Raquel Rodriguez parents are Rick Gonzalez and Lucy Gonzalez. Rick is a former professional wrestler popular by the ring name Desperado.

The Texas-born WWE star hails from a family of wrestlers and the motivation was always there for Rodriguez to follow in their footsteps. 

Rodriguez made her in-ring debut on 20 January 2017 at an NXT live event in a 12-woman royal battle. She later competed under the ring name Reina Gonzalez in the first Mae Young Classic tournament. 

Over the last five years, the 32-year-old Raquel has earned a great reputation by winning the NXT Women's Championship. On top of that, she is a two-time NXT Women's Tag Team Champion and WWE Women's Tag Team Champion.

Her alliance with Dakota Kai was the talk of the town as they won the inaugural Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Apart from that, she won her first WWE Women's Tag Team Championship in partnership with Canadian wrestler Aliayah.

Raquel is currently signed to WWE owned by Vince Mcmahon and performs on the SmackDown brand. Moreover, she is the current WWE Tag Team Champion alongside fellow teammate Liv Morgan, winning in their first reign as a team.

Raquel Rodriguez Family Life

Raquel was born to the Gonzalez family on 12 January 1991 in La Feria, Texas. Her real birth name is Victoria Gonzalez.

The Mexican-descent Victoria was a massive fan of wrestling while growing up. She was absolutely fascinated watching her father wrestle and dreamed of becoming a professional wrestler herself one day.

Apart from wrestling, the 6 feet tall athlete was a renowned basketball player during her high school and college days. She played for the TAMUK Javelina women's basketball team before transferring to the Sam Houston Bearkats

Raquel only told Ricky about her desire to be a professional wrestler after graduating with a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication. 

Rick Wrestled in Texas

Raquel Rodriguez dad Rick Gonzalez was a Texan wrestler who predominantly worked in the Western Wrestling Alliance.

He initially started training in the late 1980s in San Antonio and worked in the southern independent territories. Ricky was previously named Speedy Gonzalez by fellow wrestlers and the audience due to his rapid pace. 

Raquel celebrating her pop's birthday in January 2020.
Source : instagram

Gonzalez later landed in the Western Wrestling Alliance, where he crossed paths with the likes of the Guerreros, Booker T, and s.

Rick became even more popular with the ring name Desperado. He actually used it to resemble his long hair with the Mexican character.

Raquel shares a very close bond with Despeardo as she often wishes him on special days like Father's Day and birthdays via social media sites.

Lucy Was High School Athlete

The athletic gene runs through the veins of the Gonzalez household. Raquel Rodriguez mom Lucy played varsity basketball and volleyball.

She actively participated in high school tournaments and relished a pretty successful time. On top of that, she also excelled as a track athlete.

Ricky and Lucy shares a laugh during dinner in December 2015.
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Lucy often used to drive her daughters to Corpus Christi so that they could watch their dad wrestle in the ring. Reminiscing back on the days, Rodriguez calls it one of the best moments of her childhood.

The current WWE Tag Team champion is equally close to her beloved mother and credits her valuable contributions ever since her birth. Raquel shared a series of Lucia's old photos on Instagram while wishing her Happy Mother's Day in 2020. 

Raquel Cherishes Her Aunt Life

Raquel Rodriguez has an older sister named Madelyn Adler. Madelyn is happily married to Shane and has a cute little daughter named Willow.

The two siblings grew up together in Texas. They share the same bond full of love and compassion for each other three decades later. 

Adler is an avid Instagram user and she has shared an abundance of family photos. She is beyond proud of her sister's achievements, as apparent from her social media posts. 

The WWE superstar is a proud auntie to Adler's daughter, Willow. The little kid was born on 8 October 2018 in Texas.

It is pretty obvious from her Instagram posts that Rodriguez absolutely loves playing and spending quality time with Willow. From spending the festivals together to relishing vacations, Raquel is more often than not together with her baby girl. 

The auntie-niece duo recently dressed up in gorgeous gear inspired by Eddie Guerrero and Selena Quintanilla Perez. She took to Instagram to share the photo with the caption, "Name this tag team."

Raquel and Braun Strowman Relationship

Raquel Rodriguez boyfriend is a fellow wrestler Braun Strowman. The dazzling pair made their relationship public in 2022 via social media. 

The WWE superstars initially started their friendship in 2019 and with the passing of time, they bonded over their sessions at the gym.

After spending time together and getting to know more about each other, they fell in love and started dating in 2021. Two years down the lane, they have made a handful of public appearances together. 

Raquel and Strowman having some fun during the gym session.
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The real name of Strowman is Adam Scherr. He is currently signed to WWE and performs on the SmackDown brand. The 39-year-old strongman has won a lot of titles including the WWE Universal Championship and Intercontinental Championship.

Talking in an interview with Yahoo Sports, Rodriguez opened up on how Braun helped to improve her on-screen presence in the ring. She is really appreciative of being around her hubby and learning a lot of stuff from the experienced wrestler.

From training together to traveling to various destinations, they are relishing every single moment spent with each other. Their alliance just seems to get stronger with each passing day and it might only be a matter of time before they bind into a marital alliance.