A NBA waterboy makes 120 dollars a game. The Waterboys in the league are among the highest paid jobs in the basketball.

He/She is responsible for delivering refreshments to the players on the courts and bench. During lengthy games and demanding practices, the players depend on them to keep them hydrated. 

The team's success depends heavily on the waterboy's role, despite how simple it may seem. They must be quick and effective in serving drinks because dehydration can affect performance.

They are also responsible for maintaining the beverages and equipment, including changing the water bottles, keeping the beverage cold, and washing the cups. 

In the NBA, being a waterboy is a highly desirable position with tough competition. Many potential basketball players regard this position as a way to enter the field and advance.

Being a waterboy is not just about carrying water bottles; it's a demanding and physically challenging job that requires hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude. 

The waterboy handles the stress of performing in front of a large crowd and always acts professionally.

NBA Waterboy Salary 2023

The salary of the NBA waterboy is $58,000 annually. The beginner waterboy earns $100 per game.

The highest-paying NBA teams pay their waterboys up to $100,000 yearly. The revenue of the team also affects their pay.

Teams with higher funds are more likely to recruit higher-paid waterboys. In addition to the basic income, some teams might also provide additional benefits like game tickets and travel costs.

Cleveland Cavaliers waterboy filling bottle.
Cleveland Cavaliers waterboy filling bottle. ( Source : twitter )

Several waterboys can be eligible for bonuses based on their performance and contributions to the team. The success of the waterboy and the team's budget will determine the exact amount of bonus.

Their pay may rise as they gain organizational experience and establish relationships with the club and players. A specific team may even sponsor one of the top waterboys, giving them access to further benefits.

They also receive tips from players, coaches, and other members for their dedication and hard work. Being a waterboy is a great way to break into the industry and make relationships, even though the pay may not be as high as that of the players and coaches.

How Much Money Does a Waterboy Make In The NBA?

NBA waterboy receives good pay compared to other entry-level sports industries. On average, he/she can earn around $25 per hour.

The exact income of a waterboy can vary depending on the team they work for and their experience level.

Waterboys might make more money in established and reputable teams. For example, a water boy for well-known teams like the New York Knicks or the Los Angeles Lakers may make up to $75,000.

This would depend on criteria, such as their knowledge level and the team's requirements. They will also get benefits like health insurance, access to team facilities, and paid leaves.

NBA Waterboy Qualifications

To become an NBA waterboy, you need to be passionate about basketball, have a strong work ethic, and have exceptional communication skills.

You should be ready to task and organize where there is a lot of pressure. The most important attributes to have is willingness and dedication, but there are other requirements to qualify for the job.

Towel boy and water boy sometimes share the time and job between them.
Towel boy and water boy sometimes share the time and job between them. ( Source : facebook )

The first thing to do is to watch NBA games. More than anything else you'll read or hear, this is the best explanation of what an NBA waterboy does.

Since different teams may give their waterboys different responsibilities, you must be familiar with them.

Below we have mentioned some other qualifications required to become a waterboy.

1. Physical Fitness

Being an waterboy requires a lot of hard work, including running up and down the court throughout games, carrying water bottles and equipment, and setting up and taking down equipment.

Waterboys must therefore be in good physical shape and capable of carrying out these duties.

2. Team-Oriented Attitude

A positive, team-focused mindset is important for waterboys because it is a team effort.

The skills to cooperate with others and follow coaches' and players' instructions are necessary. They must also be able to remain calm under pressure and deal with difficult situations professionally.

3. Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills are necessary for waterboys to perform their duties effectively. They must communicate efficiently with the team's coaches, players, and other staff members.

They should also be able to give updates and comments as needed and follow instructions.

4. Education

A high school degree or its equivalent is recommended by many teams, while there are no formal education requirements to become an NBA waterboy.

Some teams may demand that waterboys have a specific number of college credits. It is advantageous to have experience in athletics, sports management, or a similar field.

5. Flexibility

Waterboys must be adaptable and prepared to change their schedules and demands.

NBA games are played on the weekends and in the evenings, so they must be available for these shifts and also be able to work any additional hours needed throughout the season.

How To Apply For NBA Waterboy?

Waterboys go through different steps and procedures to be selected.

1. Find the teams in the NBA and check the team websites for the vacancy announcement.

2. If the vacancy is open follow the instructions given.

3. Send a resume and cover letter to the head coach or human resource department if there is no job posting.

4. Additionally, you might be able to fill out an application through online job boards or staffing companies that focus on sports-related professions.

Duties And Responsibilities Of NBA Waterboy

NBA waterboy plays an essential role in the team's success. The waterboy's duties and responsibilities are to ensure that everyone on the team, including coaches and staff, has access to adequate water to stay hydrated during practice and game days.

They serve as the team's representatives, ensuring everyone is relaxed and fresh on the court. 

Meng Fei(left) is a Chinese basketball court floor cleaner.
Meng Fei(left) is a Chinese basketball court floor cleaner. ( Source : twitter )

Waterboys are expected to show up early to practices and games to ensure adequate water is accessible for all the players and staff.

They also track how much water each player and staff person consumes to prevent dehydration. They are also in charge of incorporating new team members and giving them a warm welcome.

Waterboys are vital to maintaining team spirit and ensuring everyone is at ease in the locker room, on the court, and off it.

Waterboy Has To Do These Deeds

1. Hydrating the team during practices and games, including the players, coaches, and staff.

2. Maintaining and restocking water coolers and bottles.

3. Disinfecting and cleaning water bottles and cups.

4. Helping to set up and take down supplies and equipment.

5. Keeping the workspace neat and organized.

6. Carrying out additional relevant tasks assigned.

Benefits Of Becoming A Waterboy

Working as an NBA waterboy can be a fun and fulfilling experience for those interested in sports and event management.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) offers many advantages and chances for career and personal advancement, although being a waterboy is an entry-level role.

Waterboy sometimes has to manage possible fights breaking out among players.
Waterboy sometimes has to manage possible fights breaking out among players. ( Source : twitter )

1. Access To Events And Games

Waterboy will have access to events and games, giving a first-hand look at the excitement and pressure of professional basketball.

They will get the chance to go to other regions of the country and meet the different cultures and sports enthusiasts of every city.

2. Opportunities For Career Improvements

Working for the NBA may lead to employment opportunities in the sports industry.

One can gain insight and knowledge by forming connections with players, coaches, and other staff members that one can use to advance your career.

3. Connect With High-Level Athletes

He/she will get a chance to work cooperatively with coaches, players, and staff members.

This contact can be beneficial for increasing sport-specific understanding and knowledge and connecting professional relationships.

4. Experience In Sports And Event Management

They involve in the day-to-day operation of professional basketball games.

Involving in day-to-day operations can build professional knowledge can give a good understanding of the planning and coordination required to manage sporting events, which can be important in future employment pursuits.