Phil Mickelson family includes his wife Amy Mickelson and three kids. Phil is a father to two daughters Amanda and Sophia Mickelson and a son Evan Mickelson.

The 52-year-old grew up playing golf under the guidance of his dad Phil Mickelson Sr. while his siblings also took up the sport.

Phil has relished a successful golf career winning 45 events on the PGA Tour and 11 on the European Tour.

Most notably, he became the oldest major winner in golf history en route to clinching the 2021 PGA Championship at the age of 50.

In the upcoming 2023 Masters, the Hall of Fame golfer Phil will be playing alongside Tom Hoge and Si Woo Kim as part of his group.

Three generation of The Mickelsons
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Mickelson Married Life With Amy

Phil Mickelson wedding ceremony took place on 16 November 1996 at a chapel in Arizona. The dazzling couple first met at Arizona State University. 

Coming from a household of tennis enthusiasts, Amy was initially unaware of Phil's profession as a professional golfer. 

In fact, she mistakenly assumed that Phil worked at a golf course shop, as documented in Phil's 2007 book One Magical Sunday.

Mickelson wife Amy McBride is a former cheerleader for the Phoenix Suns. She was a junior studying at ASU while Phil was a senior back then.  

(Right Bottom) Phil and Amy celebrating their 22nd anniversary in November 2018
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In 2004, the couple founded Birdies for the Brave in partnership with the PGA Tour. This nonprofit organization aims to recognize and demonstrate gratitude to members of the United States Armed Forces and their families.

Amy McBride Fought Cancer

The Arizona sweethearts' life journey took a challenging turn as they revealed Amy being diagnosed with breast cancer on May 20, 2009.

The statement also read that Amy would require treatment and "major surgery" in the upcoming weeks. Despite her cancer treatments, Amy made it to the 2010 Masters in Augusta to watch her husband win one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world.

Amy's health condition necessitated a full year of absence from the sport, but she persevered and overcame cancer, becoming a survivor.

Phil expressed his appreciation for his partner on their 22nd wedding anniversary through a heartwarming Instagram post in 2018.

He lauded Amy's grace, charm, kindness and brilliance saying that these qualities made him feel like the luckiest man in the world.

Phil Mickelson Children

Phil Mickelson kids Amanda Brynn Mickelson, Sophia Isabel Mickelson and Evan Mickelson graduated from the Pacific Ridge School. 

The Mickelson couple welcomed their first child Amanda on 21 June 1999. It was just a day after Phil came in second to Payne Stewart at the 1999 U.S. Open.

Their second daughter Sophia Mickelson was born on October 23, 2001, followed by a son Evan Samuel Mickelson on March 23, 2003.

(Right Top) Mickelson poses with the trophy with Amy, Evan, Amanda and Sophia after his victory
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Following Evan's birth, Phil opened up to the Associated Press in January 2004, discussing his wife's challenging third delivery. 

He revealed that the delivery was "dangerous" as Evan didn't breathe for seven minutes and the emergency nurses with the right equipment saved him from severe brain damage or any other complications.

Amanda Brynn Mickelson

Phil's eldest child Amanda Mickelson is an accomplished scholar who has worked at the John Hay Library and graduated from Brown University. 

Amanda's picture posted in her FB page in June 2015
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Her academic interests are diverse, ranging from Egyptology to philosophy. She has also worked in the collections department of a museum. 

Amanda expressed her aspiration to study sociology and social identity to pursue a professional career, per her Facebook post in 2016. 

Sophia Isabel Mickelson

Sophia is a programming apprentice at Miami Film Festival. Sophia is also the founder of Attunement Media, a platform that covers the latest music events in New York and California.

Sophia's talents extend to film direction and editing, which she does as a freelance film director and editor at SIMFILMS. Her works have collectively garnered over 1 million views, showcasing her exceptional skills. 

(Right Bottom) The Mickelsons at Muirfield on July 21, 2013 in Gullane, Scotland
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She has worked as a creative and development intern at Partizan for five months and as a media marketing specialist at Building Block Dance for two years in Carlsbad, California.

