Mike Rhoades wife Jodie Rhoades married on August 19, 2001. Jodie is a former college field hockey player from Annville Pennsylvania.

Mike lives in Houston with two sons, Chase and Logan, and a daughter named Porter Rhoades. Logan, the eldest of the brood, is a young football stud stepping foot on Mike's sporting legacy.

Logan has pledged his commitment to play for Colgate University, where he shines as both an Outside Linebacker and Wide Receiver on the football field.

Meanwhile, Mike recently made a headline as he agreed with Penn State to become their next basketball head coach replacing Micah Shrewsberry.

According to CBS Sports, the 50-year-old signed a 7-year contract worth 25 million USD which translates into an annual salary of just over $3.5 million.

Mike Rhoades Married Life

Mike Rhoades and Jodie Rhoades have been together for two decades. The pair tied the wedding knot in August 2001.

The American basketball coach took to Twitter to commemorate their 20th anniversary in August 2021, and he does by posting a picture of the two.

Many of his fans flocked to the comment section to present them with endearing congratulations and best wishes. 

Mike and Jodie pose for a camera holding a bouquet of flower
Source : twitter

Moreover, Mike displays unconditional love and affection towards his better half, pampering her on essential occasions such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, anniversaries, and birthdays. He pens heartfelt notes and extends warm wishes to Jodie to convey his feelings.

On Mother's Day in May 2022, Mike shared a picture of the Rhoades pair and their young ones as he greeted Jodei and all the great moms out there. 

Whereas, a year prior, on May 2021, a Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania native dropped a picture of Jodie as she sat on a chair on a gloomy morning by a lake, holding a hot coffee mug with "I'm Crabby" written on it. 

Similarly, Mike always makes her beloved spouse special on her birthday. He would take her out for a nice dinner as the blissful married couple reflected on their youth and glory days.

Mike wishes Jodie a Happy Birthday in October 2022
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On the other hand, Jodie repays Mike's love by supporting his coaching career. She was in tears as Mike said his final goodbye to the Rice Owls fans in October 2017.

After a prolific three seasons as the head coach of the Rice University basketball team, Jodie was genuinely worried about how the next chapter of Mike’s coaching career might unfold. 

Fortunately, less than 12 hours after a tearful farewell, Jodie had good news for her husband. Jodie apprised Mike that the higher-ups at Virginia Commonwealth University had expressed their interest in a meeting with him to discuss a potential management role with the VCU basketball squad.

Besides their romantic involvement, Mike and Jodie have also been at the forefront of several charitable works and donation campaigns. They both boast a notable athletic past, inspiring them to help the new generation of athletes. 

Jodie with a smile as she sits on chair sipping a hot coffee in a cold weather in May 2021
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Jodie played field hockey at Flying Dutchmen, whereas Mike is a former basketball player at Lebanon Valley College

In May 2019, the pair set up an LVC Athletics Donation Challenge. With a significant percentage of Lebanon Valley College students involved in Dutchmen Athletics, Mike and Jodie are aware of the impact their assistance has on the formative experiences of student-athletes. 

Mike Rhoades Children

Mike Rhoades has three children who are all involved in the sports. Logan Rhoades is the oldest of the trio, born on February 6, 2004.

It is safe to say that the former VCU head coach has created a healthy and positive growing setting in his home so that each of his kids has a nurturing environment to foster their upbringing. 

From right, Logan, Porter and Chase during their first week of school in September 2019
Source : facebook

In September 2019, Jodie posted numerous pictures of their three little Rhoades as they had a fantastic first week of their new grade. The eldest, Logan was in the 9th, her daughter Porter was in the 8th, and the young house member Chase went from 4th to 5th grade.

Logan Rhoades

Mike's son Logan is a young football player at Colgate Raiders. He prefers playing in two positions as a linebacker and wide receiver. 

In December 2022, the 18-year-old Logan shared a Twitter post declaring he had joined Colgate University and would represent the Raiders football team. He also expressed his excitement to play under head coach Stan Dakosty.

The native of Richmond, VA, previously played high school football at Mills Godwin High before making out of the amateur league to play in NCAA tournaments. 

Mike and Jodie accompanied Logan as he cast his first ever vote in November 2022
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Mike, who has recruited countless players during his coaching career, gained the unique perspective of being on the other side of the box as a parent, watching his son get recruited.

Meanwhile, the 6-foot-2, 185-pound Logan has been passionate about football since childhood despite his dad wanting him to play basketball. 

"As much as I love basketball, Logan loves football," Mike said as a pound parent who wished his boy's 16th birthday in February 2020.

Porter Rhoades

Mike's daughter Porter Rhoades is a collegiate field hockey player at Ultimate Lacrosse Club.

The 5-foot-6 athlete plays as an attacking midfielder for the club. She was born on March 6, 2006, in Henrico, VA. Porter celebrated her 17th birthday with her family in March 2022.

Porter Rhoades throughout the years
Source : instagram

Before joining the Ultimate Lax, Porter played high school hockey at St. Catherine's School.

She was named Division I VISAA All-State team of the season in June 2022, along with her two teammates, Katie Smith and Kennedy Richardson. Porter bagged 63 goals and eight assists for her high school team. 

Furthermore, her Instagram handle with one thousand followers, is swarmed with photographs of her and her adventures. 

Chase Rhoades

Chase is the youngest of the Rhoades siblings, born three years after her sister Porter.

Chase enjoying surfing in June 2022
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He is currently in the eighth grade of an elementary school. Besides academics, Chase loves surfing and often goes to the nearby coastal lands to exhibit his skills with his parents. 

In July 2022, Mike posted a picture of Chase surfing on his birthday and sarcastically wrote a caption to his viewers that if anyone saw him chasing the waves that day, make him a wish.

Mike Rhoades Parents

Mike Rhoades was born into a family with political background. His father James John Rhoades was a former Pennsylvania State Senate. 

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, Rhoades' late dad Jim introduced him to politics at a young age. He recalls campaigning for his old man's election and traveling to different cities when he was in school. 

His dad James and mom raised him with two siblings, a brother, and a sister, in Mahanoy City, a loosely populated town in east-central Pennsylvania. Mike said Jame's work ethic inspired him, and it inspired him during difficult moments in his life. 

Mike and his Rhoades clan celebrate Logan's victory in October 2022
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Meanwhile, his mother was a teacher at Lebanon Valley College. It is among the many reasons that persuaded him to devote his career to teaching and, eventually, coaching. 

Unfortunately, Mike's father, James J. Rhoades, lost his life in an automobile collision. In October 2008, while coaching at Randolph–Macon, he received a phone call that his parents had been in a car accident. 

Though his mom survived the incident, the former PA state senator could not survive.