Michael Bunting girlfriend Jordan McDonell is a graduate of McGill University. Jordan majored in Physical and Health Education.

The left winger of the Toronto Maple Leafs remains open about his love for Jordan. He is best known for scoring his first NHL goal in his debut against beating Boston Bruins in 2018.

Bunting was a part of the Arizona Coyotes back then. He has signed a two-year deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs as of July 2021 to play alongside Auston Matthews and William Nylander.

He was also voted to the NHL All-Rookie Team in 2022 though he lost the 2022 Calder Memorial Trophy to Moritz Seider of the Detroit Red Wings.

Michael Bunting Dating Life

Michael Bunting's girlfriend McDonell played ice hockey in college. She was a forward for McGill University's women's ice hockey roster.

McDoneel was a Ontario teammate that won gold at the U-18 National Women’s Hockey Championships and bronze at the Esso Cup National Championship in 2011.

Interestingly, she was also a squad member of the U-19 Team Canada for Women’s Lacrosse Development Squad in 2011. Meanwhile, she grabbed a gold medal with Team Ontario at the National Lacrosse Championship in 2009 and 2011.

She previously played for her high school team at East York Collegiate Institute. Besides playing, Ms. McDonell possesses two decades of ice hockey teaching experience.

Jordan and Rudi (right photo) during their time at home in 2019.
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Jordan first worked as a c

Jordan and Michael (left photo) in 2018. Jordan with Jaimie and Amanda (right photo) at a party in 2018.
Source : facebook

Michael and Jordan went public about their relationship in March 2018. Both had taken to social media to post their pictures and have been together since then.

Jordan hails from East York, Ontario, and is one of the three daughters of her parents. Her sister Jaimie was a forward for the Princeton University women's ice hockey team.

Meanwhile, her other sister, Amanda Mac, is currently married and a mother of one. The three sisters meet together at family events and maintain a close bond.

Besides her sisters, Jordan has a Goldendoodle named Rudi. Rudi had gotten sick in the first week of his adoption in May 2018, and she had taken him to Pets In The Country to check on him.

Michael and Jordan have not shared their plans to become husband and wife officially. Jordan stays away from the NHL media and operates a private Instagram handle.

Michael Bunting Parents

Michael Bunting was born to parents Andy Bunting and Lynda Bunting on September 17, 1995. His dad Andy worked as a civil servant for the City of Toronto.

On the other hand, his mom, Lynda, worked as a bookkeeper at Shoppers Drug Mart. Andy and Lynda divorced when Michael was relatively young.

Hence, he mostly grew up with his single mother and maternal grandfather, whom he called Papa. Lynda survived breast cancer, but her condition brought significant financial challenges to the family.

Michael and Andy (left photo) during one of their outings in 2022. Andy and Lynda (right photo) during a snowy day in August 2022.
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However, Michael's talent for various sports made him able to get selected by the leagues for a pro career. He grew up playing volleyball, tennis, baseball, basketball, and badminton.

Andy and Lynda supported the athletic instincts of their future NHL star player son.

Despite the separation, Michael has grown closer to his father, and they often go out for golf to bond. Andy's Instagram @buntingandy features most pictures with his son and Lynda.

The two have rekindled their estranged bond as former partners.

Michael Bunting Family Members

Michael Bunting's family includes an elder brother named Christopher Bunting. The eldest son is mainly called Chris by everyone.

Chris and Michael grew up in Scarborough's St. Clair and Pharmacy neighborhood. The younger brother was an active one, always playing around.

He often begged Chris to play mini sticks in the basement, gather friends to play basketball or swim somewhere.

Michael and Christopher (left photo) NHL Awards Night in August 2022.
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Chris was more concerned about the family regarding Lynda's cancer and was distraught that she had hidden it for a long time.

The problem is eventually sorted out, and Chris maintains a close bond with his mom and brother than ever. He attended most of Michael's games and was present with Andy at the 2022 NHL Awards night to cheer for his little brother.