Paul Bissonnete sister Nathalie Bissonnette is a high school teacher from Quebec. Paul grew up with her in Welland, Ontario.

Nicknamed BizNasty, Paul is as famous as a Twitter star as he is for his playing accolades.

Paul Bissonnette is a retired ice hockey player from Canada and a fan of Jarome Iginla. Bissonnette played for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Phoenix Coyotes in his NHL career. 

Left winger Paul won gold medals for Canada in the Hlinka Gretzky Cup in 2002 and the IIHF World U18 Championship in 2003. Moreover, he also won the Calder Cup in 2015.

Paul is currently in the world of media after retirement. He is a studio analyst for NHL on TNT and a color analyst for the Arizona Coyotes. On top of that, he also co-hosts the Spittin' Chiclets podcast for Barstool Sports alongside Ryan Whitney.

For all the humor BizNasty has, he once gently mocked his sister over her haircut in a childhood photo. 

Nathalie Bissonnette is a Maths Teacher

Bissonnette's sister Nathalie Bissonnette was born on September 2, 1982. She is around three years older than the NHL star. 

Nathalie followed in her mother's footsteps since she shared the same passion for teaching. Her LinkedIn profile states that she has been a teacher at Commission Scolaire Marie-Victorin in Quebic since 2004.

Nathalie posts some happy memories on her Twitter handle.
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Nathalie has a Twitter account as @nat_bizz, where she has posted some family photos and memes. Like her brother, it seems evident that the sense of humor runs in the family genes.

Paul Bissonnette Parents

Paul Bissonnette parents are Cam Bissonnette and Yolande Bissonnette. They tied the knot on June 8, 1974. 

Cam and Yol were very supportive since childhood and played a vital role in ensuring Paul's success in ice hockey.

Paul with his mom and dad on the left and whole family on the right.
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Biz Nasty ensured everyone knew them by giving insights into their lives and posting their photos and videos. Even more interesting is that Paul's parents share a birthday on the same day, August 17.

Cam Bissonnette

Cam Bissonnette was a steel worker by profession. The hockey star frankly speaks about getting his extempore personality from his dad.

In an interview with NBC Sports around a decade ago, Paul and Cam talked about Biz Nasty's tweets, shirtless photos, and the NHL. The father-son duo's chemistry was nothing short of spectacular. 

The left winger joked about his father not having a phone and unable to use Twitter. Cam gave an equally witty reply, saying he doesn't understand half of his language in Twitter posts.

Yolande Bissonnette

Paul Bissonnette's mom Yolande was an office administration professor at Niagara College in Southern Ontario. She taught for 30 years and spent most of her career there.

Yolande has always been there for her son, from encouraging him to play hockey to supporting him from the stands. She used to wake up at 5 a.m. and drive Paul to hockey rinks for practice sessions. 

Yol was interestingly once asked about Paul's tweets in an interview. She replied, "I am fine with his tweets most of the time. The only thing I wish he would get better at is spelling and grammar because these are the things that I taught when I was at the college".

Paul Bissonnette Girlfriend

Paul Bissonnette is currently dating his girlfriend Kendal Abigail. She originally comes from Akron, Ohio. Paul and Kendal are in a very close relationship, sharing extreme love, care, and compassion for each other.

However, the dazzling couple prefers to keep their relationship away from the limelight. As such, she is not active on any social media platforms. 

Paul had a wonderful time with Abigail and their dog Finnegan [Credit: Ali Boundy Photography]
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In 2020, Bissonnette was in a relationship with one gorgeous Katie Nentwick from Arizona. Thanks to Ali Boundy Photography, they were clicked together a couple of years ago in a stunning photoshoot. 

They shared some glorious moments along with their dog Finnegan.