Pikmin 4 Sightless Passage Castaway is a hidden challenge that requires players to find a helpless castaway in a dark and treacherous sublevel.

Players can locate the castaway by following their voice, which will lead them into the darkness.

To save the castaway, players must transport them back to the S.S. Beagle after they locate them. Given the weight of the castaway and the number of enemies, this could prove difficult.

But, to combat opponents and carry the castaway, players can employ their Pikmin.

Pikmin can be utilized to defeat monsters, transport the castaway, and even use Glow Pikmin to illuminate areas. Rescuing the castaway can be difficult, but it is certainly doable with patience and determination.

The good thing is that it is not necessary to rescue the castaway in order to complete Pikmin 4, but it is a satisfying challenge that will offer players a sense of success.

Where To Get Purple Pikmin in Pikmin 4?

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You can get Purple Pikmin in Subterranean Swarm Cave and Engulfed Castle.

Subterranean Swarm Cave: The Primordial Thicket world has the Subterranean Swarm Cave, which contains the first Purple Pikmin and it's the first cave in the game that you can go through.

There are two Purple Candypops on the cave's first sublevel. Each Candypop will turn 5 of your Pikmin into Purple Pikmin, giving you 10 Purple Pikmin from this cave.

Similarly, a third Purple Candypop can be found on cave sublevel three. This means that the Subterranean Swarm cave can yield a total of 15 Purple Pikmin.

Engulfed Castle: The land of Serene Shores is home to the Engulfed Castle. Purple Onion can only be found in this cave, which is the fifth and last one you can explore throughout the game.

You can cultivate Purple Pikmin in your ship's garden by using the Purple Onion. Since you won't need to rely on finding Purple Candypops, this is a more feasible method of getting Purple Pikmin.

Hence, you must battle the Water Wraith on the fifth and last sublevel of the Engulfed Castle in order to obtain the Purple Onion. You can obtain the Purple Onion after you win against the Water Wraith.

Another way to get purple Pikmin in Pikmin 4 is by eliminating Purple Bulborbs, you can also obtain Purple Pikmin. The worlds of Serene Shores and Primordial Thicket are home to these foes.

You can always try exchanging other Pikmin with other Captains if you are experiencing problems finding Purple Pikmin.

How To Get 100 Purple Pikmin?

To get 100 Purple Pikmin you need to farm it first and the Subterranean Swarm cave is one of the best places to farm Purple Pikmin.

To get the Purple Pikmin in the Subterranean Swarm cave, you first have to go inside and get the two Purple Candypops. After that, go outside and again get back into the cave.

There will be a respawn of the Purple Candypops, so you can gather them again. Then keep repeating steps 1 and 2 until you have obtained enough Purple Pikmin. This is the fastest method to get 100 Purple Pikmin.

Likewise, another way to get the Purple Pikmin is through the Purple Onion, which is a more feasible way.

First of all, get through the Engulfed Castle and be victorious against the water wraith, get the purple onion, and in your ship's garden, simply plant it.

You need to look after them by giving them water and composting them frequently. Then, you will get your purple Pikmin after it is ready to harvest.

To get Purple Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom, you will have to first reach player level 13 and find out the Candypop Buds.

Pikmin 4 Cavern For A King Guide

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In Pikmin 4, The Cavern for a King is a cave that is located in the Primordial Thicket and it will only unlock after rescuing all the castaways.

Having a whopping twenty sublevels and housing the game's last boss, it is regarded as the game's final cave.

It also includes fights against former bosses like the Toxstool, Jumbo Bulborb, Blizzarding Blowhog, and Ancient Sirehound.

Pikmin 4 armored Cannon Beetle is the boss of Sublevel 4.

It is advised that players enter Cavern for a King with a sufficient supply of all four Pikmin varieties because it is the most difficult cave.

To battle the numerous opponents and solve the challenges they will come across, players must also be ready to employ their Pikmin strategically.

In The Cavern for a King, there are bosses on each sublevel that you must beat in order to move on.

We will be talking about just 5 different sublevels below but you can watch the video embed to know how to beat all 20 sublevels of the Cavern for a King.

In the sublevel 1, the boss is Toxstool. The strategy that you can use in this sublevel is luring the Toxstool away from the other deadly creatures, charging at it with Oatchi to inflict damage and topple it.

Once the beast regains its balance, call back Pikmin to help prevent being entangled in the sticky mold and to avoid their toxic spores.

Sublevel 5 will have Emperor Bulblax (x3) as the boss. Feed Bomb Rocks to them to rapidly dispatch them.

To attack, use the Ultra-Spicy Spray and throw Pikmin directly into the enemy's face.

Smoky Progg is the sublevel 10 boss. Tossing Pikmin onto the Smoky Proggs' head will instantly kill any Pikmin-type due to the red mist under the beast.

This creature's red projectiles can also instantaneously kill Pikmin.

The monster at sublevel 15 is Baldy Long Legs, and the easiest way to defeat him is by sending Pikmin to climb up the Baldy Long Legs and strike the center.

Climb the nearby blocks to obtain a closer view of the Spider's center. You can also freeze the pond with five Ice Pikmin, allowing all of your Pikmin to fight without fear of drowning.

Finally, the boss of the final sublevel is the Ancient Sirehound. When the Ancient Sirehound loses all of its health, it shifts to a different elemental power.

It begins with no powers and then gains them in the following order: ice, fire, electricity, and poison. So use Glow Pikmin, which is immune to all elemental threats.

Avoid the crimson projectiles fired by the beast during the Poison Phase. These attacks are lethal to all Pikmin.

Pikmin 4 Sovereign Bulblax Location

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Pikmin 4 Sovereign Bulblax locations are as follows:

  • Giant's Hearth
  • Subterranean Swarm
  • Cavern for a King
  • Serene Shores

Sovereign Bulblax is one of the bosses in Pikmin 4. This creature is an elderly Emperor Bulblax that uses several of the same attacks as the younger species, including a powerful roar.

Aside from its size and overall health, one notable distinction is its high jumping ability, which is significantly superior to that of its younger peer.

Pikmin 4 Sun Speckled Terrace 100

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Sun-Speckled Terrace in Pikmin 4 has a set number of objectives that you need to find to complete it 100%. It requires retrieving all Treasures, Onions, and rescued Pikmin.

The last treasure is more difficult to locate than the others because it is buried. Though it is a simple potato, you'll have to work to get it and return it to the onion.

You've already passed this treasure if you've made it to the Aquiferous Summit cave. Proceed beyond Crackling Cauldron and cross the bridge you constructed previously. Immediately after crossing the bridge, look to the right.

Right now, the Treasure Radar ought to be pinging. Some of your Pikmin should start to dig at the ground if you toss them on the floor in this area. When there are enough of them excavating in the same spot, the treasure will eventually come to light.

This is most likely the last treasure you will require to find Pikmin 4's Sun-Speckled Terrace 100 percent complete.

All in all, you must carefully explore the surface world and caves in Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace in order to obtain 100% completion, gather all Treasures and onions, and save all fallen Pikmin.

To get past barriers, figure out puzzles, and reach hidden places, strategically use the many Pikmin varieties.

You'll find all the secrets and finish this Pikmin 4 level by carefully going through the environment and making good use of Oatchi's powers.