Her LinkedIn page also lists her as a graduate of Pacific Ridge School. Isabel is currently attending Yestermorrow Design/Build School's semester program. She is also enrolling at Columbia University, majoring in Urban studies and architecture, with graduation set for 2024.

Evan Samuel Mickelson

Phil Mickelson son Evan Mickelson works as a part-time Frontend Developer for the Brown University Entrepreneurship Program. 

On his LinkedIn profile, he identifies himself as an executive board member, programmer, and designer for Brown RISD Game Developers.

This is a group of creative individuals consisting of students from Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design. Together, they produce eight enjoyable games every year.

(Right) Amy, Phil and Evan at Liberty National Golf Club on 2017 in New Jersey
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Evan also develops games for Heurletic Studios, an LLC he established to publish his creations on the gaming platform Steam. In addition to these major projects, he has produced several other smaller games available on

As a computer science major at Brown University, Evan has also served as a 2D game engines teaching assistant for four months. 

Additionally, he has provided teaching instruction and camp counseling services at iD Tech Camps. He is set to graduate in 2025, majoring in computer science and economics.

Phil Mickelson Grew Up In San Diego

Phil Mickelson parents are Mary Santos Mickelson and Phillip Mickelson Sr. The couple raised their offspring in San Diego.

His father Phillip Sr. was an airline pilot and former naval aviator. Phillip has a mixed ancestry, including Portuguese, Swedish and Sicilian roots.

His maternal grandfather, Alfred Santos worked as a commercial fisherman and was a caddie at Pebble Beach Golf Links before moving to Southern California. 

Besides, Phil's maternal grandmother volunteered as a "pink lady" at Scripps Mercy Hospital, where his mother has also been actively involved.

(Left) Tina, Phil and Mary relishing Christmas in December 2018
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She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, weeks after Amy was diagnosed. They supported each other during treatment and were able to overcome the disease.

Phil, who is naturally right-handed, learned to play golf by watching his pop, who played left-handed. This led Phil to adopt a left-handed swing and he has played golf left-handed throughout his career. 

Furthermore, Phil's dad had a flexible work schedule, which allowed them to play golf together several times a week. Phil honed his skills in an extensive practice area in their San Diego backyard, especially his short game.

Phil Mickelson Has Two Siblings

Phil Mickelson siblings Tina Mickelson and Tim Mickelson are also professional golfers. 

Tina was introduced to golf at an early age, just like her brother. She has been teaching golf professionally since 1991 and has been a PGA Class “A” Member since 1994. 

Apart from being a Callaway Golf Ambassador, Tina is also an Ambassador for Women’s Golf at the Santaluz Club in San Diego.

Furthermore, Tina is a prolific golf writer for San Diego Magazine. She is associated with numerous programs on the Golf Channel and for CBS Sports casing the LPGA Tour. 

(Right Bottom) Tina and Mr. Topacio attending Chula Vista Fire Department Retirement Dinner in November 2021
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She is a renowned instructor in Dr. Deepak Chopra’s program “Golf for Enlightenment” and has even been spotlit in his book, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”.

Apart from this, Tina is married to her husband, who goes by the surname Topacio, a retired Chula Vista Fire officer. Additionally, the couple is parents to two offspring, a daughter named Gabrielle Topacio and a son. 

Brother Tim Caddies For Him

Tim Mickelson has been a PGA Tour caddie since December 2017. Tim caddies for his older brother Phil at the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. 

The younger Mickelson is a seasoned athlete with a proven track record of success in the sports industry. He possesses expertise in program evaluation, entrepreneurship, academic advising, golf, and research. 

(Left) Phil and Tim at Pebble Beach in February 2019
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As a highly skilled professional, Tim has a strong educational background in liberal arts, specifically in the fields of sociology and anthropology, which he obtained from Oregon State University. 

Tim tied the knot with a registered nurse Maranda Mickelson on July 24, 2020 in the Immaculata Catholic Church. 

Days after the ceremony, the couple announced their pregnancy and welcomed a baby boy named Asher Hayes Mickelson on 26th January 2021.