

Rodrigo Blankenship is a Free Agent

Rodrigo Blankenship, is a professional placekicker in the NFL and a free agent.

Rodrigo Blankenship plays as the Placekicker in the NFL
Rodrigo Blankenship plays as the Placekicker in the NFL ( Source : instagram )

American professional football player Rodrigo Blankenship has been a free agent recently after being waived by the Arizona Cardinals early the previous month. He has been without a team ever since.

Born on January 29, 1997, in Marietta, Georgia, Rodrigo Blankenship did his studies at Sprayberry high school in his hometown of Marietta. He joined the University of Georgia for college and was part of their football team, the Georgia Bulldogs. Rodrigo was so good as the placekicker during his entire college career he is known for never having missed an extra point. He was 200 out of 200.

Rodrigo decided to appear in the NFL draft 2020. However, he went undrafted as no team used their draft picks to select him. He later signed a contract with the Indianapolis Colts as an undrafted free agent on 29th April 2020.

He spent two years with the Colts. During his time there, he made a name for himself within the NFL community as a very proficient and valuable kicker. He was even recognized for his kicking abilities and was named the special team player of the week. 

However, the injury kicked in the next season, and everything has been downhill. Rodrigo suffered a hip injury, impacting his play and kicking ability. Later, the Colts waived him, and the Arizona Cardinals picked him up after having a tryout with the Jaguars. His injuries still lingered, and in early November this year, he was waived again, citing the injury issues.

Apart from being a great kicker, he has an interest in journalism and even studied journalism. Even after his playing career, we can see him having a successful journalistic or TV career, just like his peers.

Even though they have the same last names both Reed Blankenship and Rodrigo Blankenship are unrelated.

For instance, we all know about the Goat Tom Brady. However, another player in the league, Kyle Brady, shares the same last name. and they are definitely not related to each other. 

There have been superstar brothers in the league over the years. The Kelce Brothers, Diggs brothers, Watt brothers, Harbough brothers, Manning brothers and are among the few. Despite sharing the same family name, Reed and Rodrigo Blankenship are not brothers.

Eagles safety Reed Blankenship is not related to Rodrigo Blankenship
Eagles safety Reed Blankenship is not related to Rodrigo Blankenship ( Source : instagram )