Priest Of The Sacred Flame AFK Arena has crucial headwear and ornaments. You will need to complete the Custom Request by Rosaline on Day 5.

The Noctis Animarum Festival 2023 Halloween event is available for players from October 28 to November 11, 2023, is a must-try for all seasoned and new players.

Similar to that of last year, the spooky season once again offers players several different activities to compete in and win exciting rewards.

Only two more Custom Requests tasks are left to be solved to earn valuable rewards and stars. Let us dive into the details of the Halloween Event that is currently taking place.

Noctis Animarum AFK Arena Day 6 requires a nature style base and gentle botanist headwear and ornaments to complete the challenge.

AFK Arena Halloween Event 2023

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AFK Arena Halloween Event 2023 has once again marked its return with the Noctis Animarum Festival. It has tons of exciting rewards along with a Jack event, a new Estrilda Skin, and a new Veithael Skin.

The 2023 Halloween event has several interesting activities lined up:

  • Crafting Workshop
  • Custom Request
  • Fantasy Hut
  • Season of Reminiscence
  • The Realm of Denial
  • Twilight Couture

Crafting Workshop

In the Crafting Workshop, players will get to craft their pumpkins. You first choose a pumpkin base and craft it the way you want it by choosing the eyes and mouth.

In order to unlock other eyes and face shapes, players will have to complete the given quests. Once you submit your design, your pumpkin will be available in the gallery where other designs will also be open for viewing.

You can like other people's pumpkin creations and for every three different pumpkin likes, you get a candy key which can be later used to unlock more expressions in the draw area.

Custom Request

The Custom Request activity is by far the most interesting among the other activities as players can design their Jack o'Lantern according to different specifications.

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You will be making different Jack o'Lanterns based on other customer's requests. Players receive a Custom Request challenge every day and have to complete the previous challenge to move on to the next one.

The more the submission fits the request, the higher the star rating the player will receive.

The first three Custom Requests challenges have accessories for the body, eyes, and mouth as part of the Expression Kit that the players can use. Players can use accessories for the display base, headwear, and ornaments from the fourth challenge onward.

Any type of fancy accessories for the body, eyes, and mouth can only be collected from the Fantasy Hut.

Fantasy Hut

The Fantasy Hut is basically the area from where you can get all your expressions for the pumpkin creations. It does not have any special significance and after you get hold of four expressions, you will receive a Jack o'Lantern Accessories Card.

You can use this card to select desired accessories for your Jack o'Lantern. You can also use Candy Keys that you earned to unlock accessories.

AFK Arena Noctis Animarum Realm Of Denial

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AFK Arena Noctis Animarum Realm Of Denial has four maps with each divided into further two areas. Each area has its own battles and event stages.

The Realm of Denial can be tricky to conquer and needs a lot of patience.

There are eight areas and one event will unlock the first eight days of the event. In order to get to the next level, players will have to beat every preceding level.

There are no particular fight orders that need to be followed and the difficulty of the fights also varies. Unlike other games, players will not have the liberty to choose their characters for the battle but will have to make do with what the system gives them.

Players will have to keep in mind that for every battle stage, you will have to (mandatory) deploy Shemira - The Soulreaver. You will receive 100 Soul Flames which is a consumable item for every battle victory.

The item will be used to level up The Soulreaver as without leveling up Shemira or or other Heroes, you won't be able to make it far in the game.

AFK Arena Custom Request

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AFK Arena Custom Request has eight challenges in total and players will receive challenges on a daily basis. Each has to be completed to move to the next one.

  • Day 1 - Raku: “I’d like a Jack o’Lantern with a full expression, preferably with eyes that look dazed!“
  • Day 2 - Liberta: “I’d like a Jack o’Lantern with a full expression, preferably with a mouth that resembles a kitty’s!”
  • Day 3 - Naroko: “I’d like a Jack o’Lantern with a full expression, preferably with an infatuated look! Wouldn’t that be interesting?“
  • Day 4 - Peggy: “I’d like a Jack o’Lantern with a full expression, display base and as many accessories as possible!“
  • Day 5 AFK Arena pumpkin guide - Rosaline: "I’d like a Jack o’Lantern with all features, its display base resembling something from the Empire, and the combination of headwear and ornaments resembling that of a priest of the Sacred Flame."
  • AFK Arena Custom Request Day 6 - Respen: "I’d like a Jack o’Lantern with all features, with a nature style base and gentle botanist headwear and ornaments."
  • AFK Arena Pumpkin Day 7 - Safiya: "I'd like a Jack o’Lantern with all features, with a base, headwear, and ornaments that befit a queen!”
  • AFK Arena Daimon gift guide Day 8 - Daimon: "I'd like a Jack o’Lantern with all features… I hope it looks like my mom. Do you know her? She’s Shemira.”