Baseball superstar Mike Trout has been married to his long time girlfriend Jessica Cox since 2017. Sweethearts Mike and Jessica first met during high school.

Mike Trout has had an amazing career in the MLB since he entered the league through the 2009 MLB draft. However, it wasn't until 2011 that he made his proper MLB debut for the Los Angeles Angels. Throughout his career and rise to the upper echelon of the MLB and baseball as a whole, Jessica has been alongside him as his companion and support throughout all of it.

It's often said that behind every successful man, there stands a woman. In this case, the saying is absolutely true. Mike Trout has been very successful and has managed to reach the greatest heights any baseball player could hope to attain in their career. And during all these years, since their childhood even, his sweetheart has stood beside him at every turn of his life and career.

They both have managed to form a prosperous family and a happy one at that. Speaking of Jessica, we must merit the fact that she is also an established woman by herself and can proudly back him as a capable wife rather than just going along for the ride.

Jessica Cox Is an Elementary School Teacher

Jessica Cox is an Elementary school teacher. Mike Trout wife Jessica is associated with the Dennis Township School Board.

Dennis Township Primary School is situated in Cape May Court House, New Jersey, USA.

While not on her teaching duties, she visits her husband's games and is often seen participating with other Angels' WAGS in various events and functions.

Standing at 5'8, the blonde-haired and blue-eyed adorable beauty is one of the MLB's most popular and well-known WAGS, as she is the wife of legendary Mike Trout.

Her Journey from Jessica Cox to becoming Jessica Trout is very endearing and interesting. We explore her family and how her relationship grew and developed with her husband. 

Jessica Cox Family and Background 

Jessica Cox grew up in a family of five with her parents and two brothers. Her family hails from New Jersey.

Although her parents' names have never been mentioned publicly, she often posts pictures of her parents, expressing her love and gratitude for them via her Instagram account. Her father's name is not known to the public as of yet. However, we know her mother's name is Pam Cox, as she tagged her mother's Instagram on one of her posts about her parents.

Jessica Cox's father and mother Pam Cox
Source : instagram

Jessica is very close to her parents, who have played an integral role in her life and upbringing and have always been there to protect her and as her support.

She had two brothers growing up, Aaron Cox and Kyle Cox. We can say that she comes from a sporting family herself considering that her brother Aaron used to play minor league baseball for the Angels as well. Her other brother Kyle also played baseball during his college days.

Jessica with her brothers Kyle to her right and late Aaron to her left
Source : instagram

Tragedy struck, however in her family as a few years back, her brother Aaron passed away. He had been suspended from the minor league for a while for using an illegal substance, and later, he took his own life, but the exact reason is unknown to the public. Due to this, she actively participates in raising awareness and educating people regarding mental health and suicide.

Now, her family consists of herself, her parents, and her other brother Kyle.

Jessica Participates in Charities and Foundations

Jessica Cox actively participates in different charities and foundations. Just from her Instagram we can see that she participates in various charities.

For one, she is actively involved in charities involved in suicide prevention for obvious reasons. Moreover, she is also involved in the animal care foundation.

Likewise, she was also part of the team that went to Belize to spend time with underprivileged kids and help them.

Jessica during her visit to Belize
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Mike Trout And Wife Jessica First Met At Millville High

Mike Trout and his wife Jessica Cox met at Millville senior high school. Mike had just graduated from Millville middle school to senior high.

This was when Jessica joined Millville senior high school as well, and as fate would have it, the two lovebirds met each other, forming an everlasting bond.

Since their earliest encounter at their high school, they have been close, and they started their relationship with an initial couple of dates together. After some time, their relationship grew, and they are still going strong.

Mike Trout opened up that during their high school years, he would often look to be paired with his future wife by relocating his seat in the classroom and getting closer to hers. Slowly but surely, they became best of buddies, and the rest is history.

Mike Trout Wed Jessica in 2017

Mike Trout wed the love of his life Jessica Cox in December 2017. However, the journey they had before they held their wedding is also fascinating.

Mike wed Jessica in December 2017
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In 2009, during their high school prom, Mike went to prom with Jessica, his future wife.

Mike and Jessica went to prom together in 2009
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Mike proposed to Jessica to be his forever partner in 2016, and reportedly did it with style. Per, Mike had a plane write the question off in the sky, and Jessica's answer was a big 'Yes.'

The following year on December 9, 2017, the two made their bond official.

Mike Trout And his Wife Jessica Have A Son Together

Mike Trout and his wife Jessica have a son named Beckham Aaron Trout. Jessica named his son Aaron in memory of his brother.

Jessica gave birth to their son, Beckham Aaron Trout, on July 30, 2020, which makes him two years old. Mike and Jessica frequently post pictures of them with their son on their respective Instagram accounts.

Mike and Jessica with their son Beckham Aaron Trout
Source : instagram

Mike and Jessica are very closely bonded with their only son and are often seen having fun and enjoying their time together. Jessica even takes her son to Mike's games.

We can find many adorable pictures of their son Beckham Aaron Cox in both accounts.

Mike And Jessica Share Their Love For Dogs

Both Mike and Jessica love dogs and they have two dogs in their household. They even have a separate Instagram account just for their dogs.

Mike and Jessica with their two dogs at home
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They keep their dogs as their family. They have several posts dedicated to their dogs all over their Instagram handles.

We've looked into the relationship between legendary MLB player Mike Trout and his wife, Jessica Cox. These two amazing people have been together since their teenage and are an example of how a love relationship should be between two caring and loving people.