Mina Kimes married her husband Nick Sylvester in 2015 at Material Culture in Philly. Nick is a musician and a producer for the company God Mode.

Kimes is an American Journalist and senior writer at ESPN. She specializes in business and sports writing.

After graduating, Mugil joined Bloomberg as an Enterprise Reporter in 2013. She also worked as Reporter at Fortune Small Business Magazine for a year.

Mugil worked as a writer for four years in Fortune Magazine. She has won multiple awards during her work as Business Journalist, including the 'Front Page Award' for business reporting.

She is currently working as an analyst on NFL Live and as a columnist for ESPN Magazine. As a Sports reporter, she has written articles about NFL players and young rising stars of sports.

Mina Kimes Wedding Moments

Mina Kimes and Nick Sylvester walked down the aisle on 20 September 2015.

They were blessed with the presence of their family, friends, and well-wishers.

Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester at Material Culture in September 2015.
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Kimes and Sylvester held their big day ceremony at Material Culture. The bride and groom walked down through the rugs to reach the center of the venue.

The violinist and guitarist added the festive touch by playing live music. The celebration party was held till the next day.

The bride's mother wore the traditional Korean dress, HanBok, to the wedding while other guests were dressed as per the western culture.

Lenny, Mina's pet dog, was also one of the important guests at the wedding, and they termed their ceremony 'Lenny Big Day.' They also had a bunch of photoshoots with him.

The bride also wore a Seahawks helmet, one of her favorite teams, on her wedding night.

The bouquet was made of red roses symboling Love and Passion. The groom also pinned a red rose in his suit to complete his attire.

They live in Los Angeles, New York with their rescued Dog, Lenny.

Who is Nick Sylvester?

Nick Sylvester is a music producer and songwriter. Sylvester is also the owner of the label and production company SmartDumb.

Nick co-founded the Los Angeles-based Artist Development Company, GodMode.

GodMode has artists like Channel Tres, JPEGMAFIA, and Yaeji.

Sylvester at Greenpoint, New York working with two New York Based artist on 15 October 2022.
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Nick completed his graduation from Harvard University in Computer Music. He learned music writing, recording, and producing from James Murphy, whom he met in New York.

He struggled as a Wedding Trumpet player and worked with the Bar Mitzvah Band in his initial years.

He worked for the music platform Pitchfork Media as their featured interviews contributor of the artist and musicians.

The Philadelphia native has also studied Music Concrete and Renaissance Choral Music during his college years at Harvard. 

He also showed his creativity by writing for Harvard Lampoon.

He founded his new music company with a unique signature in 2022 after leaving his production company, GodMode.

He gave his Original Score for the 2023 Tennis Star Michael Chang documentary.

Meet Mina Kimes Parents

Mina Kimes parents are Sun Min Kimes and Peter Kimes. Mina has a brother named Isaac Kimes.

Kimes was born on 8 September 1985 in Omaha, Nebraska. She is of partial Korean Descent. 

Sun Min Kimes (Right) and Peter Kimes (Left) with Mina.
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Peter Kimes was a captain in the United States Air Force. He served in the air force for 20 years before retiring.

Peter studied at the University of Washington and completed his Masters's at the University of Michigan under a scholarship provided by the Air Force.

He worked as a role model for his family and provided them stability and a better future.

He often wore a Blue hat and carried a fake leather briefcase from Korea. He is a competitive person and a lover of Historical fiction and Geography.

Peter often went on business trips and brought shampoo from hotels back to his daughter as a gift to her. He was a Seattle native but relocated to different places for job reasons.

As a father, he never stayed away from his children's life. He actively participated in every decision and discussed the problems they encountered along the way.

He is a baseball and football lover and watches many tournaments and games with his kids.

Mina Kimes mom Sun Min Kimes loves nature and humor. She is living in Tennessee with her grandkids and family.

Like her daughter, she is also a dog lover and is raising a dog named Winston. She also loves photography and often shoots pictures of nature and daily livelihood.

She is of Korean Descent. She was born during the time of the war in what is now North Korea.

After being an orphan in aged three, she struggled to come to America and settle there. She sometimes visits her hometown on her vacations. She also takes her time to visit her daughter in Los Angeles.

Sun Min celebrates her birthday along with her son on 22 March. She is 75 years old as of 2022.

The Kimes Family Background

Mina Kimes grew up in Arizona with her family. She comes from a military background.

Mugil and her brother Isaac loved sports from childhood. She participated in softball, football, dancing, marathon, and Soccer during her childhood.

Isaac Kimes joined American Bar Association in 2022.
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Her brother Isaac is a Civil Trial Lawyer in Nashville. He represents the victims who suffered because of third parties like corporates and government entities.

He has been working in the BS&J Law firm since 2022. Before that, he was an attorney in a regional private Injury Firm. 

He has also served as an Advisor in the Tennesse Senate and tried cases in State and Federal court.

Isaac studied B.S. in Justice Studies at Arizona State University and graduated from the University of Memphis Law School in 2012.

He is a Senior Associate at a law firm specializing in Criminal Justice policy.

Isaac is one of the top-rated Injury lawyers in Nashville. He provides legal services in the areas like Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice.